Year in Review // The Year I Changed My Name – 2019

I am so glad 2019 is over Which is a mood I end every year on...which is probably a bad sign.  But I'm just counting the fact that I survived a win.

Year in Review // Readathons, Diverse Reads & Structured TBR Success – Quarterly Check In

I'm back from hiatus, yet again!

I've had a grand time away but I'll get into that in my Month in Review post next week! 

For now, i want to take a moment to gove over my year so far since we're a bit over a quarter of the way through! 

I'll be covering my reading, watching, blogging and goals from January to March and how I think I've gone so far!

Year in Review // Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes – 2018

2018 sucked total ass and I'm glad it's over. But I can't deny that it didn't have some high points like this blog for one, and the fact that I finally got the changes I so desperately needed.    Stats ☁️ This year I read 23,900 pages across 104 books! ☁️ I DNF'd 5 books. ☁️ The … Continue reading Year in Review // Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes – 2018