Top Ten Tuesday // I Named My Cat After a Book Character? Shocking – Books I Don’t Talk About Enough

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There are too many books & not enough time to talk about them. 

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of your favourite, most popular books. It’s easy to forget about the books that you still really loved and had an impact on you but haven’t literally taken over your whole entire brain.

So let’s talk about the quietly loved books.

My list contains books that were my first toe-dip in particular genres, the book with a character I named my cat after, series that had an impact on me but didn’t necessarily make a dent, (think more of a fender bender, the paints just a bit scuffed but now you’re little shaky behind the wheel. Is this a terrible analogy? Yes.) and non-fic books I think everyone should read.

If you would like to buy any of the following books please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link!

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frozen charlotteFrozen CharlotteFrozen Charlotte #1│Alex Bell

“Don’t you want to play with us any more? It’s fun to be dead.”

I read this in 2016 which both feels like not that long ago and also forever ago.

I mean 4 years is a long time and I was a very different person back then, and a very different reader.

However, this book creeped the fuck out of me.

I still remember sitting in my bed reading it and feeling my heart pound so powerfully it felt like it was going to punch through my chest.

Maybe it was my imagination but I really thought I could see it beating through my chest.

Dolls are creepy as fuck and I am so glad I didn’t have this book when my aunt gave me a load of porcelain dolls that I hid in my wardrobe until I moved out because they scared the fucking shit out of me.

booksmart dolls

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the rook the chequy files TCFThe Rook│The Checquy Files #1│Daniel O’Malley

Rook Thomas, you look different somehow.”
“Well, I recently got the shit kicked out of me,” she said.
“Ah, that would be it then.

Despite the fact that I just posted a review for this not long ago, I don’t really talk about this book a lot.

Again, the first time I read this book was in 2016, but I reread it last year and only just posted a review because I was on hiatus for so long last year.

I was really started to figure out what my tastes were in books that year and this book made me see how much I love when magical, fantastical themes are mixed with ordinary, non-magical life.

It has my exact sense of humour. It’s such a dry type of funny that gets me laughing out loud every time. The world is dynamic and exciting and I love it so much!!!!

spy melissa mcarthy represent the best of our department

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we were liarsWe Were Liars│E.Lockhart

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.

Oh look, another book I read in 2016. 

I’d wonder if any of these books were as good as I had thought there if it wasn’t for the fact that I did reread The Rook and still loved it but that probably was the strongest of this batch.

Anyway, We Were Liars was like the first YA Thriller I ever read. It’s probably more mystery than thriller but for 2016 I was thrilled the entire time I was reading it.

It’s also the reason why I picked up Genuine Fraud which I know a lot of people hated but I loved it so I’m always going to be thankful that I read this book.

katya monster

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perks of being a wallflowerPerks of Being a Wallflower│Stephen Chbosky

We accept the love we think we deserve.

I don’t entirely remember what year I read this in, as I read it pre-Goodreads. I just know I read it before October 2013 because that’s when my cat Charlie was born.

I’ve always been a wallflower who somehow fell in friendship groups with very extroverted people who introduced me to worlds I never really knew existed outside of movies.

And I’ve struggled with mental illness and memories hiding themselves from me for as long as I can remember so I really identified with Charlie.

So when my cat, Charlie was born I had a very long list of literary names and after my housemate yelled at me to hurry up and pick one I decided Charlie was perfect for my little ginger fluff ball. 

perks of being a wallflower notice me

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love rosieLove, Rosie│Cecelia Ahern

I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.

This book was my first ever audiobook. I’m pretty sure I read it sometime in 2014. I think I may have read it before the movie came out because I was excited for the movie or I read it after I saw the movie because I really loved it. I can’t be sure.

I had recently come out of a very toxic and abusive living situation and I was trying to heal. But reading, which was something I usually turned to, was hard. It got mixed up with my very complex and contradicting feelings of that period in my life.

And I honestly could barely function without being high as a fucking kite and so I didn’t have the capacity to sit down and physically read.

My commute for work had become a lot longer than what I had been used to before and I had started seeing all those YouTubers being sponsored by Audible so I thought fuck it and gave it a go.

It really helped me get back to reading and I loved this book so much.

I needed something that was fluffy and mostly light and made me feel good and where the characters were already cast so I didn’t have to try very hard to imagine them. I needed easy, and this is exactly what I got.

Recently, finally, I got my hands on a physical copy so I’m looking forward to rereading it soon.

love rosie condom

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tomorrow when the war beganTomorrow Series│John Marsden

All these words, words like ‘evil’ and ‘vicious’, they meant nothing to Nature. Yes, evil was a human invention.

This series is an Australian classic.

Again I don’t remember exactly when I read this series, but I read it for school sometime during the early high school years.

I read the first book for school and loved it so I quickly read through (I think) the rest of the series.

I can’t actually remember if I read it through to the end since there are so many books and I am the worst at finishing series but they’re pretty short books and I do remember really loving this series so it’s likely.

My best friend also really loved the books and we raced out to see the movie when it came out and I’m so sad we didn’t get more. But there is a series so I’ll probably watch that at some point since I am trying to collect the series from thrift stores.

I currently have books 1-4 & 7, so I just need 5 & 6 but I’m trying to get matching editions so it makes it harder.

This series stressed me the fuck out and I loved it so much and honestly if this would have happened in real life when my mum was a teenager I truly believe she would have been Ellie. I may not survive a dystopian future but I’m pretty sure my mum would and she’d fight like hell to keep me alive. 

tomorrow when the war began be a man shoot

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am i normal yet the spinster club TSCThe Spinster Club Series│Holly Bourne

“Bad stuff happens, people are mean, there are no steps you can take that ensure the world leaves you alone. All you can do is try not to be one of those people who contributes to the bad.”

More 2016 reads!

These were the first feminist books I ever read and boooooooooy did I love them.

I still do, because they open my mind big time. Before then I’d only dipped my toe into feminism via social media. It’s weird. My mum brought me up with a lot of feminist values without really knowing that’s what she was doing.

Like there was still loads of sexism in my upbringing but my mum always wanted me to be independent and whenever wanted me to have my whole identity be wrapped up in the conditional love of a man. I grew up outspoken and I wanted to change the world. I just didn’t know how I wanted to change the world.

These books meant a lot to me because they showed girls closer to my age embracing feminism, before then the most I’d read of feminism came from fully grown women. I was 22, I didn’t even consider myself as an adult. I didn’t feel so stupid for not knowing having known much about sexism before then. I didn’t feel like I was being spoken down to for not knowing the ins and out of the patriarchy and how it affects women.

I felt like I was learning with Evie, Amber and Lottie. 

These books still mean so much to me. I leant them to my cousin and they got her back into reading. They’re the books I wish I had to read when I was a teen. They made me want to write feminist books one day. I still do.


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doing it hannah wittonDoing It!│Hannah Witton

Respecting your partner means recognising and valuing their independence. Respect their beliefs, their values, their life goals, their job, their hobbies, their friends and family. In a relationship it’s not enough to just have respect for the other person, you need to show it, too.

I found Hannah Witton on Youtube quite a few years ago. I loved how straight forward she was with talking about sex and relationships and feminism. 

Her videos are always educational even if they’re not made to be, even when they’re just fun and silly.

So when I saw that she was publishing a book I was so excited!

It’s an important book that I think everyone should read, but what stood out to be was that Hannah really reinforces how important it is to communicate in all kinds of relationships. 

Plus, Hannah recognises her privilege and defers to other experts when it comes to topics she only knows about second hand and that is so so important and I really love her for that.

communicate talk to me parks and rec

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queer there and everywhereQueer, There, And Everywhere│Sarah Prager + Zoe More O’Ferrall

What is remarkable, and at once unsurprising, is that all twenty-three of these queer people lived with such vivd, incandescent variety. Diversity is one of the only constants that queerness has always had, and our unique individuals are connected precisely because they diverged from what society expected.

I read this book in 2018. I had just really started exploring what kind of identity fits me, only to realise I don’t really care that much. What I did know was that I am queer. I’m attracted to all genders and queer, bi, pan, sapphic, are all terms I’m perfectly comfortable in.

When I read that there was a YA LGBTQ+ history book out there I was ecstatic!

And then I read that it was the first of it’s kind, in the year 2018, and got a little sad because come on. Really????? Progress is too slow for my liking.

Nonetheless, I’m really fucking thankful that this book exists. It’s not perfect but it is the first of its kind and I’m yet to find something similar for a YA audience.

I recently bought my own physical copy, since I had borrowed this from the library to read it and it sits proudly on my queer shelf, which I  hope to one day turn into at least a whole bookcase of queer books.

Honestly, I’d love a whole library dedicated to queer books. I wanna be the Dr Magnus Hirschfeld of the 21st century.

queerness freedom gay

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100 nasty women of history100 Nasty Women of History│Hannah Jewell

It just goes to show, girls, that with enough good pals, a bit of organization, and a naked grandmother or two, you can do anything.

I read this at the end of 2019 and I’m so glad I did. I read it via Audible and I feel like that really heightened the experience.

I love history, if you hadn’t already been able to tell, and I love hearing about historical women who refused to stay in the place society assigned them.

But the way some people tell history can be, quite frankly, boring as fuuuuuuuuuck. 

Which is why I started Ancient Archive on my blog. I didn’t really know I was that into history until I found forms of it on the internet being told in a fun and engaging way, so I wanted to contribute to that.

Hannah Jewell is also contributing to that. She does a great job of telling the reader about historical figures in such a fun way that you don’t really feel like you’re learning.

You just feel like your hearing a really cool story about this gang of women she knew that wrecked absolute havoc wherever they went. There’s no way that isn’t fun.

nasty woman

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Thriving - Separations - Plants All

I’m really glad I got to share this list of books I often forget about. 

Have you read any of these books?
What are some books you love but don’t get to talk about enough?


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