Down the TBR Hole // Pride Month TBR Binge Continues – 2018 TBR 4/5

It's crazy to think that before 2018 I hadn't really read any sapphic books! And now I can't get enough of them! I want all the girls falling in love with other girls I can get my hands on!  Bless 2018 me who unconsciously chose a whole TBR basically dedicated to girls and then she just got gayer from there. 

Down the TBR Hole // My Pride Month TBR Binge – 2018 TBR 3/5

I swear June is my peak book adding month.  I'm always searching for the gayest books I can find during that month and it shows! Sometimes the books turn out to be amazing and sometimes they're only selling point was that it was gay and there's nothing wrong with that but boy am I glad that we are finally getting to a point where I can expect more from a book that represents me. Being gay is no longer the only important feature of a book with queer rep!

Down the TBR Hole // Gays, Witches & Gay Witches 2018 TBR 1/5

Its that time again!  Life's been filled with medical worries lately so I'm, looking forward to a good bookish distraction.  And I am determined to keep up this roll I'm on where I'm getting rid of nearly half of my TBR! I really want my TBR to stay at less than 300 from now on because that seems reasonable.  Of course that doesn't include my owned TBRs or unreleased TBR but whatever.