Grey Watches // Petition to Make all the Christmas Movies Gay – Let it Snow

Oh God, I wish it was snowing in Australia. It is hot. So bloody hot. It's meant to peak at 45° today and I am working and then I have to do food shopping so I am not looking forward to today. Also my country is still on fire. Two fire fighters have already died and NSW is existing under a blanket of smoke and our Prime Minister fucked off to Hawaii. Fucking sick. So watching all these wintery Christmas movies has been great escapism. 

Grey Watches // Join the Kevin Protection Squad Today! – Home Alone 2

Home Alone, round 2.  Although I complained about the bad parenting the whole time, I did actually enjoy Home Alone and it had everything to do with Kevin. That kid was carrying that movie on his back, all on his own.  I'm looking forward to what Kevin does next!