Month in Review // I Think I Need To Delete Facebook Again – May

Well. It's Been A Month.

I don't know if I have much more words in me to sum it up better than that.

But I suppose I should try.

I read a lot, I spent too much time of Facebook, I got really fucking angry, I went to the movies, I had dinner with mum, work had me wanting to pull out my hair, I got into a fight with my Nana and had a meltdown while I was visiting my aunt. Oh and a went on a hike and almost died.

Month Ahead // Mental Health Awareness – May

It's Mental Health Awareness Month!

I have just a couple of things planned this month for mental health awareness, a book review and a Grey Learns post!

It's going to be the first one I've done not based on a figure from history, and more on a issue from history! 

It's also Mother's Day soon in Australia and I'm looking forward to dinner and Avengers: End Game with my mumma bear! Hopefully I'll be able to drag her back to the cinemas for the Hustle as well because I know we'll both love that film! 

Month in Review // So Many Readathons! – April | Part 1

I'm back!

This Month in Review post is going to look a a little different!

This first post is just going to be about what I read, watched and listened to because... well there's a lot! I mean it's mostly books. Like. A lot of fucking books.

Well that's not entirely true. it's mostly because I decided to participate in loads of readthons! Not bad for someone who participated in their first ever readathon this year!

And I just couldn't figure out a way to format things in a more space-efficient way without sacrificing how I like my posts to look. Perfectionism is a curse, honestly.

I didn't want to put everything in one post because then it would have been v. v. long. and no one has the attention span for that...I sure don't!