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Uni drop outs say HEYO!


This tag was created by the lovely Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly who also tagged me!

Congratulations on completing your Master’s!!!

I’m guessing this means you can be a librarian now (or already are since, again, I’m very late to doing this tag! But also like Covid is still happening so…)???

I am not at all jealous (and by that I mean I’m VERY jealous) and I’m wishing you all the success!

If you would like to buy any of the following books please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link!

Previous Tags

The Rules

Jillian didn’t set any but I ask that if you do this tag, please give her credit!

The Prompts

Pick an Area of Study

What’s your favourite books and/or series from each of your favourite genres?


I read across a lot of genres, the only genres that I would label as not my fave would probably be Sci-Fi, classics and romance.

For the purpose of making it easier on myself I am only going to choose stand alones for this because otherwise I will never be able to pick.

And yes, I’m picking several for each genre because I will always bend the rules as much as possible.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo│Taylor Jenkins Reid│

Bad Romance│Heather Demetrios│
Anger is a Gift│Mark Oshiro│
The Nowhere Girls│Amy Reed│

If We Were Villains│M.L. Rio│
Sadie│Courtney Summers│
Far From You│Tess Sharpe│
Dangerous Girls│Abigail Haas│

Belle Révolte│Linsey Miller│
Sawkill Girls│Claire Legrand│
Girls Made of Snow and Glass│Melissa Bashardoust│


What book or books did you feel like you really had to focus on while you were reading and/or you had a hard time concentrating on?

Dangerous Remedy│Dangerous Remedy #1│Kat Dunn│

I don’t think this was necessarily the books fault. I think it was probably just that I read it during a shitty time and was kinda in a reading slump.

It was a little disappointing though and not quite what I had expected. I think I wanted more of the fantasy element.

Juggling Work and School

What book took you too long to read and why?

Vicious│Villains #1│V.E. Schwab│

I picked this book up right at the end of last year for a reread. I also picked up Sadie, for it’s second read as well, not long after. I thought this would set the stage for a good reading year, starting off with two books I already know that I love.

I don’t know what happened??? I think I kept getting distracted by other books. I read Sadie as an audiobook and being that I generally read those one at a time, there wasn’t space for me to read and finish something else before finishing it.

But with Vicious, it’s my own physical copy which means I generally only read it at home and I actually do the least of my reading at home. And then I started the Pondathon, and this didn’t count towards it so I put it on hold until after I finished the readathon. And then I had ARCs I wanted to read before their publication date and so it got pushed back again!

Finally I finished it nearly 5 months after I picked it up! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to read it or that I wasn’t in the mood, I just didn’t make it a priority because I felt that other things were more important at the time and it’s not like I hadn’t already read it before.

I still loved it just as much as the first time, maybe even more, but wow did I pick it up at a bad time!

Too Much Homework

Name a book you did not hate, but did not love.

Rules for Being a Girl│Candace Bushnell│

This is an important book, it’s a great introduction to feminism, consent and the abuse of power for young readers but it didn’t have enough fire for me.

I recognise the great things about it, and I love that this is probably out there in many libraries for teenagers to access and read but it just didn’t quite do it for me.

I’ve read a lot of incredible books that tackle these topics and it meet my standards but that’s not to say it’s a bad book or that it doesn’t have value.

Research Projects

How do you decide what book you want to read next off your TBR?

Uhhh. Well.

I’d like to say I always prioritise my ARCs and read the ones I need to before their publication date, giving myself enough time to not only finish reading it but to also write a critical review. But Barbed Wire Heart, which came out in March of 2018, is sitting on my Netgalley shelf and calling me the fuck out.

I don’t understand. I want to read that book so bad???? Why haven’t I???

The truth is I am a moody reader. I can set TBRs and I can stick to them pretty well but I also have a tendency to just straight up avoid books I’m not ready for. And more often then not I get lost in the hype of ARCs when requesting them only to lose all motivation to read them as soon as I see one slightly meh review.

That’s not the case for BWH, I truly do not understand why I have’t read that one yet???

So I guess how I decide what to read next comes down the a few things:

🍃 What ARCs are due to be published soon?

🍃 What, if any, library books are due back at the library?

🍃 What book can I read in the format I’m currently needing in this moment?

(I’m reading on the bus = I need an ebook/ARC. I’m reading while driving = I need an audiobook. I’m reading at home = I should probably read a physical book I own/library book.)

🍃 What series’ am I currently in the middle of?

🍃 What readathon did I sign up for at the last minute?

🍃 What do I actually feel like reading???

That last one is the most important, and usually overrules everything else except maybe what format I need and library loans.

Writing Papers

What book, in your opinion, has the best writing?

I don’t think any one book has the best writing.

There are so many different books and different ways to write that connect to readers all differently that I don’t think I’d ever be able to choose one and say with any kind of honest certainty that it has the best writing.

I have my favourite authors, whose books I always love because their writing appeals to my specific tastes. But I appreciate all sorts of different writing styles so even though I have favourites, I don’t neccesirly have like, the favourite.

For example, Victoria Schwab is one of my all time favourite authors. I have loved every one of her books that I have read so far. She’s one of the only authors who has a whole shelf dedicated to her books alone in my bookcases (most of the others only get this because they have soooo many books). That shelf is in the centre of the only bookcase I have in the lounge room where anyone you visits can see.

However, I would not say she is the best writer. I have read several books, written by other authors, that I favour quite easily over some of her books, including the series I once labelled my all time favourite series ever. So I could never really say that any of her books have the best writing.

So, yeah, I’m not picking any book for this answer. Instead you get a semi rant about how there’s no such thing as a book with the best writing.


What’s a book you stayed up way too late reading?

This is a good question and to be honest, I don’t really remember most of the books I have stayed up reading. I used to do it so often it’s hard to pinpoint which ones I did this with, and I don’t really do it too often anymore but I do have one distinct memory.

Frozen Charlotte│Frozen Charlotte #1│Alex Bell│

I think the reason this sticks out in my mind is because it was so bloody creepy. Dolls are creepy and I got really sucked into this story.

I honestly could not tell you anything that actually happens in this book other than there are creepy dolls and a cliff I think??

I distinctly remembering staying up to finish this book and feeling like my heart truly was going to beat out of my chest.

I don’t usually scare easy from stories. Horror movies and books never really scare me much. I’m more of a jumpy person IRL instead, real people tend to scare me more that monsters do. But this book just hit my creep nerve and made it impossible to put down.

Hands down my favourite episode of Supernatural. I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched it. I’m sad that I can’t find a gif that has both this line and the screaming freak out Dean has leading up to it.

No Social Life

Which fictional character do you think would make the best study buddy?

I did not read this properly initially and completely skipped the word study so I was going to pick Victor Vale because of the whole pain control thing since I have a chronic illness. How handy would it be to have a friend who can control pain when you have chronic pain?!?!

And you’re probably thinking, Victor is incredibly smart, why wouldn’t you still want him as a study buddy??? Well the thing is, I do not think he would have the patience for me and would probably use his pain controlling abilities to just like, knock me the fuck out in his frustration.

No, I need someone with patience and the ability to explain things lots of different ways because my brain does not function the same as the majority and I learn differently depending on the subject, the day, how my chronic illness is affecting me. There’s a lot of variables.

This reduces my options significantly and now the only person I can think of is Annabeth Chase, but like 26 year old Annabeth. Her patience isn’t the strongest but she’s dealt with Percy so it’s clearly not terrible and she is Athena’s daughter after all so I know she’s smart as hell! And she has ADHD so at least I know she understands what studying while neurodivergent is like!

Final Projects

In your opinion, what book(s) was the best series finale?

This question wrongly assumes I ever finish series at all ahahah.

That’s not 100% true but it’s not far off. I don’t finish series very often. 9/10 I DNF a series before I get to the end.

The last series I finished was The Raven Cycle, which I loved but the last book was a bit of a let down, plot wise. Most of the other series I finished before that were years ago, before I wrote reviews, and I don’t remember enough to say for certain which one was the best.

There is but one finale I have read, remember enough to know there isn’t anything I would have changed about it and was not disappointed by it at all. Because of that, it’s the only one, for me, that I can say had the best finale.

I can’t believe it’s the messy, violent, stick-ball tumblr series.

The King’s Men│All For The Game│Nora Sakavic│

This series is well loved by a lot of people, it is also well hated by a lot of people. Listen, it’s a mess, I’m not going to try and defend it to the people who hate it. You have your reasons and I get it.

We all have our problematic faves and this is mine and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Except for the use of the r-slurs in the first two book.

Getting That Master’s Degree

What’s the most books you bought at once?

There is a secondhand book store in my city that does these $1 sidewalk sales every few months where they bring out hundreds of books onto the sidewalk in front of their store. Last year, in October, I went to my first one. I got a little swept up in the madness.

There were books everywhere and arrived as they opened at 9am. I also had work later but not until 1pm so I had like a bunch of time to kill so I just kept going through all the books over and over because they staggered out bringing the books from out of the store room for the sale. I also went through the store itself where they had books at their usual standard pricing.

I bought 5 books as part of the $1 sale. Two of which are books I already read but didn’t own. Two were books I was pretty interested in and the other was kind of a spur of the moment grab that I ended up donating to another thrift store a few months later when I realised I would never read it.

I bought another 4 books in store at the regular pricing and honestly I was much happier with these choices, all except 1 were already on my TBR and the 1 was a book a movie was based on that I had watched and loved.

Then I finished off the day by ordering the collector’s edition of A Gathering Shadows from Book Depository.

That means I bought 10 books in one day which is a hell of a lot for me but they were mostly secondhand and I only ended up spending just over $40, which I easily could have spent on only 2 books if I was buying just brand new.

I tag

🍃 Leyre @ Read You Leyre

🍃 Alyssa @ A Lovely Book Affair

🍃 Tessa @ Tessa Talks Books

🍃 Destiny @ Howling Libraries

🍃 Iris @ Hoard of Books

Previous Awards

Congratulations to anyone still studying during this time or who graduated!

Y’all are truly going through it and I feel for you so deeply, you should be proud of whatever it is you accomplish during this time, even if all you do is make it through to the other side.

Who would you choose as a study buddy?
What’s the scariest book you’ve read?
How do you choose what to read next?


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  1. Thanks Grey! Libraries are slowly reopening in the states but I’m technically not a librarian yet. Hopefully, that changes soon because I am super looking forward to making so many people jealous of my job. 😉

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