Month Ahead // Please Be a Quiet Month, I’m Tired – March

Mad March is upon us! March is always crazy in my state but I'm hoping for a quiet month personally. I want to read my 5 books, make a pretty star map for #StartOnYourShelfathon and probably play far too much Sims.

Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Boy did I make up for my lack of reading last month! Bless readthons and CW @ The Quiet Pond because they're what pushed me through each and every book this month and boy were there a lot! I may have totally burnt myself out but that's an easy fix and I'm already ready to jump into … Continue reading Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Month in Review // I Think I Need To Delete Facebook Again – May

Well. It's Been A Month.

I don't know if I have much more words in me to sum it up better than that.

But I suppose I should try.

I read a lot, I spent too much time of Facebook, I got really fucking angry, I went to the movies, I had dinner with mum, work had me wanting to pull out my hair, I got into a fight with my Nana and had a meltdown while I was visiting my aunt. Oh and a went on a hike and almost died.