Grey’s Shelves // The Battle is Over – Pondathon Wrap-Up

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What a fun readathon!

I can’t believe it’s over!

CW @ The Quiet Pond created such an immersive, atmospheric readathon for hundreds of people took part in, myself included!

It was an incredibly fun experience and I look forward to any future readathons CW creates in the future. I’m still participating in her year-long readathon #StartOnYourShelfathon as well but other than my Month in Review updates, I won’t be giving a full overview of that one until the end of the year.

I read so many books because of this readathon and I’m incredibly thankful for CW and all her hard work!

First I’m going to give a quick overview of that the Pondathon was and my character and then we’ll get into how I did!

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Grey’s Shelves – Readathons

🍃  Grey’s Shelves // I’m Joining Pondathon! – Readathon Sign Up

🍃 Grey Shelves // I’m Joining StartOnYourShelfathon – Readathon Sign Up

🍃 Grey’s Shelves // I’m Joining Here & Queerathon & #ARCApocalypse – Readathon Sign Up

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Pondathon: The Quiet Pond's story-driven readathon. Image: Two swords with vines wrapped around it frame the words 'Pondathon', with three little forest sprites sitting on top. One forest sprite has a leaf on its head, the middle has twigs for horns, and the right has a mushroom on its head.

What is the Pondathon?

The Pondathon is a co-operative and story-driven readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon was to read books and collect points to protect the friends over at The Quiet Pond from the encroaching malevolent forces that threaten our friends in the forest. It took place from January 24th 2020 to March 7th 2020.

If you’re interested, you can follow the story of the Pondathon as it unfolded @ The Quiet Pond.

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My Pond Character

Pondathon Character Card

My Pond Character is called Finley, and he’s the Protector of History! Finley is a red fox who wears a blue flower crown, always has his head stuck in a history book and now has his bow and arrows at the ready.

Finley loves history, recognises the importance of remembering it and will do everything in his power to protect it with Team Varian.

He’ll be searching through his library of history books to see if anything like this has happened before!

Finley is worried what this darkness will mean for the future and is prepared to do his best to help protect the pond, document this event and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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My Pondathon TBR

team varian full

Strange Girls│Azzurra Nox│Horror│📥💚📖│

Warriors, Witches, Women│Kate Hodges│Non-Fiction│📥💚📖│

The Sea of Monsters│Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2│Rick Riordan│Fantasy│📖│

P.S. I Still Love You│To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2│Jenny Han│Contemporary│📖│

Milk and Honey│Rupi Kaur│Poetry│📖│

Wilder Girls│Rory Power│Horror│📖│

The Raven King│The Raven Cycle│Maggie Stiefvater│Fantasy│📖│

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What I Actually Read


strange girls women in horror anthology

│Azzurra Nox│Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology│HorrorFeb 7

You know them. Those girls that aren’t quite like everyone else. Those girls who stand out in the crowd. Those girls that dare to be different. Those girls are dangerous.

This book is an ARC I received that came out in February.

I love YA horror, I wanted to be creeped out to the max!

Unfortunately, this book was such a disappointment. It’s the worst anthology I’ve read. There were so many mistakes and a lot of the stores were just poorly written.

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

how to talk to black peopleA. AnonHow To Talk To Black PeopleContemporaryFeb 2

Unknowingly, she had put him in the position to make a choice between who he is and what their friendship means.

When I first started reading this I quickly got the feeling that this would be a book where a black character dies in order to teach a white character a lesson and without being able to check if the author is black, I felt extremely uncomfortable reading any further

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers

the wicked + the divine vol 8│Kieron Gillen + Jamie McKelvie + Matt WilsonThe Wicked + The Divine Vol 8old Is the New New│FantasyFeb 29

Father, forgive me.

This was so confusing and disappointing and I really did not like it.

This was a collection of specials the authors did for this series that were mostly of past reincarnations of the Pantheon and it just didn’t do it for me.

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

First Group of Three

percy jackson and the sea of monsters percy jackson and the olympians PJATO

│Rick Riordan│Percy Jackson and the Olympians│The Sea of Monsters│Fantasy★★★★│Feb 2

“Don’t you ever feel that way? Like you could do a better job if you ran the world?”
“Um… no. Me running the world would be kind of a nightmare.”

I really do love this series!

I’m so sad for kid me who never got to experience these books. But I’m super happy that I’m getting to experience them now!

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

warriors, witches, women mythology's fiercest females│Kate Hodges│Warriors, Witches, Women: Mythology’s Fiercest Females│Non-Fiction★★★│Feb 7

Yes we are angry, yes we are making a noise about it, and yes, we are hungry for change. We are harpies.

Feminist mythology!!!

This is catered exactly to my taste and it’s an ARC I received that came out in February.

I really enjoyed this one and I can’t wait to buy my own physical copy!

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers

Aphrodite Made me do it│Trista MateerAphrodite Made Me Do It│Poetry★★★★│Feb 7

It is simple. You believe in the triumphs of love despite growing up in full view of its defeat because you are brave.

This poetry book destroyed me!

It’s an emotional journey of self-love, healing, queerness and womanhood.

And it will hold a special place in my heart for a long time! This is another ARC I’m looking forward to buying a physical copy of.

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

Second Group of Three

queer heroes│Arabelle SicardiQueer Heroes│Non-Fiction★★★★│Feb 9

The best advice I have ever been given is to be the person I needed when I was younger.

I love a good children’s non-fiction book! But a Queer children’s non-fiction book????? Sign me up!

This was so good and I’ll definitely be buying it!

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

ps i still love you to all the boys ive loved before TATBILB│Jenny Han│To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│P.S. I Still Love You│Romance★★★★│Feb 13

People come in and out of your life. For a time they are your world; they are everything. And then one day they’re not. There’s no telling how long you will have them near.

Romance isn’t dead and TATBILB proved it.

In 2018 I watched and fell in love with the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie, just like everyone else.

I really enjoyed the first book but not as much as the movie. This time round I enjoyed the book more I think. There were just some major things the movie cut out that I wish they’d kept but I did really like how they changed a few things.

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers

the rave king the raven cycle TRC│Maggie Stiefvater│The Raven Cycle│The Raven King│Fantasy★★★★│Feb 17

The head is too wise. The heart is all fire.

I cried so much while reading this book.

Some advice: Probably don’t read this while you’re on the treadmill. Crying and treadmills don’t really mix.

This was everything I wanted it to be except for the villain. They seemed out of place somehow and I wish Stiefvater had done something different in that aspect.

I still rated it 5 stars though because of the EXPERIENCE.

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

Third Group of Three

you cant touch my hair│Phoebe RobinsonYou Can’t Touch My Hair│Non-Fiction★★★★│Feb 17

Explaining your life to a world that doesn’t care to listen is often more draining than living in it.

Phoebe is a S T O R Y   T E L L E R

This was so incredibly funny and eye-opening and entertaining and exhausting and and and.

Seriously you should go read it, especially via audiobook because Phoebe’s way of verbally telling a story is just as good as her written word.

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

opal the raven cycle TRC│Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Cycle #4.5OpalFantasy★★★★│Feb 18

Sometimes bad ideas were so bad they looped right around until they became good ideas.


She’s so sweet and pure and mischievous and my heart can’t take it.

Seeing domestic Pynch through her eyes basically nearly killed me.

and if you’re wondering, I absolutely did not learn my lesson from reading The Raven King on the treadmill.

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers

the hate u give thug│Angie ThomasThe Hate U Give│Contemporary★★★★│Feb 29

Once upon a time there was a hazel-eyed boy with dimples. I called him Khalil. The world called him a thug.

This book left me straight up sobbing!

I knew this was going to be good going in, I was around for the hype after all but god, I don’t think anything could have truly prepared me for this.

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

Fourth Group of Three

nineteen│Makenzie CampbellNineteen│Poetry★★★│Mar 1

Soon enough you’ll be thirty and wondering how the hell you got from here to there. You’ll look back at old pictures and swear that was just yesterday and then realise that yesterday was ten years ago.

This poetry collection just didn’t resonate with me. I don’t think I was the right audience for it to be honest.

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

the wicked + the divine vol 9│Kieron Gillen + Jamie McKelvie + Matt WilsonThe Wicked + The Divine Vol 9“Okay”│Fantasy★★★★│Mar 1

Trying to create miracles. It’s impossible. By definition it’s impossible. But you try and try… and sometimes it works. And when it does, it feels like it’s worth anything.

I fucking loved this series!

This was a solid end to a batshit series and made up for whatever the fuck vol 8 was.

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers

the june boys│Court StevensThe June Boys│Thriller★★★★│Mar 7

Monsters don’t always look like monsters on the outside, and maybe they’re not always monsters.

I loved this! I loved Tank and Thea and Aulus and Gladys and Nick so much!

The characters truly brought this story to life. This book was what I wanted at the time.

Grey Reads

🍃  Grey Reads // Trauma, Abuse, Grief & Everything in Between – Sawkill Girls

🍃 Grey Reads // Schwab’s Love Letter to Scotland – City of Ghosts

🍃 Grey Reads // Why Did My father Never Build Me a Castle?? Shit’s Not Fair – The June Boys

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Side Quests

Pondathon Character Card 2

I completed all the side quests!!!! I’m super proud of myself for participating the whole way through!

Look at all those badges! I’m so proud of Finley. He did such a good job!

I won’t lie, it was difficult, mostly because I realised I had to be much more organised in tracking my reading progress each day than I usually am. Tracking the pages from bonus points was the most difficult part because I am a shocker at just updating Goodreads.

I have a spreadsheet where I try to keep track of what percentage I am up to each day so I can visibly see how much I’m reading throughout the month but that was not going to cut it for this readathon. So I made a new one and edited it so many times in order to make it the most efficient as I learned along the way.

One of my favourite things about this readathon is that it pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. In order to complete some side quests, I had to interact with other readers because at the end of the day this readathon was collaborative and I appreciated that. I was much more motivated to do well because it wasn’t just for me, it was for others.

I struggle with social stuff big time. I get far too in my head and overthink everything. This readathon helped me to reach out to others with something we had in common and felt a bit more low stakes, enough that I didn’t think over everything I said to anyone for days after.

I also loved that one of the bonus point activities was to show appreciation to book bloggers in the community because I was able to talk about how much some of the bloggers in the community have helped me and made me feel welcome and influenced my reading in such a huge way without them realising it.

The whole readathon was such a good experience and I’m looking forward to future readathons hosted at The Quiet Pond!

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Here are some stats from CW’s wrap-up post of how participants did as a whole;

🍃 In total, we collectively read 478,522 pages! Wow, wow, wow.

🍃 We also collectively read 3,108 books!

🍃 Our smallest team, Team Sprout, promoted 79 books! Well done, Team Sprout!

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers

And here’s how I did;

🍃 I read 12 books! (the spreadsheet says 11 so I must not have submitted one properly, oops!)

🍃 I earned 445 points in total for the main part of the Pondathon!

🍃 I read 2125 pages during side quests!

🍃 Which amassed 428 points!

🍃 I earned a total of 873 points during the whole readathon!

Grey’s Shelves

🍃 Grey’s Shelves // My Book Shelf: Am I a Joke To You? – Owned TBR Check-In

🍃 Grey’s Shelves // I’ve Bought More Books Than I’ve Read – Owned TBR 2020

🍃 Grey’s Shelves // Do I Ever Even Finish Series??? – Series TBR 2019

Thriving - Separations - Plants All

I’m so thankful for the Pondathon!

And incredibly grateful for all of CW’s hard work!

This was such a fun experience and I’m looking forward to continuing #StartOnYourShelfathon and to any future readathons hosted by The Quiet Pond.

Did you participate in the Pondaton?
How did you do? 


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