Down the TBR Hole // I Almost Break Even – 2017 TBR 3/4

Folks I am fucking tired! 'm tired, I'm exhausted and I'm over being sick for the entirety of every fucking winter. I'm grateful because the money for the extra hours I'm working has been super useful, I've been able to save for things coming up and treat myself to a much needed wardrobe change (it's no longer made up entirely of black leggings and graphic tees) and loads of books and it's not hard work. Like I said, I've spent a lot of time reading while waiting for the phone to ring but God, working 21 out of 22 days is exhausting no matter how easy the work is. I just want a day off. Thankfully I have just one week of it left and then I can go and visit my aunt and relax and recharge. Also I'm dying to play the Sims and read actual novels again! It's been too long! I swear I'll be back to my old blogging schedule eventually, life is just a lot right now. So until then, back to the Down the TBR Hole Posts!


Down the TBR Hole // The One Where I Change My Mind Again – 2017 TBR 2/4

I've got my hazelnut dark hot chocolate and I am ready to get rid of some books. I should be writing reviews instead of typing up yet another one of these posts in advance and yet... I'll probably get to them when I'm at my aunt's because it's so relaxing there and I'm able to focus surprisingly well. Maybe I'll take my laptop and my cousins to a cosy cafe or the library so I can get some work done and they can get some reading done in nice shared quiet. Until then I'm going to keep putting it off because I don't think I have the brain power to do any of the books in my review backlog justice. Thankfully I've been reading books that I don't normally write reviews for (history books, graphic novels) while I'm working all these extra hours because otherwise I would be even further behind. Yesterday I finished four books! All while sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring and emails to come through or to show my boss how to use the copy machine I was introduced to only a week ago. That's enough of my boring day to day life, time to get to the books!

Down the TBR Hole // The One Where I Change My Mind – 2017 TBR 1/4

We're Falling... Last week I arranged my entire bookcase. It was perfect. There was a whole Schwab shelf, a feminist shelf, a gay shelf. I was proud of it. And then I came home on the weekend and my mum had to pull a bunch of books out of one bookcase while she was trying to get her giant treadmill into the room. This has happened before and after each time I ask my mum to take a photo first so I can put them back exactly how they were and each time she forgets. So now I know to always take photos of my shelves once I've rearranged them in case for some reason mum has to empty them again. Which is a tip I though I would pass on for those who've ever encountered a similar problem (especially if your bookcase is in a shared space). Tomorrow I'll be spending time fixing them, and definitely will be taking photos! At least I have new books to add so it's not all bad. Maybe I'll take some pretty photos of the books I own that I've read too. So while I'm preparing to fall down that TBR hole, how about we fall down my Goodreads TBR hole!

Down the TBR Hole // Oooooooooh That’s a Good Purge – 2016 TBR 2/2

Its time for another Down the TBR Hole! I am currently working two jobs again because I will never say no to extra work. Which means I'm going to be working for 13 days straight at one point which is something I've done many times and always vow I'll never do again. And yet here we are. So, I'm still on hiatus even though I've quit my course because I have zero time and energy and loads of reviews I want to catch up on before I feel ready to return. Plus I'd really like to have some Grey Learns posts ready to go. I'm glad I've got spreadsheets for these posts so the hard work is already done!

Down the TBR Hole // I’ve been on Goodreads For 4 Years! – 2016 TBR 1/2

We're back again  Next month I'll have been on Goodreads for four years, though I didn't start using it properly until 2016. And boy did it open up my whole book world! I started reviewing books and then I started this blog and its become such a lovely home to curl up in when I need comfort and to talk to like-minded people. This week I'm covering my Want To Read shelf which is large! I've split it up by year and then I'll be splitting those up too so that my posts aren't super long. So they'll be quite a few separate posts for this one shelf!