Grey Watches // I Think I’m Getting Soft – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

So, I know I basically hate watched the first two movies but I’m getting soft in my old age of 25.

Also, I just love things that are so bad they’re good okay and Christmas just consistently delivers and that’s all I want right now.

Should I be watching a Christmas movie right now? No, I should probably be trying to sleep but I’m not tired and I’m sick of tossing and turning for hours so lets make the time I would have wasted doing that into something productive by using it for blog content instead. Yay! 

Honestly I don’t want to do anything but watch Christmas Movies and cuddle up with cats lately and I think that’s totally fair.

spoiler 2

S - Christmas Blue

a christmas prince the royal baby.jpgDetails

Title: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
Director: John Schultz
Writer: Karen Schaler, Nate Atkins
Stars: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige
Age: U Which is an age rating I had never heard of before.
Genre: Romance
Released: 5 December 2019
Representation: POC side characters, disabled side character

Synopsis*: It’s Christmastime in Aldovia, and a royal baby is on the way. Amber and Richard host royals from a distant kingdom to renew a sacred truce, but when the treaty vanishes, peace is jeopardized and an ancient curse threatens their family.

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Okay we got a recap, that’s cool but it’s not like that much happened that I need to be reminded of it. Like my memory is bad but even its not bad enough to need a recap. 

Oh, I love the haircut. 

a christmas prince TRB 2.gif

I’d be the worst as a married in queen because I’d just want to research all the dark and/or buried history of the family and country and just bring it out at dinner parties and be like: Hey, did you know that your country committed genocide 100 years ago and you have a great great great aunt that was like mega gay???

Oh, Emily is already bringing the shade! 

Wow, wait so Amber’s BFF, Melissa, is getting it on with creepy cousin Simon?? 

That crib instruction manual is so fucking extra, OMG

So they’re going to paint the Asian kingdom, who appear to be the only Asian’s in the film so far, as outdated and traditional when like most Asian countries were way more progressive before us whites came and ruined everything???? 

a christmas prince TRB 3.jpg

I love micro-aggression racism in films. 

I really wanna give the benefit of the doubt but . . . 

They really gonna be throwing in a love triangle for the side characters? Okay. Like I’m not mad, just shocked. 

Queen Helena: If Emily had her way we’d have a tree in every room
Tom: Actually, I believe you do
Emily: We have quite a bit of mistletoe too

Damn, Emily is smooth.

The wedding planner is back with Amber’s other BFF, Andy and now they’re in business together. 

Oh no, they’re throwing the baby shower. . .

And they want to elevate the treaty signing.

Keep them right away from that!

This snow storm looks so fake even to someone who’s never seen real snow

Oh for god’s sake someone’s stealing the treaty

Please tell me it’s not going to be anyone from Penglia. 

a christmas prince TRB 1.jpgOf course there’s a bloody curse

Okay I’ll give the event planners some props, this is a beautiful baby shower

Aaaaaand now they’re bringing in ghosts too. Honestly this couldn’t get anymore extra if it tried.

Now Emily is going to search the dungeon for the treaty.

So Simon is being shady!

Simon practising his apology ahahah 

Oh he’s totally going to propose

How is it that this series has made me like Simon??? The humanity!

Aw, I love the chair ice skating. The movie gets point for that. 

Lynn: He’s a lot tougher than he looks
Simon: I’m really not, actually

Of course she goes into labour now they’ve nearly lost their chance of finding the treaty in time and of course the doctor crashes her fucking car.

a christmas prince TRB 4

Okay so the whole labour thing has put off the flight, thank god.

I was really starting to worry there.

Great so now Emily and Queen Helena are stuck in the dungeon!

Now they’ve found the treaty but they’re still locked in

The Queen is going to pick the lock??? Okay. Sounds fake but okay. 

OMG what the fuck!

It was the butler guy???

That was unexpected. I legit didn’t see that coming at all. 

I fucking knew it, Simon was hiding an engagement ring

YAY! The queens are going to sign the treaty as well!

Queen Amber and Queen Ming said fuck the patriarchy.

So Christmas day is their anniversary and their baby’s birthday? Of course it fucking is. 

a christmas prince TRB 5

3.5 Snowflakes

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*Taken from IMDB.
**If you would like me to include links to purchase movies from a specific store in my reviews please let me know!

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S - Christmas Clouds

I need a Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe cross over pronto!

a christmas prince TRB 6

Have you watched any of the A Christmas Prince movies?
What do you think of a possble NCCU?
What’s your favourite Netflix Christmas movie?


Christmas 19 - Sign Off

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