Year Ahead // The Roaring 20’s are Back – 2020

Hopefully without all the racism and sexism...  I can't believe we are at the start of a brand new decade! And what a decade the 2010s were! But honestly? I'm glad to see the back end of it and I'm trying real damn hard to be optimistic about the next decade.

Year in Review // Readathons, Diverse Reads & Structured TBR Success – Quarterly Check In

I'm back from hiatus, yet again!

I've had a grand time away but I'll get into that in my Month in Review post next week! 

For now, i want to take a moment to gove over my year so far since we're a bit over a quarter of the way through! 

I'll be covering my reading, watching, blogging and goals from January to March and how I think I've gone so far!

Year in Review // Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes – 2018

2018 sucked total ass and I'm glad it's over. But I can't deny that it didn't have some high points like this blog for one, and the fact that I finally got the changes I so desperately needed.    Stats ☁️ This year I read 23,900 pages across 104 books! ☁️ I DNF'd 5 books. ☁️ The … Continue reading Year in Review // Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes – 2018