Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Boy did I make up for my lack of reading last month! Bless readthons and CW @ The Quiet Pond because they're what pushed me through each and every book this month and boy were there a lot! I may have totally burnt myself out but that's an easy fix and I'm already ready to jump into … Continue reading Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Grey’s Shelves // I’m Joining Here & Queerathon & #ARCApocalypse – Readathon Sign Up

How many readathons can I join in the space of a month???

The answer is 4. This will be my third and fourth readathons of the year so far!

What a huge difference a year makes. 2019 was the first year I ever participated in a readathon and honestly, I can't remember how many I did do but there was a few!