Grey Tags // How I Keep Track of My Read Books – The Finished Books Tag

Finished books?? Don't know them. Maybe this tag will make me hungry to read a little more often, and watch less Netflix. Thank you to Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly for tagging me . . . back in April . . . Sorry it's taken so long but I always do get around to my tags eventually!

Ancient Archive – Hirschfeld Library Files // Through Knowledge to Justice! – Dr Magnus Hirschfeld

Dr Magnus Hirschfeld is my gay dead Godmother and y'all can't tell me any different. Hirschfeld was a pioneer of understanding human sexuality and a huge advocate for LGBTQI+ rights in a time when it could have bought him an early grave. Dr Hirschfeld was a trailblazer, a persister, a rebel and a pioneer and that is why he is the first male figure I’ve chosen to cover in an Ancient Archive post.