Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Boy did I make up for my lack of reading last month! Bless readthons and CW @ The Quiet Pond because they're what pushed me through each and every book this month and boy were there a lot! I may have totally burnt myself out but that's an easy fix and I'm already ready to jump into … Continue reading Month in Review // I Read and Read and Read – February

Month Ahead // Less Watching, More Reading – February

I have high hopes for February! So January was shithouse but February is a fresh start and I'm already off to a good start!  I've let myself relax a little, finished a book and I went on the treadmill again for the first time in months. I already feel a lot better and my head feels clearer so fingers crossed it continues this way. 

Grey Shelves // I’m Joining StartOnYourShelfathon – Readathon Sign Up

Hello, yes I'm doing another readathon.

And I'm still not back yet but I will be back for February! I swear! 

I mean I could probably just come back now but ya girl has had a week and I think adding to my load anymore might see me lose it, officially. 

Anyway I'm so excited to be joining another one of CW's readthons! I mean she really is on fire and also how does she do it??? Magic, hard work and talent, in equal measure is my guess.