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I was supposed to be posting an Ancient Archive today.ย 

I did start it and then I didn’t want to do it because I am stressed and the last thing I want to do right now is get angry about history.

I’m a bit upset because I really wanted to post an Ancient Archive for each month this year but my brain literally will no let me work on it so here I am, very thankful for the tag Jillian @ Jillian the Bookish Butterfly recently tagged me in!

thank you stitch

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The Questions

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?ย 

monsters inc reading one more page boo

Kinda. I have these, like, stations.

I have two of these wooden carts that I keep my reading supplies on. One is next to my seat on the couch and the other is next to my bed. Both are used as side tables as much as reading carts if I’m being totally honest. The carts and my chronic pain make my bed and my couch the only places I can read comfortably at home.

Sometimes I can’t read in bed during the day because it makes me sleepy but sometimes reading on the couch does the same thing too, I guess it depends on my exhaustion level because it has to be high for me to actually nap during the day.

I wish reading in bed at night would make me sleepy. Maybe I wouldn’t have insomnia then…

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Bookmark or random piece of paper?


Usually bookmarks. I have so many of them since Book Depository started sending one with every book you buy, so I almost always have one around but if I’m without, a piece of paper is fine. Often if I moving reading spots it’ll be my ruler I use for annotating or my book light.

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Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?


Yes but I hate it. I really prefer stopping at the end of chapters because then I don’t waste time trying to find the exact line I’m up to when I go back to it. But I can stop at any time if I need to.

I mostly have to when I read on the bus and am about to get to my work stop because I have to give myself enough time to put my tablet back in my bag. Sometimes I get lucky and finish a chapter not long before my stop but enough time to get ready to get off the bus and on those days I feel transcendent.

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Do you eat or drink while reading?

reading hungry

Yes, both.

I love a good tea or chai latte while reading but usually, I get sucked into my book and my drink ends up going cold before I finish it. But most of the time I’m just drinking whatever I had ready before I started reading, i.e. water, soft drink.

I have been known to eat cheese and bacon ball chips while reading which is maybe one of the worst things to eat while reading because there’s lots of dust (think Cheetos dust) but I’m pretty careful to not get it on my book.

Mostly I’m just hungry when I’m hungry so I’m going to eat if I need to. I just can’t read and eat like a proper meal at the same time, I’m not coordinated enough. So I mostly eat snack foods.

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Multitasking: music or T.V. while reading?


Nope. I will get distracted. If there is music or a t.v. and I can hear it well enough that I know what is being said/sung then I can’t concentrate.

It’s the same for when I’m on the bus and people are talking. So noise-cancelling headphones, where I listen to a thunderstorm playlist, are a must! Sometimes even they fail me though.

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One book at a time or several at once?

arm yourself books david tennant

Several at once but usually only one of each format.

I can read an ebook, an audiobook and a physical book at once.

Ebooks are for when I’m on the bus, walking, or read in waiting rooms and if I’m at work and don’t want to do anything else between my actual work.

Audiobooks are for when I’m driving or doing the food shop, running errands or when I don’t have it in me to read a book by taking it in visually (usually on the bus or when I’m walking).

Physical books are for at home or if I’m staying somewhere, like when I’m cat sitting or visiting family.

I usually can’t do two of the same formats because I’ll just pick whichever one I’m more into each time I go to read in the situation when I read that format and then I’ll end up only reading one while the other is ignored until I finish.

Also if I can, I try and avoid reading books with the same character names. I read lady Midnight while reading another book that had a Julian character and I was so confused!

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Reading at home or everywhere?

reading paperback rain public transport book

Everywhere. I used to prefer reading at home but that was before I stopped being so bloody strict with my note-taking while reading which was more difficult to do while on the bus. (I’m not so strict anymore.) Now I think I prefer the bus because it’s set aside time I know I have and if I have earphones it’s actually less distracting than at home.

I’m a lot better at switching off in public than I am at home (as long as I have good earphones) because at home I have my cat and feel more comfortable watching youtube or Netflix, or my mum is doing something chaotic and attention-grabbing or I get sleepy. Also, I think switching off in public is just a major defence mechanism for me as a very anxious person.

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Reading out loud or silently in your head?

headphones listening audiobooks

In my head. I stutter and stumble over my words too much to ever like reading out loud. But I do love having people read aloud to me, though it rarely happens IRL. (Thank you, good audiobook narrators.)

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Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

spoiler gif tell me details

Nope. I’ve never been one to do that but I am bad at seeking out spoilers online or asking someone I know who has already read the book for spoilers.

But I’m specific. It’s usually if my ship ends up together or will my favourite character die. Sometimes I like to be prepared without knowing the plot or anything.

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Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

book anchor holder bookmark

Lowkey, I need one of these but it’s $33 AUD!

I like to keep it knew. But it is very hard to not break the spine while also reading in a way that is comfortable and doesn’t hurt when you have a chronic illness that can greatly affect your hands so I gave up trying for my own sanity.

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Do you write in your books?


Yes. As I mentioned before, I annotate. I never used to actually write anything, just highlighted quotes but now I underline instead and have started writing which has been fun!

I like reading my little notes as I’m entering the quotes for my reviews after I’ve finished and I’m looking forward to getting to read them later during rereads!

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I tag

๐Ÿƒ Bree &/or Kayla @ In Love & Words

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I hope everyone is taking caring of themselves right now!ย 

And social distancing! And washing their hands!

What are your reading habits?
Are you self-isolating right now or stuck at work like me?
What are you doing to distract yourself from the world?


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  1. Love this Grey! I look up spoilers online sometimes too, to find out if my favorite characters make it before the end of the book.

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