Grey Tags // Buying Books – Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

Another study week, another tag.  And I thank the blogging gods for gifting me with the brilliant Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly for tagging me in so many of these tags so I don't even have to choose what to post! Jillian, you have made this very exhausted girl's life a hell of a lot easier!!! 


Grey Tags // An Era Has Ended – Game of Thrones Tag

The TV Show is officially over but I'm not ready to say good bye just yet! I was tagged by the ever lovely and patient Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly. Since she keeps tagging me even though I'm terrible and take forever to do them. Go show her some love for me! I'm doing this one first even though it's the most recent one she's tagged me in because Game of Thrones finished recently, and I just finished watching the series at the time of writing this anyway. And so I thought this would be the perfect time to do it!

Down the TBR Hole // To Read Eventually – Part 2/3

Get Ready to Purge! I've hit my final wind! I'm not going to lie, I was starting to really hate these posts because I've been doing them forever! I always love the idea and the end result of clearing shit out, whether it be my bedroom, the daunting bathroom cupboard, the fridge or pantry, or my Goodreads TBR. I hate the actual doing it part. Though once I start I tend to be on a roll and then decide to start cleaning out about 4 things at once, causing me to run out of steam half way through all four tasks! And while writing these Down The TBR Posts, I've also been clearing out more than just my Goodreads TBR.