Grey’s Shelves // Do I Ever Even Finish Series??? – Series TBR 2019

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Welcome to my updated series TBR

In 2018 I made up a Series TBR post with all the series I planned on finishing. But I’ve lost interest in and started a lot of series since then.

Now I’m here to share my updated series TBR. I’m going to have all the series I’m in the middle of, but crossing out the ones I’ve decided to not continue as I go.

I plan on keeping this up to date but will I though???

I’m hoping this will help me keep up with all the series I’m reading!

I’ll be categorising them by Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels.

If you would like to buy any of the following books please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link!

Grey’s Shelves

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Basically, the waiting/pause emoji just means that book hasn’t come out. If the reread emoji is used, its because I want to reread the previous books before continuing the series. 

Also, dates in pink are when I started the series.

Dates in grey are release dates.

Books in blue are novellas. But do note that if the novellas of a series aren’t included its because I don’t plan on reading them.

Dates in green are read dates.

Thriving - Shelves Headers - Fiction


harry potter and the philosophers stone HP harry potter and the chamber of secrets HP harry potter and the prisoner of azkabam HP harry potter and the goblet of fire HP harry potter and the order of the phoenix HP harry potter and the half blood prince HP harry potter and the deathly hallows HP

Harry Potter│J.K. Rowling│2011│▶️│
│✅🔄│The Philosopher’s Stone│The Chamber of Secrets│The Prisoner of Azkaban│The Goblet of Fire│The Order of the Phoenix│The Half-Blood Prince│
│🚫🔄│The Deathly Hallows│

a game of thrones ASOIAF a clash of kings a song of ice and fire ASOIAF a storm of swords a song of ice and fire ASOIAF a feast from crows a song of ice and fire ASOIAF a dance with dragons a song of ice and fire ASOIAF the winds of winter a song of ice and fire ASOIAF a dream of spring a song of ice and fire ASOIAF

A Song of Ice and Fire│George R.R. Martin│Jan 2015│▶️│
│✅🔄│A Game of Thrones│
│🚫🔄│A Clash of Kings│
│❌│A Storm of Swords│A Feast for Crows│A Dance with Dragons│
│⏸️│The Winds of Winter│???│A Dream of Spring│???

lady midnight the dark artifices TDA lord of shadows the dark artifices TDA queen of air and darkness the dark artifices TDA six of crows soc crooked kindom SOC six of crows

The Dark Artifices│Cassandra Clare│Aug 23, 2016│▶️│
│✅🔄│Lady Midnight│
│❌│Lord of Shadows│Queen of Air and Darkness│

Six of Crows│Leigh Bardugo│Jan 28, 2017│⏸️│
│✅🔄│Six of Crows│Crooked Kingdom│

in an absent dream wayward children WC come tumbling down wayward children WC girls of storm and shadow girls of paper and fire GOPAF.jpg tunnel of bones cassidy blake CB bridge of souls CB Cassidy Blake

Wayward Children│Seanan McGuire│May 7, 2018│▶️│
│✅│Every Heart a Doorway│Down Among the Sticks and Bones│Beneath the Sugar Sky│
│❌│In an Absent Dream│Come Tumbling Down│Across the Green Fields│Jan 2021

Girls of Paper and Fire│Natasha Ngan│Jan 21, 2019│⏸️│
│✅│Girls of Paper and Fire│
│⏸️│Girls of Storm and Shadow│Girls of Fate and Fury│2020

Cassidy Blake│Victoria Schwab│Apr 21, 2019│⏸️│
│✅│City of Ghosts│
│❌│Tunnel of Bones│
│⏸️│Bridge of Souls│Sep 2020

percy jackson and the titan's curse percy jackson and the olympians PJATO percy jackson and the battle of the labyrinth percy jackson and the olympians PJATO percy jackson and the last olympian percy jackson and the olympians PJATO percy jackson the demigod files percy jackson and the olympians PJATO percy jackson and the greek gods percy jackson and the olympians PJATO the greek heroes percy jackson and the olympians PJATO.jpg

Percy Jackson and the Olympians│Rick Riordan│May 21, 2019│▶️│
│✅│The Lightning Thief│The Sea of Monsters│
│❌│The Titan’s Curse│The Battle of the Labyrinth│The Last Olympian│The Demigod FilesGreek GodsGreek Heroes

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers


warm up villains vicious villains vengeful villains

Vicious│V.E. Schwab│Oct 21, 2016│▶️│
│✅🔄│Warm Up│Vicious│

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers


always and forever lara dean to all the boys ive loved before TATBILBAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe│Benjamin Alire Sáenz│Mar 29, 2017│⏸️│
│✅│Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe│
│⏸️│There Will Be Other Summers│???

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│Jenny Han│Dec 26, 2018│▶️│
│✅│To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│P.S. I Still Love You│
│❌│Always and Forever, Lara Jean│

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers


and i darken the conquerors saga TCS now i rise the conquerors saga TCS bright we burn the conquerors saga TCS a tyranny of petticoats ATOP the gentlemans guide to vice and virtue the ladys guide to petticoats and piracy TMS TLGTPAP the noblemans guide to scandal and shipwrecks TMS

The Conqueror’s Saga│Kiersten White│Oct 2016│▶️│
│✅🔄│And I Darken│
│❌│Now I Rise│Bright We Burn│

A Tyranny of Petticoats│Jessica Spotswood│Feb 4, 2018│▶️│
│✅│The Radical Element│
│❌│A Tyranny of Petticoats│

The Montague Siblings│Mackenzi Lee│Apr 3, 2018│▶️│
│✅🔄│The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue│
│❌│The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky│The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy│
│⏸️│The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks│Aug 2020

|Total 58|Read 11|DNF 0|Unread 47|

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Thriving - Shelves Headers - Graphic Novels


rat queens vol 6 rat queens vol 7 lumberjanes vol 13 lumberjanes vol 14 lumberjanes vol 15 lumberjanes vol 16

Rat Queens│Kurtis J. Wiebe│Dec 8, 2017│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│Vol 2│Vol 3│Vol 4│Vol 5│
│❌│Vol 6│Vol 7│

Lumberjanes│Shannon Watters│Dec 19, 2017│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│Vol 2│Vol 3│Vol 4│Vol 5│Vol 6│Vol 7│Vol 8│Vol 9│Bonus Tracks│Vol 10│Vol 11│Vol 12│
│❌│Vol 13│
│⏸️│Vol 14│May 2020│Vol 15│Aug 2020│Vol 16│Dec 2020

princeless vol 3 princeless vol 4 princeless vol 5 princeless vol 6 princeless vol 7 princeless vol 8 princeless vol 9

Princeless│Jeremy Whitley│Dec 31, 2017│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│Vol 2│
│❌│Vol 3│Vol 4│Vol 5│Vol 6│Vol 7│Vol 8│Vol 9│

raven the pirate princess vol 3 raven the pirate princess vol 4 raven the pirate princess vol 5 raven the pirate princess vol 6 raven the pirate princess vol 7 raven the pirate princess vol 8 raven the pirate princess vol 9

Raven: The Pirate Princess│Jeremy Whitley│Aug 20, 2018│▶️│
│✅│Book 1│Book 2│
│❌│Book 3│Book 4│Book 5│Book 6│Book 7│Book 8│Book 9│

heathen vol 2 heathen vol 3 kim reaper vol 2 the backstagers vol 2 the backstagers vol 3

Heathen│Natasha Alterici│Jul 31, 2017│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│Vol 3│Jul 2020

Kim Reaper│Sarah Graley│Jan 27, 2018│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│

│Spell on Wheels│Kate Leth│Aug 20, 2018│⏸️│
│✅│Vol 1
│⏸️│Vol 2June 2020

The Backstagers│James Tynion IV│Dec 2018│▶️
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│Vol 3│

Thriving - Plants Pink Flowers


wires and nerves vol 2 gone rogue motor crush vol 2motor crush vol 3

Wires and Nerve│Marissa Meyer│July 22, 2019│▶️│
│✅│Wires and Nerve│
│❌│Gone Rogue│

Motor Crush│Brenden Fletcher│Aug 4, 2019│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│
│⏸️│ Vol 3│Aug 2020

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers


giant days early registration giant days vol 8 giant days vol 9 giant days vol 10 giant days vol 11 giant days vol 12 giant days vol 13

Giant Days│John Allison│Dec 11, 2017│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│Vol 2│Vol 3│Vol 4│Vol 5│Vol 6│Extra Credit│Vol 7│Vol 8│
│❌│Early Registration│Vol 9│Vol 10│Vol 11│Vol 12│
│⏸️│Vol 13│Jun 2020

misfit city vol 2 fence vol 2 fence vol 3 fence rivals heartstopper vol 3

Misfit City│Kirsten Smith│Aug 14, 2018│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│

Fence│C.S. Pacat│Sep 28, 2018│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│
│❌│Vol 2│Vol 3│Rivals│May 2020

Heartstopper│Alice Oseman│Aug 14, 2019│▶️│
│✅│Vol 1│Vol 2│
│❌|Vol 3│
│⏸️│Vol 4│2021

|Total 81|Read 40|DNF 0|Unread 41|

Grey Reads

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🍃  Grey Reads // Trauma, Abuse, Grief & Everything in Between – Sawkill Girls

🍃 Grey Reads // Schwab’s Love Letter to Scotland – City of Ghosts

Thriving - Separations - Plants All

So many series!

books bookcase bookshelves 4

|Total 139|Read 51|DNF 0|Unread 88|

What series are you currently reading?
How do you keep track of them?
Do we have any of the same series on your TBR? 


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