Grey Tags // Back On My Queer Bullshit – Pride Flag Book Recs

Pride month is over but that should never stop you from sharing queer books!

I was tagged by Abi @ The Knights Who Say Book, back when it was still Pride month but I have been both busy and exhausted so you’re getting it now instead!

Life’s been crazy and I’ve been overwhelmed with a whole load of emotions lately, I was lucky to get out my Ancient Archive post when I did because my brain has been struggling! And the fact that I’ve been trying to switch all my templates to block editor as I go has made just posting something light and easy a much bigger task.

I’m feeling a little more fresh now and ready to make the words do their word thing so let’s see how I do with this!

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The Rules

There aren’t any but you should at the very least credit the creators of this tag: Charlotte & Anna @ Reads Rainbow.

The Prompts


A book by and about QPOC

“How do you do it, Moss?”
“Do what?”
“Exist. When the world hates you so much.”

Anger is a Gift│Mark Oshiro│

Representation: LGBTQIAP+: Gay main character and love interest, sapphic side characters, trans & non binary side characters, ace side character.
POC: Black main and side characters, Latinx love interest and side characters + undocumented characters.
Disability: Side character has pins in his knee, uses crutches and a wheelchair.
Neurodiversity: main character has anxiety and panic attacks.
Religion: Muslim side character.
Fat: main character.

That is the list of representation in this book, taken from my own review. There might be more that I missed. It’s written by a queer NB Latinx author.

This book is strong and casual in it’s diversity and representation. There are so many young readers who get to see themselves in the pages of this book and that so important!

I won’t lie, I don’t remember if or how much the intersection of being gay and Black or Latinx is talked about in this book. But at the very least, they’re talked about separately.

Moss and his group of friends are very queer and the whole plot of the book surrounds police brutality and these teens rising to protest against it.

I can’t recommend it enough!


A book that feels like healing

With my addiction tackled, now they’re setting out to fix me completely. A New and Improved Sophie. Whole and mended, with no jagged edges or sharp points. Someone who doesn’t look like she knows how death feels.

Far From You│Tess Sharpe│

I’ve talked about Far From You a lot on this blog and I’m gonna keep talking about it because it means a fucking lot to me so hope you’re not sick of it yet. If you are just skip to the next book.

Like I’ve said every time I mention it, it’s the book I found the most of myself in. Sophie is bisexual. She’s a recovering addict. She’s disabled and experiences a lot of chronic pain.

That is a hell of a lot like me. The book also goes over her very complicated and messy relationship with her best friend who she’s in love with. I’ve had many complicated and messy friendships with girls, I differ in that I’ve never fallen in love with them. But girl friendships are intense and I definitely saw a lot of similarities to the friendships i have had in the past in the friendship between Sophie and Mina.

This book helped me heal in a lot of ways just by allowing me to see myself represented and I’m so thankful I got to experience that.


A romance novel

Girls love each other like animals. There is something ferocious and unself-conscious about it. We don’t guard ourselves like we do with boys. No one trains us to shield our hearts from each other. With girls, it’s total vulnerability from the beginning. Our skin is bare and soft. We love with claws and teeth and the blood is just proof of how much. It’s feral.
And it’s relentless.

Black Iris│Elliot Wake│

This book was one of the first new adult books I ever read. It was the first that I read that didn’t feel shallow.

It’s a dark book. Truly, be prepared for some heavy shit going in because it will fuck you up.

I have very little memory of the actual plot other than the fact that Laney’s driving force throughout the novel is revenge.

I do remember the very messy and complex relationship between Laney and her two love interests though. One part definitely had more of an impact on me, as a baby queer just trying to figure out what my identity was.

And if you’re looking for smut, I’m pretty sure this has it in abundance!


A book that celebrates LGBT lives

You imagine a world where the two of you can go out to dinner together on a Saturday night and no one thinks twice about it. It makes you want to cry, the simplicity of it, the smallness of it. You have worked so hard for a life so grand. And now all you want are the smallest freedoms. The daily peace of loving plainly.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo│Taylor Jenkins Reid│

This might seem like a weird choice for a book that celebrates LGBT life, especially if you know how it all ends but I think that’s why it’s perfect for this prompt.

This book celebrates Evelyn, in all her unlikeable, bisexual glory. It celebrates her supportive and healthy friendship with Harry. It celebrates her turbulent and complicated love for Celia.

The three main queer characters are treated with love but they aren’t painted as perfect saints who should be worshipped, they’re painted as the humans they are, messy and flawed, but there’s celebration in that too.


A book with summery vibes

I stare until the sun puts itself directly in my line of vision and forces me to look away. I let my skin bake, then burn, let my mouth dry. is this self-harm? Feeling the pain happening to you and letting it happen?
I could die, I think, and it feels like nothing.

Sadie│Courtney Summers│

I am bad at recognising when a book has summery vibes, I think mostly because I hate summer so I just choose to ignore it.

But for some reason whenever I read Sadie, I imagine it taking place over summer, which very well may be true and I just don’t remember.

I mean there is a scene where Sadie waits outside in the sun and becomes dehydrated so like it must be the summer right???

This isn’t the fun summery vibe though. This is the dirt smeared onto sweaty arms, a thirst that’s never quenched, hair sticking to your forehead, t-shirt clinging to your back, kind of summer vibes.

All that while a teenage girl hunts a killer. Sorry if that isn’t your idea of a summer read but I guess it is mine.


A book that connects to nature

Slaying the beast was a task the Rock could not complete alone.
The Rock felt its daughters’ feet beat angry paths into its ravaged flesh, and sent out its call, and waited for them to wake up.

Sawkill Girls│Claire Legrand│

Sawkill girls really draws from the history of connections between women and nature.

There’s a monster that only out three protagonists can defeat but they’re not alone. The Rock, the island itself is on their side, and from memory, it’s the source of their abilities too.

A lot of the story takes place in the woods, there’s wild horses and magical moths, all sorts of nature imagery. Combine that with the fact we get chapters from The Rock’s perspective and it all makes for a brilliantly atmospheric story.


A fantasy novel

I want to be the best. I want everyone who told me I couldn’t be to know they were wrong. I want to save people and help people and be something to someone, so it doesn’t all feel like nothing. I have to be the best.

Belle Révolte│Linsey Miller│

The magic in this book is super vibrant and captivating…if a little confusing.

But that’s not where this book’s true strengths lie, though I do think it is quite magical.

It’s got a very queer cast, the characters are some of my favourites that I’ve ever read, the representation is great and it’s full of the found family trope. I guess that’s where this book’s true magic is, in it’s characters, in the families they find for themselves.

It’s just bursting with love and care even while it faces some really hard and brutal topics.


A book that leaves you feeling calm

Oh. You’re being gay. Good job. Carry on.

Heartstopper Series│Alice Oseman│

These graphic novels are so sweet and they just fill you up on all the warm and fuzzies.

it’s impossible to read these and not love Nick and Charlie and if you have read them and don’t love them… eh? What the fuck is wrong with you?

They’re so soft with each other and it makes me feel soft and I suppose that’s my idea of calm? I don’t really feel calm often, that’s not a feeling I can afford much of but I suppose this is one of the few things I’ve found that does make me feel calm.

You know when you see a little itty bitty kitten and it makes you cry because of how cute it is? Or if that’s not your thing, than like imagine a baby instead. That’s how I feel when I read these. It’s not makes-your-teeth-ache sweet. It’s makes-your-heart-swell-until-it’s-overwhelming sweet.


A book that makes you feel connected to the community

It’s great to have allies, but it’s also great for the impacted group to be the speakers for that movement. I don’t just mean trans people of color, but trans people in general. We sometimes think that because I’m oppressed in one way, then I understand every form of oppression. But how can I understand your struggle as a gay white man, when I’m not? And what makes you think you can understand my struggle as a trans black man, if you’re not?

The Book of Pride│Mason Funk│

I don’t have older queers to look up to IRL. I just don’t have any around which sucks because if I did I would pick their brains and beg them to tell me about our history. This book filled that hole for me as much as possible.

It’s filled with stories from queer elders, all across the LGBTQ spectrum, in their own words. It’s heartbreaking and hopeful.

I highly recommend the audiobook, it has a large cast narration so there isn’t just the one person narrating for everyone and you can really feel the emotions in every word. I don’t recommend listening to it on your way to work, however. That was not my best idea, it’s very dangerous to drive while you’re crying and puffy eyes isn’t a great look for the office.

I tag

I know it’s no longer Pride Month but I do think this is a great tag to do at any time of year!

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What a lovely list of queer books!

What queer books are important to you?
Have you read any of the books I listed?
What other queer books should I read?


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  1. Ahhhhhh thank you for the tag!! And omg why was I not following you?!?!

    These are all such great picks, but also I’m laughing at you choosing a book by Courtney SUMMERS for summery vibes 😂 (but also it totally does have them somehow)

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    1. Ahahah listen we’ve all been there, The amount of people I think I’m following only to find out I’m not 😳

      I did have to ask myself if I was picking it just because Summers is the authors last name ahaha but it’s fine, I confirmed it’s at least hot during Sadie’s chapters ahaha

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