Top Ten Tuesday // Can You Imagine the Power These Would Have??? – Book to Screen Adaptations!

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I love a good book adaptation.

Hell, I even love ones that are not necessarily considered good!

I am someone who tends to fall more on the side of appreciating the book vs the movie/show for what they are, each their own beast, with their own messages to tell.

Rarely will I totally shit all over an adaptation but of course there are some exceptions. But we’re not here to talk about those.

No, today we are here to talk about the books I want to see adaptations from.

Here’s the problem though, these books are very close to my heart so I may be more critical than I usually am if they don’t reach my expectations.

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Top Ten Tuesdays

The Raven Cycle│Maggie Stiefvater│

Blue had two rules: Stay away from boys, because they’re trouble, and stay away from raven boys, because they were bastards.


Click on the moodboards/fanart for the credit link!

This series was set to be turned into a TV show on SyFy but recently development for this project has stopped.

This is sad, but it’s also why I try not to get my hopes up too high for adaptations in development until there’s at least an official release date.

I’d still really love a TV series from this book series though! I think it would need to be 1 book per season, and they’d need to be short seasons. I’d hate to see them add too much unneeded stuff to fill in more episodes and I honestly do not have the attention span for long ass 20-something seasons anymore! Who has the time?? The emotional energy?? No, 10 episodes MAX. Probably less than that even.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 The aesthetic of this series needs to be nailed down. It is soft whimsy and sharp edge. It will roll you up in a blanket, offer you a hot meal and then cut out your tongue. It is the perfect mix of dream, nightmare and reality. It needs to capture the magical wonder and terror.

🍃 Characterisation!!! The characters are just as important as the magic, because they are a fundamental part of the magic. Their complex psyches and their tangled relationship dynamics are all part of the heart of this series.

🍃 The banter! I swear to god, if they don’t find actors that can deliver the most iconic lines of this series the way they deserve to be then I do not want it. The venom of Ronan, the pure bitterness of Adam. This is a very fucking quotable series for a reason and when those lines aren’t delivered properly it’s such a let down.

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of the series and all the narration is fine for the most part, but you can tell that Will Patton is older and, for me at least, he gets the tone wrong for a lot of the main characters dialogue. Especially when it comes to Ronan.

🍃 Keep all of the gay. I mean it, there is so much fucking gay subtext within so many of the different characters and their interactions with each other and I need it all to be included or I will cry homophobia.

The only major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 They can change the finale villain. It didn’t feel right when I was reading the book and honestly, I was a little disappointed so if they can come up with something better to replace it, I would not be mad so long as they don’t use it as an excuse to change the entire ending. All the elements have to be the same, just find a way to fit a better big bad within the other puzzle pieces.

Sadie│Courtney Summers│

Girl with a busted face, torn-up arm, begging for the opportunity to save other girls. Why do I have to beg for that?


Sadie is a book that makes the perfect audiobook because it’s written as part podcast. I didn’t read it that way until my second read through but wow was it so immersive and captivating. Maybe there’s no way to improve something like that. But I also wouldn’t hate a limited tv series either.

I would want it made in the style of Sharp Objects because I think these stories have similar vibes of small town secrets and darkness, I think the people who gave us Sharp Objects could really do Sadie justice.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 Sadie has to stutter. It’s not up for debate.

🍃 I think it’s important that they cast Sadie and Mattie as close to the characters ages as possible. People needs to understand how young they are when they go through the stuff they go through.

🍃 Honestly the casting of Sadie is so so so important. She is such a complex character and I would be devastated if that is not portrayed correctly.

🍃 I don’t want Mattie to be painted as an angel, I think it’s important to show how difficult it was between Mattie and Sadie sometimes and that Mattie was capable of hurting her sister. She’s just as much of a complex character as Sadie.

🍃 The story needs to highlight topics like addiction, generational trauma, touch starvation, class and poverty. These are all very important elements of Sadie’s story and I think the story will be hollow without them.

The only major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 Sadie, the book, doesn’t have a concrete ending and I’m mostly okay with that. But I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t like one.

Villains│V.E. Schwab│

Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.


So this is a trilogy, the third book isn’t out yet and I still haven’t read the second book but it’s not-so-patiently waiting for me on my shelf.

I’m including it anyway because I just love the first book so much!

Vicious is truly a masterpiece and god what I would give for a genderbent limited series of this that keeps the gay subtext. I would be living my best life.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 Victors and Eli’s dynamic is like the most important thing. You gotta nail it. They’re best friends to enemies. They are both monsters. They are both human. But they also could both be considered heroes depending on how you look at them.

🍃 Serena and Sydney!!! Omg, the painful sister dynamic of our nightmares!!! Serena must be captivating in a way would make you peel your skin off for her. Sydney must feel alive in a way you can’t put your finger on.

🍃 Mitch and Dol are required. Not negotiable.

🍃 Found Family!!!!! Victor’s relationships with Mitch, Sydney and Dol are super important. They humanise Victor.

🍃 Victor is a villain. You can’t try and water him down. He’s evil but you root for him because he’s honest, he’s the better of two evils.
In the same vein, we have to root for Eli in a way. It’s not enough to just make him the villain. Eli has to pull on a part of you that makes you second guess yourself for hating him.

The only major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 GENDERBEND basically what I want is a mix of both the Villains series and Killing Eve in a mini series.

I blame inspiration for this mash up on the fact that I was watching Killing Eve season 3 while rereading Vicious.

All for the Game│Nora Sakavic│

He’d come to the Foxhole court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real.


I hate with every fibre in my being that Riverdale exists as a tv series but not All for the Game. Like they’re both trash but I would like to at least have gay trash. The gays deserve to be messy too.

Its been a long time since I read this series so bare with me because this one might be a bit bumpy.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 Whoever does the casting for this is gonna have a hard time because this fandom is very specific in who we see as out faves and we will not tolerate any creative licence being taken from us.

🍃 There are a lot of elements I feel are super important when it comes to how this story is told and I think Jami @ Jamishelves explains them a lot better than I ever could but basically to sum up; need some narration from Neil for sure. There needs to be good use of flashbacks. Jami’s idea for a stats screen when Neil introduces each of the foxes is perfect!!

Oh and I really would love for the after game interviews and stuff to be shown to us as if we’re actually just watching sport interviews if that makes sense? i really would love for the show to capitalise that this is a series about a sport just as much as it is about everything else. I want to be fully sucked into the matches as well. And Jami is right in saying it would be great to have them shot similarly to Teen Wolf‘s lacrosse scenes!

🍃 Stupid shit I need to be included; the recurring betting jokes. I would fucking love for there to use of texting and Neil’s absolute failure at it. Like think split screen, running group chat texts while Neil is narrating other stuff or training or being suspicious, hiding shit, that sort of thing. I need the series to have the books sense of humour. These books are dark which is why they need those funny moments to cut through it all.

The major changes I am willing to accept:

🍃 At this point I have a really hard time determining what is canon and what is headcanon because a lot of the headcanons are so widely accepted across the fandom. We’ve kind of just decided some things and everyone has run with it. I think one of the most important headcanons that should make it into the show is Renison. Oh and I want it to be acknowledged outright that Neil is demisexual.

🍃 I would really like it to have a modern setting with some visual references to the books being set in the 00’s.

🍃 I think Jami is right, I don’t want this series turning into tragedy/trauma porn. Let’s keep some of the graphic scenes off the screen thanks.

Dangerous Girls│Abigail Haas│

And even though it seems odd, even wrong, I wonder suddenly if the reason I’m holding back from sleeping with Tate is because it would mean he’d possess me in a way she never will.

Literally thew this moodboard together just for this post because I couldn’t easily find one with a title like that.

This book was totally intoxicating to read and I think it would make a great Netflix teen thriller movie.

Think Dare Me vibes, the wait are they gay? moments included.

It focuses on a very intense friendship between 2 teenage girls after one of them is murdered while on holiday with a group of friends.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 The relationship between Elise and Anna has to be messy as hell. It needs to be clear just how deep these girls have their nails sunk into each other, that they have carved their names into each others souls. That they love each other immensely, but they are unhealthily co-dependant.

🍃 It has to keep you guessing about what the fuck is going on, what exactly happened and who murdered Elise until the last second. Any marketing for this can only be teasers. GIVE NOTHING AWAY!

🍃 Honestly those two things are the only things that really matter to me. I don’t mind if they change up the ending a little but they can’t change up the who and why, because those really are important to the story as a whole.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 Elle notes in her review that she noticed a rich v poor setup that was seemingly forgotten so it would be cool if they expanded on that more.

The Nowhere Girls│Amy Reed│

‘I wish things didn’t have to get violent,’ Grace says.
‘They already were violent,’ Allison says.


I just finished binge watching Get Even and it kinda gave me The Nowhere Girls vibes but with murder.

Essentially, in the Nowhere Girls, 3 teenage girls decide to form an underground group of other teenage girls to find against the sexism and rape culture perpetuated by their school.

It’s filled to the brim with excellent empowering moments and I think it would make such a great film for teens to watch.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 I swear to god if you fuck with the representation from the books I will breathe actual fire. We have a Latina lesbian, a fat girl and an autistic girl just in the 3 main characters and I think it’s super important to keep that and even expand upon it.

There’s also chapters titled Us were we get to see little slivers of points of view from the other girls who attend the high school, which gives opportunity to for even more representation, so I’d love to see an adaptation play around with how to include that.

🍃 I don’t want the catalyst for this story to be turned into graphic trauma porn. The reason the girls join a group is because a girl who was vocal about being raped was run out of town. I don’t want the experiences of many girls and women to be disrespected.

🍃 I think it’s important to capture the different kind of dynamics that can form within a group of girls who are coming together to fight against rape culture and how the intersections of people’s identities and experiences can come into play.

This is a great time to address white feminism and how racism often plays a role in how WOC experience sexism and how white women often leave them high and dry after WOC have supported them.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 It’s been so long since I read this book that if there is anything I would want to change, or would be okay with changing, I can’t remember it!

Every Shade of Red│All Out Anthology│Elliot Wake│

My father had said, ‘If it happens again, I will kill him.’
Then you may as well kill me, too, I’d screamed with my hands, stabbing my finger at my own heart.


This is such a niche choice but stay with me!

This is actually a short story from the All Out anthology. It’s a reimagining of Robin Hood if you combined the characters of Robin and Lady Marian to get Trans Robin and then give him a soft deaf boyfriend, Will Scarlet. The whole gang of Merry Men are queer af and I love them so much.

I can’t describe to you how beautiful this story is. I went through every stage of grief after finishing it, it left that much of an impact. I was distraught!

I just so badly need more of it. Please Elliot Wake, for the love of books, please write a script for a movie of this story and gives me more of what happens after!! I’m still so damaged from that ending!

The most important thing for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 I want all the character work to stay exactly the same, I need this queer Robin Hood retelling on the big screen and I need no one to touch my babies. They are perfect the way they are.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 Expand on the story! That ending!!!! Amazing, what an ending but truly it kills me that I don’t know the rest of what happened. I NEED TO KNOW!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo│Taylor Jenkins Reid│

‘You don’t seem so bad, Evelyn.’
‘You, of all people, are going to change your mind about that,’ she says. ‘Very soon.’


Reese Witherspoon is already making a movie (?) out of Reid’s Daisy Jones & the Six and I would probably trust her with Evelyn Hugo too.

I need this character to exist on screen in some capacity. When I finished this book I once again grieved. This time because I was hit with the realisation that Evelyn Hugo does not, nor has she ever, existed as a real life person.

She felt like such a real person the entire time I was reading the book that I just forgot. I literally went to look her up on IMDB because that’s how much this book had swallowed me up into it’s world.

I think this would make a great film but I would like a limited series where each episode covers a different husband, much like Jami suggests.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 Evelyn must be played by a Cuban Bisexual actress. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to the straights playing most LGBTQ+ roles (except for trans roles) but because Eveyln being bisexual is such a main component to the story and it’s a part of her that is deeply personal to Evelyn, I think it’s important that it is portrayed with someone who understands that experience.

🍃 Really, don’t mess with any of the rep in this. At all. And make sure out of all of Evelyn’s relationships, her love with Celia and her friendship with Harry both need to be at the centre.

🍃 The Hollywood glam needs to be turned up to max (without it getting tacky). I want to really feel like I’m getting a sneak peek into the real old Hollywood.

🍃 Really go in on the back and forth of present day and flashbacks. It’s the perfect way to tell this story and I love that we don’t know what Evelyn’s motivations are until the last second.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 Nothing. This book is perfect. I see no reason to change anything for the adaptation.

Bad Romance│Heather Demetrios│

I blush, pleasure blooming in my chest. I don’t know it now, but there will be a garden inside me soon. And it’ll grow thorns.


Bad Romance is about a teenage girl who finds herself in an abusive romantic relationship that was meant to be her escape from her parents abuse.

Grace tells her story looking back after having walked away from the relationship. Picking apart everything that happened, finding all the red flags she missed or ignored. It’s such an empowering way to tell this story and I think it would translate very well into a film.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 There needs to be a distinct connection drawn between the abuse Grace experiences at the hands of her parents and how that has led to her being susceptible to finding herself in yet another abusive relationship, this time with her boyfriend.

🍃 It’s important to show how these different forms of abuse affect Grace, how they are different and yet the same all at once. All abuse is about power and control when you boil it down to it’s most simple form but the way that can play out, the way it can affect a person, even the way they can or can’t recognise it for what it is, can all be different.

🍃 Grace’s narration. I don’t think it hasn’t to be over the top but there are a few very great lines that I feel perfectly encapsulate the experience of being abused and I would want to see those used in the narration.

🍃 I would really like to see the adaptation’s marketing kind of frame this as a romance/love story in a way that makes you watch Grace fall in love with Gavin while you do a little bit too before reality hits. I know I said I want her narration included, and I do, but I think it would be great if there was a way to put off making it clear this all ends terribly just for a little while, while Grace is being whisked into the dreamy world of falling in love.

And then the brakes are slammed down and Grace hits us with the truth of what this story really is, and continues to do that throughout the rest of the film, each truth getting harder, so that no one can come away wishing they’d stayed together.

🍃 Show Grace’s mother as abusive while still showing her sympathy. She is being abused too, after all, though it doesn’t excuse her passing that abuse onto her daughter. I think it’s important to show how complicated Grace’s relationship with her is and that how Grace views her is just complicated too.

🍃 There’s another guy who enters into the equation at one point and is very sweet but I think it’s important that if the film was to include him, that they stay true to the book and have it not result into anything tangible. Open to a possibility in the future, sure. But it’s really important that the love-fixes-everything trope does not make an appearance in this story.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 I would love more focus on Grace’s friendship with Lys and Nat and how friendships can be a lifeline when you’re living a nightmare, but they can quickly be twisted in an abuse victims head, making them paranoid. Making them think things like I can’t trust them, they wouldn’t understand, I am too much trouble for them and they hate me for it, I am not worthy of their frienship.

Sawkill Girls│Claire Legrand│

‘She’s right,’ giggled the little boy. The plump child’s fist returned, caressing her mother’s pant leg. ‘I’m not safe.’


This book is so fucking creepy and atmospheric there is no way it would not make a brilliant film.

So much of the imagery would just translate beautifully and I’d love to see it.

The most important things for an adaptation of this series for me would be:

🍃 I really want the film to lean in to the horror genre for this one. Go dark. I want to get shivers from The Collector. I want to be creeped the fuck out. I don’t normally get scared from supernatural monsters in horror films, but when I was reading the book I was terrified. I want the film to recreate that for me.

🍃 Although The Collector is the monster of the story, it’s not the only villain. The other is more of society as a whole and how it fails girls and women. I want that to be highighted.

🍃 I also want it to really lean in on the nature and animal imagery. What makes this book sing is the setting of Sawkill Rock, the world building, and I think it’s vital the film gets that right.

🍃 My girls! Don’t touch their characters, their relationships with each other, keep them as is. They do not need any changes. Leave them alone.

🍃 Something that really stood out to me in this book was the symbolism of The Collector and Val’s relationship. He’s essentially been grooming her for her entire life, but not just her, her whole family line. Talk about generational trauma. Their interactions truly should turn your stomach.

The major change I am willing to accept:

🍃 so this is kind of part important to include, part do what you want. The Rock itself is kind of this sentient being that’s a character in it’s own right and like I don’t know how you would include it but I know that it is important to do so. I’d love to see the film get really creative for this.

Honourable Mention

These are all adaptations that are currently in the works and that I’m excited for!!!

The Girls I’ve Been│Tess Sharpe│

I am done being fodder. I’ve become the cannon instead.

This is an excerpt Tess Sharpe tweeted.

I am a Tess Sharpe Stan.

Have I only read one of her books? Yes.

But in my defence that book is one of my favourites of all time. It’s one of the books I see myself in the most and I talk about it a lot on my blog (yes, I’m talking about Far From You). I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about it.

I’ve also read her short stories in All Out and Toil & Trouble. More importantly, I am currently reading her adult book, Barbed Wire Heart and I’ve basically been crying through every chapter.

Sharpe just writes really complex, intense and dynamic female characters and her romances are strong and filled with yearning!

Here’s the thing though the book hasn’t even come out yet, it’s not out until January next year so the only knowledge available right now are the morsels Sharpe’s been feeding people on Twitter.

I’m still so incredibly excited for this book and adaptation for so many reasons! I love Millie Bobby Brown. I think she’s such a brilliant actress, mind-blowingly talented and I truly trust her to bring to life the kind of complex character I know Sharpe will give us. I love the premise so much, it sounds intriguing, dark and wild which all seem to be staples for Sharpe’s stories.

Plus it’s inspired by the film Heartbreakers which I’m pretty sure I watched far too young and enjoyed a lot because I am a sucker for con women. And coincidentally I picked up a DVD for this from the thrift store a few months back so I’m excited for a rewatch.

And from what I can tell, Tess Sharpe is the scriptwriter for the film as well (don’t quote me on that though) which has me even more excited!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians│Rick Riordan│

‘Monsters don’t die, Percy. They can be killed. But they don’t die.’
‘Oh, thanks. That clears it up.’


I’ve been reading this series for the first time over the course of . . . over a year.

I used to be so good at binge reading series all in one hit and now I rarely do it because I always feel like other books get in the way for whatever reason.

But I have truly been enjoying my time reading this series and I’m so sad for 12 year old me you didn’t get to experience this journey while the books were being released because she would have loved them so much but 26 year old me is still enjoying them, perhaps just as much.

It was announced recently that Disney+ will be adapting this series for their streaming service next year, with the help of Rick Riordan and book twitter lost it’s damn mind for a while there.

All fans of this book have wanted is an adaptation that honours the books and with Uncle Rick playing an integral role in the process, it’s put a lot of fans at ease.

I’m still reading this series so I don’t really want to make of list of things I need included and what I’m okay with changing, but I have to say I do really love the idea of Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario appearing in some way. I don’t think the failure of the original adaptations were their fault. I think they were miscast, but only because of their age, and I think they did a great job in acting the roles they were given regardless.

I’d really love to see Logan come back as Poseidon and Alexandra as Athena. I’d also really love Brandon T. Jackson to come back too, perhaps as Pan? And Jake Abel as Hermes maybe? I’d just love that acknowledgement of the first two films happening while also giving a nod to the actors for bringing their best to shitty adaptations.

Shades of Magic│V.E. Schwab│

‘There’s Dull London, Kell London, Creepy London, and Dead London. See? I’m a fast learner.’


Shades of Magic is one of my favourite series! I don’t know if I would put it on such a high pedestal now but it does hold a special place in my heart, it kind of took over my brain for a while while I was reading the series.

I know that this adaptation has been in the works for sometime which is why I try not to think about it too much so that I don’t get my hopes up if it falls through.

But I’m excited that V.E. Schwab is set to produce, in fact she even wrote the script already, I suppose as part of the selling process, but they’ve got someone else set as the screenwriter. Either way, having her so involved in the project does set me at ease.

I was going to make my standard list like I have with the main part of this T10T but I have a lot of faith that if Schwab is involved, she’ll make sure it’s done right. Her characters are often different parts of her so I’m sure she’ll make sure they’re given the respect they deserve.

Top 5 Tuesdays

I hope y’all appreciate the moodboards for this one.

I mean, I didn’t make all of them, but I did spend more time than I would like to admit on Tumblr trying to find ones I liked.

Also this post just took me forever in general so I hope y’all appreciate how pretty it is.

What adaptations do you want to see?
What adaptations have you really liked?
What’s a book you don’t want to EVER see on a screen?


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