Grey Gets Personal // Who Is She???

Hiya! I’m Grey.


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Who is She, tho?

I love reading and writing and having a good talk and laugh with my mum.
I am a lover of books and history who is forever searching for answers to just about any question. I like challenging people and my own way of thinking.

At Use Your Words you can find book reviews, tags, memes, plenty of gifs, a lesson in history, a lot of swearing and a view into the mind of a total organized mess.

Warning: it sometimes gets dark in there.

I post all of my reviews on Goodreads and repost my faves here on my blog!
I use a lot of gifs and probably too many quotes. I also now like to include a song I feel fits the book in my blog reviews. And you might even get a mood-board too if I’m feeling it.

I care about diversity as a queer woman with a chronic illness and an array of mental illnesses.

I read to learn, first and foremost so my reads of choice tend to contain heavy topics that can be super triggering for people, sometimes that includes myself. I do my best to include content warnings and representation in my reviews.

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My Book Vibes

🍃 Fave Type of Character: morally grey characters, if a character is a broken asshole, who I would have no time for IRL, I probably love them

🍃 Plot or World or Characters: character-driven books every time

🍃 Tropes I Hate: love fixes everything, the ‘swoon-worthy’ but actually abusive love interest, I’m Not Like Other Girls

🍃 Tropes I Love: enemies to friends to lovers, sharp girls and soft boys, Full-Time Mess™ doing their best, cross-dressing girls with knives

🍃 Here For It: pirates, witches, spies, hackers, Vikings

🍃 Miss Me With That Shit: homophobia, sexism, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, ableism, incest, pedophilia, bury your gays, adding to mental illness stigma, did I miss anything????

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My Rating System

Thriving 5 Flowers.png

Fucking loved it! Need more now!

Thriving 4 Flowers

I really enjoyed it, would rec.

Thriving 3 Flowers

Eh, I liked it but didn’t love it, probably wouldn’t read again might rec to the right person.

Thriving 2 Flowers

Yeah, nah, mate. I did not like it. Might have DNF’d.

Thriving 1 Flowers

Throw it in the fucking trash. I probably DNF’d it.

I also use half-star ratings too!

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My Netgalley Badges

Professional ReaderReviews Published50 Book Reviews80%

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Stick around, enjoy your stay!

This blog has become a safe haven for me and I hope it can be that for you too.


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