Grey Watches // Petition to Make all the Christmas Movies Gay – Let it Snow

Oh God, I wish it was snowing in Australia.

It is hot. So bloody hot. It’s meant to peak at 45° today and I am working and then I have to do food shopping so I am not looking forward to today. Also my country is still on fire. Two fire fighters have already died and NSW is existing under a blanket of smoke and our Prime Minister fucked off to Hawaii. Fucking sick.

So watching all these wintery Christmas movies has been great escapism. 

This intro was written last week. It’s not so hot but everything still seems to be on fire.

spoiler 1

For both the book and the movie. 

S - Christmas Blue

let it snow movie poster.jpgDetails

Title: Let It Snow
Director: Luke Snellin
Writer: Laura Solon, Victoria Strouse
Stars: Isabela Merced, Shameik Moore, Odeya Rush
Age: 12
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Released: 2019
Content Warnings: Chronically ill parent
Representation: POC, Sapphic

Synopsis*: In a small town on Christmas Eve, a snowstorm brings together a group of young people.

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I’m like half way into the book so this should be interesting. 

I should for sure wait until after I finish the book to try and keep them apart in my mind but I wanna watch it now damn it!

What I do know is that they added a sapphic couple, that wasn’t in the book, to the film but I don’t know if they replaced the last couple in the book. Because I don’t know who the last couple is to compare the names to the cast list on IMDB ahah 

let it snow 8.jpg

Oh, also that they changed the background for Julie and Stuart which is a choice I’m not sure I’m behind yet because I really liked their story! 

So, they’re starting with Tobin knowing he likes Angie/The Duke, where as in the book it seems he didn’t really see her that way until Christmas Eve, whereas she was very clearly trying to hide her feelings for him aggressively. 

Oh, so the last story in the book must be about Jeb and his sort of girlfriend who I haven’t met in the book yet. 

They made Tinfoil Man into Tinfoil Woman. I’m into that. 

Ouch. Addie is mean. 

let it snow 9.gif

That pig is so fucking cute! 

Wait did that woman just say she had a “friend” who’d like to do bad things to Stuart??? A teenager????


Wait is he not a teenager in this??? 

So, JP isn’t Tobin and Angie’s best friend in this. 

Wow, they changed a lot. 

And usually I’m not that bothered, but I really liked Julie’s and Stuarts story and now I’m mad that I’m not gonna get a similar version of it. 

let it snow 2.gif

Oh, Jeb’s girlfriend is Addie. The Addie who was working at Starbucks when Book Stuart’s girlfriend was fucking the mascot in the Starbucks bathroom. 

Enter the cheerleaders.

I love Anna Akana. 

Aw, she got pied by Anna Akana. 

WTF. No. JP is a skinny Korean nerd, who is this tall white muscly impostor???

He better at least be fucking funny. 

“You have terrible instincts”

I fucking love Tinfoil Woman.

Oh good at least Tobin, The Duke and JP are having a high speed chase with the Reston Twins. This should be interesting. 

let it snow 7.gif

Yes finally girls kissing!!!!!!

Okay, the sledding is cute. 

Oh, they’re dancers, not cheerleaders. 

Shit! Tinfoil Woman threw Addie’s phone out the fucking window. 

I don’t like Tinfoil Woman anymore. 

JP is doing his best to try and help Tobin and The Duke get together and they’re just two total dumbasses for each other. 

let it snow 3.gif

I appreciate that their doing a whole singing number with actors who like can sing but aren’t super incredible because it feels more realistic, and they could have easily had Stuart and Julie to a musical number since Stuart is meant to be this incredibly pop star. 

Tobin, you fucking dickhead.

Jeb seems so nice in the book but Movie Jeb is a dick! 

Granted, I have not gotten to his story so who knows. 

But also Addie is a straight up mess. 

This is a very diverse Christmas carol thing happening in the church. 

I totally get when poor people get mad at the way rich people will just throw money at problems but when it’s a rich person who clearly cares about you and money can actually help just like take it. It’s not like they need it, and it will help! And I say this knowing I have a problem accepting gifts or help from anyone so I’m 100% a hypocrite. 

Oh my god, it’s Janet!!! Well D’Arcy Carden but she’s Janet in my heart.

No Stuart don’t go! 

“Have a great fun” 


OMG Addie got Dorrie a pig

let it snow 6.gif

Yay, The Duke showed up at the party. 

Fuck yes Tobin, you tell her how you feel. 

That was very soppy and I loved every second of it

Wait all the couples have made up/made out but Addie and Jeb (which is for the best) but Stuart and Julie. Is Stuart coming back????

Aw Addie is gonna hook up with JP. 

YAY Stuart is back!!! 

let it snow 1.gif

4 Snowflakes

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*Taken from IMDB.
**If you would like me to include links to purchase movies from a specific store in my reviews please let me know!

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S - Christmas Clouds

Okay, fine I liked it!

But I still really love Book Julie and Stuart, but also, I like that I can have both.

Have you seen Let It Snow?
Have you watched the book?
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?


Christmas 19 - Sign Off

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