Top Ten Tuesday // Getting in the Christmas Spirit – Holiday Reads

It's that time of year again! Now, I've never been someone who has read seasonal books or reread old favourites at Christmas time which I know a lot of people love to do. So this list, for me, is going to be Christmas books I want to read around Christmas time. It's going to feature books I'm reading for Christmas this year and books I'd like to read in years to come!

Top Ten Tuesday // Collector’s Editions, Women’s History and My Dream Family Library – Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch

Sometimes you just gotta keep your books to yourself! Whenever someone asks for a book recommendation, i get excited! And then I offer to loan them the book and either don't see if again for a year, until I tell them they have to give it back now or it is lost forever. So...I don't really loan my books out to anyone anymore. except for maybe my cousin because she does read them eventually and I know I'll get them back so it's fine. But there are some books that I will never let anyone read. I wouldn't even let my mum read them, but thankfully that's not a conversation we ever need to have since she only reads ebooks.

Top Ten Tuesday // Screen Adaptations I LOVED, Ones I NEED & And Ones I NEED NOW – Page to Screen

I'm a lover of screen adaptations Look we had a run of ones that weren't...great. But the last few years have more than made up for it! Honestly, it's just made me more excited for screen adaptations to come! The rise of limited series have made it even more possible for the industry to get our favourites right. I must admit, lately I have become someone who usually even prefers the screen adaptation. But that being said, some of my favourites have been ones I hadn't even read the book for first!

Top Ten Tuesday // My Back List Books – I’m Publicly Shaming Myself

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a Freebie!  Which means I get to cover a topic I missed but really wanted to do! This week I'm covering my top ten backlist books that I want to get to except as always I'm bending the bloody rules. I'm going to be count series as just one … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday // My Back List Books – I’m Publicly Shaming Myself