Grey Speaks // BLM + Quick Update

A not so quick, but IMPORTANT message!

Over the past week, I’ve been spending most of my spare time on Twitter, which I have a lot of since I’m not working, after hearing about the murder of George Floyd. It is incredibly heartbreaking and I have spent this time retweeting as much information from Black people as possible, signing petitions, sending emails and doing my best to support where I can.

There’s not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said but I want to make it clear to the people who follow my blog where I stand.


All lives do not matter until Black lives matter.


Yes ALL cops. The violence they have inflicted on those protesting is disgusting, and they should not have the power they do. THEY have turned America into a war zone, not Black people in mourning.


I have nothing against looting. I am in full support of rioting. And I am sure as shit not about to police Black anger.

Human life is more important than property and time and time again it has been proven that the only way to make oppressors listen is by speaking in their own language and if you think that language isn’t violence than I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong and I won’t be arguing that fact.

However, if you are at a protest/riot and you are not Black, it is not your place to loot or riot. Its you’re job to protect and support Black people. Listen to them. If they tell you to stop doing shit, stop fucking doing it.


We are entering June, AKA Pride Month and I want to remind all my fellow white queers that we have the freedoms we have thanks to Black queers. Marsha P. Johnson was a Black trans woman and one of the faces of the Stonewall Riots which is what gave us Pride in the first place. You do not deserve to celebrate pride and stay silent on the Black Lives Matter movement EVER, but especially not now.


For my non-Black followers, take a moment to look at the resources in the following links and do what you can.

Sign petitions, text or call, donate, and do you’re own research on the history of racism towards Black people.

And use your platforms to spread the word.

If your twitter timeline isn’t filled with what is happening from the Black perspective then you need to fix that. I promise its not that fucking hard, and it’s definitely not harder than existing in this world as a black person.

For any Black followers I may have, there are also some links for support if you need it as well.

The bellow links are pretty much all things I’ve found on twitter over the past week.


CLICK HERE for a site filled with resources, petitions to sign and places to donate.

If you’re international and sign a petition that needs a US postcode, I’ve been using 10001 which is for NYC and the easiest one for me to remember.

CLICK HERE for a great thread of rebuttals to use against racism.

I wish I had found this before having 2 separate run in with 2 different family members on Facebook!

CLICK HERE for a thread on how to intervene when cops are harassing Black people.

CLICK HERE for a link on how to easily contact your government about reallocation the police budget in the US.

CLICK HERE for a thread that contains a petition about a judge who sentenced a 21 year old Black man to 10 days in jail because he overslept for his first day of jury duty.

The rest of the charges have been dropped and there is now a call to investigate Judge Kastrenakes but please still sign to petition to make it clear that the judge should be punished!

CLICK HERE for a HUGE Google Doc filled with resources – petitions, where to donate, protest info, resources to educate yourself, how to contact officials!

CLICK HERE for things to do instead of calling the cops.

CLICK HERE to buy a games bundle of 740+ games for a minimum donation of $5.


CLICK HERE for a thread of Youtube videos you can watch that donate through adsense.

CLICK HERE for some more info on how to make those views count!


CLICK HERE for a thread on how to help protests if you can’t physically be there.

CLICK HERE for a link for someone who is making free eye patches for protesters with eye injuries.

There’s also a link on how to make the eye patches further down the thread!

CLICK HERE for info on how to donate for a gas mask fund in Minneapolis.

CLICK HERE for numbers to call for unlawful arrests for protesting.

CLICK HERE for a thread of lawyers offering pro bono services to arrested protesters.

CLICK HERE to learn how to protect yourself and secure your devices when protesting.


CLICK HERE for a thread of mental health resources for Black people.

CLICK HERE for a thread of small, Black owned online businesses.

CLICK HERE for a thread of Aussie Black owned businesses

CLICK HERE for a list of Black owned book stores.

CLICK HERE for a thread of 2020 book releases from Black authors.

CLICK HERE for a playlist of 140 Black booktubers.

CLICK HERE for a thread of Black artists.

CLICK HERE for a list of Black owned beauty and fashion brands

And if anyone knows of a great alternative to Lush’s Ultrabalm from a Black owned business that I can get in Australia please let me know!!! I’m over Lush’s performative bullshit and Ultrabalm is the only product I use that truly I can’t live without a replacement for!


CLICK HERE for a thread of Black inventions.

CLICK HERE for a Google Drive public library of Black History.

I’ve used this as a resource for my Ida B. Wells Ancient Archive post last year. There’s 6 GB worth of info in this Drive Folder so I don’t wanna hear anyone complain that it’s too hard to find Black History!

CLICK HERE for a thread of Black documentaries to assist in understanding racism, prejudice and police brutality.

Now for an update!

I don’t know how I will go with blogging this month. Someone close to me is going through something traumatic right now and I want to be there for them as much as possible which means I will be staying with them for a little while and I’m not sure on the time frame.

It is safe for me to visit in my state, if you’re wondering or worrying. At the time of writing this we have no active cases.

While I’m visiting them I won’t have access to my desktop which is the most efficient way for me to blog. I do still have quite a few reviews in my drafts that I might post.

I don’t really have anything planned for Pride other than a special Ancient Archive post I wrote up back in January that I kept meaning to post but I kept pushing back and then figured it was best to save it for Pride month anyway since it will be the first queer person I cover in this series and actually do it properly (since I rage quit my Colette post). It’ll also be the first in a queer spin off of Ancient Archive!

I would love to do a bonus queer Ancient Archive but I’m not going to make any promises. I’ll just have to play it by ear.

Other than that you might get some tags since they’re fun and easy and don’t take too much brain power ahah. If you know of any queer tags or created one yourself let me know as they’ll be made a priority!

I don’t know when I’ll finally post a wrap up for the past few months. It seems a bit silly to do one when I haven’t been reading much and have basically been doing the same thing most days.


Please don’t slow down the fight for justice. This will only happen again if we don’t keep fighting for permanent change.


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