Grey Reads // Less a Title and More a Warning – Sharp Objects

Be careful with this book, your heart will be a bleeding, human mess after. Sharp Objects shares the dark side of a small town called Wind Gap that its residents want you to see. It’s about terrible people doing terrible things, it's about mental illness and abuse and sickness so deep it rots your core.

Grey Reads // Racism Exists, What Are You Doing to Stop It? – Anger Is a Gift

Complex and honest, Anger is a Gift reminds oppressed people that they have every right to the feeling they are often demonised for: Rage. Anger is a Gift packs so much into its pages. We follow Moss as he is still healing from losing his father to police violence while police brutality is becoming more common in his own school. He’s had enough, he’s hurting and angry and he’s ready to fight back.