Grey’s Shelves // 18 Books on My Radar! – 2020 Releases

I have never been someone that's good at keeping up with new releases. I usually like to wait things out, watch for reviews to come in and then make a decision because I hate being disappointed. I'm probably still going to wait for reviews on these books to come out before I pick them up but I wanted to make a list of ones I might be interested so I can at least put them on my unreleased shelf so they can stay on my radar and not be lost forever.

Grey Shelves // I’m Joining StartOnYourShelfathon – Readathon Sign Up

Hello, yes I'm doing another readathon. And I'm still not back yet but I will be back for February! I swear!  I mean I could probably just come back now but ya girl has had a week and I think adding to my load anymore might see me lose it, officially.  Anyway I'm so excited to be joining another one of CW's readthons! I mean she really is on fire and also how does she do it??? Magic, hard work and talent, in equal measure is my guess.

Grey Watches // Petition to Make all the Christmas Movies Gay – Let it Snow

Oh God, I wish it was snowing in Australia. It is hot. So bloody hot. It's meant to peak at 45° today and I am working and then I have to do food shopping so I am not looking forward to today. Also my country is still on fire. Two fire fighters have already died and NSW is existing under a blanket of smoke and our Prime Minister fucked off to Hawaii. Fucking sick. So watching all these wintery Christmas movies has been great escapism.