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Finished books?? Don’t know them.

Since Covid hit, I have been struggling big time with reading and blogging!

When I finally got called back to work my boss visited me and asked how many books I read while at home, expecting it to be a lot since he knows how much of a reader I am.

He was very shocked when my answer was not many (mind you it was still probably more than the average person).

I’ve also only just started blogging regularly again but am by no means back to my normal schedule of 3 posts a week!

While I was at home I was just so anxious that I used Animal Crossing to escape from the world and when I did try to pick up a book my body was like, ‘nahh it’s nap time baby!’

And blogging was a struggle I did not have the energy for which is why I only posted twice each during the past three months.

Now I’m back at work once a week so I at least can be certain I’ll read on the bus there and back and I’m enjoying doing easy posts like tags or throwing up a review I already have ready to go in my drafts, once a week.

Maybe this tag will make me hungry to read a little more often, and watch less Netflix.

Thank you to Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly for tagging me . . . back in April . . .

Sorry it’s taken so long but I always do get around to my tags eventually!

If you would like to buy any of the following books please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link!

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The Prompts

Do you keep a list of the books you have read?

I keep track on Goodreads! I am considering checking out Storygraph as well but I saw how long the wait times were for the book transfer has been so I’m waiting until it’s less busy.

I also keep track of what I read for the year in a Google spreadsheet. It keeps track of a few statistics I like to keep an eye on. I tend to fill that out in giant chunks, using Goodreads as a reference, instead of every single time I finished a book.

I also have a separate spreadsheet created by Aimee @ Aimee, Always to keep track of my ARC’s for the purpose of prioritising them but I’m not really doing the best job of that at the moment.

That’s not the spreadsheets fault, it’s because I am very much at risk at falling into a terrible book slump so I’m only mood reading right now.

Oh and I also have a TBR post where I keep mark off books I own as I read them!

Well, actually I haven’t updated that in a while, I should probably fix that . . .

If you record statistics, what statistics do you record?

Like I said, I keep a Google spreadsheet to keep track of statistics I like to assess at the end of each year. I used to try and use spreadsheets others had made but it just ended up with me filling out information I don’t care about, or they weren’t specific enough about diversity for my liking. I’ll probably stop keeping track of how many days it takes me to read books because it’s never 100% accurate because I am unreliable in that department!

As you can see I have not filled it out since March.

I don’t know if it counts as statistics but I also keep track of how much I am spending on books. I do this across two different spreadsheets because I’m too lazy to find away to make them one. The first spreadsheet is the 2020 Reading Spreadsheet by Brock @ Let’s Read. I use this because the Acquisitions Sheet calculates savings based on what you spent vs list price and how much you’ve spent total for the year as long as you fill it out completely. This makes me feel better about buying so many books when I can see how much I’ve saved by being thrifty. This was especially useful last year when I was buying A LOT of books from secondhand stores. I also use it to see how much I’m spending each month to keep myself from going overboard.

The second part of this is my own spreadsheet where I keep track of how much every book I own is worth + what bookcase and shelf it’s on. This is for insurance purposes. I have no idea if it’s a good enough record for an insurance company but my mum figured it’s worth having it if it is + I try and keep regularly updated photos of each shelf.

It’s so if for some reason something happens to any of my books, I’m able to see exactly what books were damaged and how much they are worth. I do this because my books as a collective are worth more than anything else I own, both in monetary and personal value.

Other than my cat, but I don’t really see myself as owning him, he kinda owns me at this point.

Do you give star ratings for books and if so, what do you score books out of?
How do you come about this score?

I do! Below is the rating system I’ve been using since I started taking ratings seriously!

Fucking loved it! Need more now!

I really enjoyed it, would rec.

Eh, I liked it but didn’t love it, probably wouldn’t read again might rec to the right person.

Yeah, nah, mate. I did not like it. Might have DNF’d.

Throw it in the fucking trash. I probably DNF’d it.

Sometimes I use half stars, very, very occasionally I will use quarter stars.

I try to read critically and that does play a huge role in how I rate a book.

However, if the book meant a lot to me, regardless of the technical problems I had with it, I will likely rate it 5 stars anyway, but I will state so in my review. If I found that it was offensive in anyway or I think others might find it offensive I try not to do this or at the very least I will call it out if I notice it.

Do you review books?





So I’m currently taking a break from reviewing.

However, I am still reviewing ARCs when I finish them (which isn’t that often) and I am posting reviews I already have written up and ready to go in my drafts (which isn’t many).

For books outside of that, I’ll probably just post small paragraph reviews on Goodreads, if at all.

I found that reviewing was taking up so much of my time, leaving me with very little to actually read. I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore and honestly I think I just made the whole process too complicated for myself so now I’ve stripped it back entirely.

Where do you put your finished books?

Uh if it’s my own book it tends to sit in my reading caddy until I get around to entering my favourite quotes into a doc, which is usually when I run out of space in my reading caddy for my next read, and then it gets put back on my shelf.

If it’s a library book it also tends to sit in my reading caddy until I get around to entering my favourite quotes into a doc until I run out of time, rush to take photos of the quotes, remove my paper page flags and return it.

Do you have any other rituals for when you have finished a book?

I keep track of the books I read in a month so I can include them in my monthly wrap ups.

Which I haven’t been doing lately . . .

I also like to pick a favourite or two for the month to assist in picking my top reads of the year.

But mostly I get a book hang over and have to take some time to process my thoughts and feelings and rant or rave about it to my mum, sometimes before I can even give an accurate rating.

Then I decide if I’m gonna add it to the list of books I want my mum to read.

That list is long, and has no end in sight, mostly because she doesn’t get a lot of time to read. She’s been reading Sawkill Girls since before Covid and she’s only just now reaching the end. She’s reading The Seven Husbands of Eveyn Hugo next.

Previous Awards

I look foward to seeing how others handle their read books!

Do you use Goodreads?
Have you made the switch to Storygraph?
Do you use spreadsheets to track your read books?


11 thoughts on “Grey Tags // How I Keep Track of My Read Books – The Finished Books Tag

  1. Ooh a spread sheet for keeping track of money spent on books would be a good idea, I’ll have to check out what you linked! Thanks for that tip haha

    I like this tag a lot, people have such different little personal rituals around finishing and tracking their books in this community! It kinda really defines the book (b/v)logging community, huh? I definitely want to do this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me!! I promise I will do the thing (at some point)!!

    Hmm, I use goodreads and I tried using storygraph but I’m too used to goodreads even though it’s rubbish and also bu the time it uploaded all my books I added new ones finished even more and decided that I’m just not meant to have two accounts to update things on. I already have GR and my spreadsheet and monthly wrap ups. That’s enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a fair decision to come to. That’s one thing I’m worried about. Maybe if I reach my reading goal well before the end of the year I’ll transfer mine over then and just no touch goodreads until it’s transferred? 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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