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It’s Thursday Tag Time!


I do love fall, or rather, autumn for us Australians. That and spring are my favourite seasons now that I think about it. Speaking of which, it’s actually spring in Aus right now. That’s right, we get Christmas in summer and I hate it.

I long for a snowy Christmas. Instead it’s usually hot and sticky.

But I love spring and autumn because it’s the best of both worlds. It’s not too cold or too hot.

I was tagged by Mari @ Musings of a (Book) Girl for this autumnal tag and I’m excited to get stuck in!

And stay tuned for a blog update at the end of this post!

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The Prompts

Fall Tag 1

rebel belle RBRebel Belle│Rebel Belle #1│Rachel Hawkins│

“You’re our new Paladin,” she said, and despite all the awfulness of what had just happened, relief so intense it nearly took my breath washed over me. After all this time waiting for my Professor X, it was Saylor Stark. We were going to be fine.
“Well.” Saylor rose to her feet. “We are totally effed.”

Much like Mari, I don’t read a whole lot of fluffy books, which is something I’m trying to read more of . . . or at least I tell myself I will and then don’t.

I am reading a bunch for Christmas though so that’s exciting!

But for fluffy books I have read, the only one I can think of is Rebel Belle.

It’s really funny and light even though the world is at risk. It’s a fun fantasy series and I just really enjoyed reading it!

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Fall Tag 2

the raven boys the raven cycle TRCThe Raven Boys│The Raven Cycle #1│Maggie Stiefvater│

Gansey stopped. He said, “This is the difficult part.”
“Those are my favorite,” Blue replied.

I have missed out on a lot of hyped books in my time because they were big during a time I wasn’t reading a whole lot and now I don’t think I’d enjoy them because my taste has out grown a lot of those types of books.

The Raven Cycle is one of those books that came out while I was off getting getting drunk with my friends and not getting a whole lot of reading done. However, so many people love it and it’s still on quite the pedestal in the YA book community, to this day. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was mostly Booklr that got me for this one.

So I decided to give it a go two years ago and it was so amazing that I decided to not continue the series until I owned all the books.

Now I’m finally reading them and they’re so fucking good that I’ve been putting off The Raven King because I don’t want it to be over and I know Stiefvater is going to break my poor heart.

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Fall Tag 3

Can I pick The Raven Cycle again??? No?? Fine.

a conjuring of light shades of magic SOMA Conjuring of Light│Shades of Magic│V.E. Schwab│

Alucard stood in the doorway, soaking wet, as if he’d just been dumped in the sea, or the sea had been dumped over him. “Stop fucking with the ship.”

Okay so this is kind of a weird choice but hear me out!

This is less ‘fun friendships’ and more ‘fun relationship dynamics’. The moment Schwab sent a carefully selected collection of her characters on a ship to save the world as they know I knew she had struck gold.

I’m not going to go into too much detail as it is the last book of the series after all but if you’ve read it then you know: That ship scene killed me and brought me back to life.

The whole journey thought was so entertaining, and I hate long journeys in books normally, because of the dynamics between each of the characters included. It worked so well and Schwab knew exactly what she was doing.

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Fall Tag 4

far from youFar From You│Tess Sharpe

Everything about me is tired and cracked and hungry. In more ways than one. In all ways that are bad.
Nine months. Two weeks. Six days. Fourteen hours.

This book very nearly broke me but it also made me feel the most seen I had felt in any book at the time. And there’s nothing like that feeling, it feels like home.

A bi addict with chronic pain???? Hello me.

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Fall Tag 5

final girls.jpgFinal Girls│Riley Sager

There’s such a thing as too much sweetness, Quincy, he told me. All the best bakers know this. There needs to be a counterpoint. Something dark. Or bitter. Or sour. Unsweetened chocolate. Cardamom and cinnamon. Lemon and lime. They cut through all the sugar, taming it just enough so that when you do taste the sweetness, you appreciate it all the more.

I’m going with this one because it’s the only one I an think of off the top of my head and I only just finished it.

Quincy is a baker, trying to seem as normal as possible after being the sole survivor of a massacre that took pace 10 years prior.

Honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of baking that happened but when it did, it sounded delicious!

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Fall Tag 6

kill the boy bandKill the Boy Band│Goldy Moldavsky

“Keeping Rupert P. could lead to us finding the rest of the boys. It could lead to a lot of things.”
“Like jail,” I said. “It could lead to jail.”
“The whole situation is pregnant with possibility.”
“And I’m too young to be a mother.

This book was fucking funny.

It’s pokes fun at fangirl culture in a loving way and the story was totally batshit.

It’s a book I’d recommend over and over again to anyone looking for a fun read.

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I tag

No pressure since it is the end of fall!

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I’m off of semi-hiatus! December is going to be very Christmasy around here with a whole new look and with posts fitting for the holiday season!

Down the TBR Hole posts will be on hold until next year.

You can find my post schedule in the side bar on the right.

What is your favourite season?
Have you read any of these books?
are you excited for Christmas?


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