Down the TBR Hole // The Last One – Unreleased 2/2

Thriving - Explanation - Down the TBR Hole

Click the above graphic and it will take you to Lia’s Down The TBR Hole post.

This is the last shelf post!

Soon I’ll be posting the wrap-up and it will be the end of my 2019/2020 Down the TBR Hole posts and likely the end of this meme on my blog forever.

It’s been a great learning experience! It taught me to be far more choosy of what I keep on my TBR so that I no longer feel like I’m suffocating. I can’t believe there was a point where I had near 1,000 books on my Goodreads TBR!

For me, that’s just too overwhelming and made it so so hard for me to keep track of what I wanted to read.

So although these posts have helped me, I no longer need them and I am ready to move on to something new!

So let’s jump into this last shelf post and get rid of some books!

books bookcase bookshelves cats mess

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Thriving - Separations - Plants 1

Thriving - Keys - Representation


ghosts of the shadow market shadowhuntersGhosts of the Shadow Market│Cassandra Clare │Ghosts of the Shadow Market #1-10│Stay│🌈☀️🌹│

But we bear so much that seems unthinkable. The only truly unbearable burden is living without love.

Yes, hello. I don’t know when to stop when it comes to this world and I’m not sorry.

The Grief Keeper│Alexandra Villasante │Go│🌈☀️🌹│

A heaviness sits under my skin, above my bones—an invisible, smothering blanket. Pavor, angustia, pánico, a collection of heavy, gut-churning feelings. I am drowning.

Added for the PTSD rep.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost interest.

Wicked Fox│Gumiho #1│Kat Cho│Go│☀️│

Night and darkness made a believer of everyone.

It’s got a fox in the title. That’s it. That was my only reason.

I really have to stop doing that.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 2


spin the dawn the blood of stars TBOSSpin the Dawn│The Blood of Stars #1│Elizabeth Lim│Stay│☀️│

“Seize the wind,” I whispered. “Don’t become the kite that never flies.”


Shatter the Sky│Shatter the Sky, #1│Rebecca Kim Wells │Go│🌈│

Then let them burn.

Sapphic steals a dragon to save her girlfriend

Unfortunately, I lost interest.

Down The TBR Hole

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Thriving - Separations - Plants 3


house of salt and sorrowsHouse of Salt and Sorrows│Erin A. Craig│Go│

Nights like this were meant to be shared, remembered, and talked about for years. Skies like this were meant to be kissed under.

I’m not sure exactly what about this stood out to me.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 4


LokiLoki: Where Mischief Lies│Mackenzi Lee│Stay│🌈│

He could be the witch. He could be the villain. He could be the trickster, the schemer, the self-serving God of Chaos, prove the mythology books right. Prove them all right in what they had all thought, that he was rotten from the start. He would serve no man but himself, no heart but his own. That would be his choice. He could be the witch. Be the witch, and know everything.

Mackenzi Lee is giving us the gay MCU we deserve.

You bet your fucking ass I’m reading the Loki book written by my bi queen Mackenzi Lee. I bought it before it even released, shout out to my local Kmart who put this out early.

Did I read it immediately though? No of course not because when have I ever???

American Royals│American Royals #1│Katharine McGee │Go│

From now on, you are two people at once: Beatrice the girl, and Beatrice, heir to the Crown. When they want different things, the Crown must win. Always.

Nothing is more dramatic than royalty.

And sometimes it’s drama you can live without.

His Hideous Heart│Dahlia Adler │Stay│🌈☀️💐🌹│

Once upon a midnight dreary,
I received a review query,
About this very quaint and curious volume of Poe’s retold lore…

oh look, an anthology about the works of the first author to ever have a Corvus fetish.

I’m really terrible with being able to read anything written prior to like the 2000s but I am interested in Edgar Allan Poe’s work so maybe having his work retold to me might help???

the lady rogueThe Lady Rogue│Jenn Bennett│Stay│🌈│

I’ve yet to hold the devil’s handiwork. Everything evil I’ve found was made by human hands.

This sounds so good!!!!!

‘The Last Magician meets A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue in this thrilling tale filled with magic and set in the mysterious Carpathian Mountains where a girl must hunt down Vlad the Impaler’s cursed ring in order to save her father.’

Gideon the Ninth│The Ninth House #1│Tamsyn Muir│Go│🌈│

The more you struggle against the Ninth, Nav, the deeper it takes you; the louder you curse it, the louder they’ll have you scream.

Cut-throat politics, swordplay, lesbian necromancer.

Unfortunately, I have lost interest.

The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan│Sherry Thomas│Go│☀️│

What is courage but strength in the face of fear?


Unfortunately, I lost interest.

Kingdom of Souls│Rena Barron│Go│☀️│

I bite the inside of my cheek, letting my doubts curl up next to my hope. One gives me the strength to keep pushing, and the other reminds me never give up.

Pitched as Wonder Woman in a West-African inspired world.

Sadly, I lost interest.

slaySLAY│Brittney Morris│Stay│☀️│

And this splendor, this orchestra of Black magnificence, extends all the way up to the ceiling, beyond my vision.

Badass black gamer girl creates an incredible game for POC??? Amazing.

The Babysitters Coven│The Babysitters Coven #1│Kate Williams │Go│

It was as grim a social scene as I’d ever encountered, and I missed everything I’d left behind at home. I wondered what my nail polish collection was doing right now.

Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Mostly because I can’t get it from the library and there’s no kindle version to buy and the hard copies are too pricey for a book I’m not certain on.

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them│Junauda Petrus│Go│🌈☀️│

she is killing me softly and I think if I have to die, let it be softly. In her arms, in her smell, in her gap.

Sapphics of colour finding love.

Grey Reads

🍃  Grey Reads // Trauma, Abuse, Grief & Everything in Between – Sawkill Girls

🍃 Grey Reads // Schwab’s Love Letter to Scotland – City of Ghosts

🍃 Grey Reads // Why Did My father Never Build Me a Castle?? Shit’s Not Fair – The June Boys

Thriving - Separations - Plants 5


ninth house alex stern ASNinth House│Author│Stay Go│🌈☀️💐🌹🌑🔥🌻🌱✨│

There were always excuses for why girls died.

It’s Leigh Bardugo…need I say more???

. . . I bought it.

Resurrection Girls│Ava Morgyn│Go│

I was death’s sister.
She was murderer’s daughter.

Are you kidding??? With that title, I should love this.

This seems like a disappointment waiting to happen. I’m devastated.

Imaginary Friend│Stephen Chbosky│ Go│

We can swallow our fear or let our fear swallow us.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower hit me so hard I named my cat Charlie.

Hmmm. This seems like it’ll be a disappointment.

the grace yearThe Grace Year│Kim Liggett│Stay│🔥│

Sometimes I feel like we might burn down the world to cindery bits, with our love, our rage, and everything in between.

This sounds wild.

. .  . And I just bought it.

Now Entering Addamsville│Francesca Zappia │Stay│

When your mom disappears, your dad goes to jail, and the whole town hates you on sight, sometimes you get it in your head to start doing stupid things to ease that anger. Stupid things like hunting firestarters alone.

I loved Made You Up.

Among the Fallen│Virginia Frances Schwartz│Go│

In a time when losing her virginity condemns a young woman to a being a criminal, a prostitute, or worseone famous man offers a way out

Elise @ The Bookish Actress adding this one brought it to my attention. 

full disclosureFull Disclosure│Camryn Garrett │Stay│🌈☀️│

I wish I felt queer or straight and not like I’m floating somewhere far away from both.

About an HIV-positive student director of Rent.

Beyond the Black Door│A.M. Strickland│Stay│🌈│

I simply adore the delicate way you put things. How you cover the truth in softness to make it less sharp. Rose blossoms over thorns.

Visiting souls??? Ace MC??? Sounds great, I’m in.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 6


call down the hawk the dreamer trilogy TDTCall Down the Hawk│Dreamer Trilogy #1│Maggie Stiefvater│Stay│🌈│

You are made of dreams and this world is not for you.


. . . And I bought this one too.

Songs from the Deep│Kelly Powell│Go│

A flash of silver under sea, where siren song hath taken me. Absent of color, absent of light, absent of all that I knew in life. Bolt the latch and watch the waves, pray the sirens do not take me tonight.

Killer sirens.

I lost interest.

A Thousand Fires│Shannon Price│Go│☀️│

My thoughts bleed with the reminder that I’m dancing with demons, flirting with the monsters.

10 Years. 3 Gangs. 1 Girl’s Epic Quest…

Sounds interesting, not enough to keep on my TBR though.

Blood Heir│Blood Heir Trilogy #1│Amélie Wen Zhao│Go│☀️│

You focused on the battle and lost sight of the war.

This cover gives me strong The Conquerors Saga UK paperbacks vibes and I am here for it.

There’s been so much controversy surrounding this book I’m just gonna opt-out unless I see a review to change my mind.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 1


reverieReverie│Ryan La Sala │Stay│🌈│

What’s scarier to the world of man than a woman limited only by her imagination?

Added it for the gay. And the drag. 

Good Girls Lie│J.T. Ellison │Go│

Of course, there are a few people who know exactly who is hanging from the school’s gates. Know who, and know why. But they will never tell.

Found this one on Netgalley but I’ve lost interest.

Grey’s Shelves

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Thriving - Separations - Plants All

We are finished!

Now just to wrap up in the next and final post!

My total was;

|Go 13|Stay 17|

Are any of these books on your TBR?
How do you organise your shelves?


Thriving - Sign Off

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