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Only two more shelves to go!

Including this one! I can’t believe my 2019 Down the TBR Hole journey is coming to an end. I don’t know what I’m going to replace this with so I should probably look into that soon…

I’ll likely move my Grey Shelves posts over to Thursdays and then do the occasional Top Tuesday lists. I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

But for now, let’s fall down my TBR! If my Sort Shelf is my shelf to give me a chance to look at books more in-depth before making a decision, my Undecided Shelf is for when I’m still too indecisive or don’t know enough to make a complete decision.

Sometimes books get put here because they got one bad review from a reviewer I trust. Sometimes they get put here because none of the reviewers I trust have read it. Sometimes it got one random good review that managed to slide onto my feed thanks to someone liking it and it was enough to pique my interest but not enough for me to know for sure if it’s for me. Honestly, who knows, my mind doesn’t make sense to me at the best of times!

Let’s go!!!

percy jackson PJATO falling

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Thriving - Separations - Plants 1

Thriving - Keys - Representation

catwoman dc icons dciCatwoman│DC Icons #3│Sarah J Maas│Go│

She was a ghost. A wraith.

I originally wanted to give this whole series a chance but here’s the thing: I do not care enough to.

I just don’t think me and Maas’s books are ever really gonna be on good terms. I have loved a select few and unfortunately, they are not worth the bad ones for me.

Watch me only read Wonder Woman and not even feel the tiniest bad about it.

I did originally keep the Batman book but I’ve now decided I probably won’t read that either and further down I decide not to read Superman too.

Carrie│Stephen King│Go│

People don’t get better, they just get smarter. When you get smarter you don’t stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it.

Sleeping Beauties│Stephen King│Go│

Sometimes you get what you want, but mostly you get what you get.

a time of dreadI had wanted to try out some Stephen King but I’ve since decided that I actually don’t.

A Time of Dread│Of Blood and Bone #1│John Gwynne│Go│

Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel

I noticed a lot of people enjoyed this and I wanted to get more into epic fantasy at the time but I’ve since lost interest.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 2

a blade so blackA Blade so Black│A Blade so Black #1│L.L. McKinney│Go│☀️│

A pain she knew all too well, of wanting to change what’s happened. Of trying to get past it and being unable to.

This got me with the Alice and Wonderland retelling but I lost interest.

Not the Girls You’re Looking For│Aminah Mae Safi│Go│☀️🌹│

She was a girl made to be selfish. She would have her own adventures.

I don’t know, the cover was pretty and the synopsis was interesting enough but the few reviews did make me want to pick it up.

King of Ashes│The Firemane Saga #1│Raymond E. Feist│Go│

wilder girlsIf any god helps me, I’ll welcome it, but I’d also be surprised.

I’ll admit, it was the cover.

Wilder Girls│Rory Power│Stay│🌈🔥│

We don’t get to choose what hurts us

I recently found this in a thrift store so I bought it! 

Down The TBR Hole

🍃 Down the TBR Hole // Pride Month TBR Binge Continues – 2018 TBR 4/5

🍃  Down the TBR Hole // Cut Throat Purging – 2018 TBR 5/5

🍃 Down the TBR Hole // Oh God, I’m Keeping Them All – 2019 TBR

Thriving - Separations - Plants 3

gravemaidensGravemaidens│Gravemaidens #1│Kelly Coon│Go│

Hope was a wonderful, terrible thing. It made you long for things you had no possibility of gaining.

The premise and cover got me but the reviews lost me.

Sherwood│Meagan Spooner│Go│

Who are you to say that being a lady, in itself, is not its own kind of war.

I fell like this has been on my TBR forever. Unfortunately, I don’t think any Robin Hood retelling will ever live up to Every Shade of Red by Elliot Wake in All Out.

Heretics Anonymous│Katie Henry│Go│🌈│

You can decide you were wrong about something, and it doesn’t mean you were stupid. You just know more now. If I still thought the same as I did in seventh grade, I’d be worried.

crescent city house of earth and blood HOEABThis seemed fun but I lost interest.

House of Earth and Blood│Sarah J. Maas│Go│

“If he grabs his phone to check his messages before his dick’s barely out of you again, please have the self-respect to kick his balls across the room and come home to me.”

No. I won’t do it to myself. I will not. I respect myself too much. 

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

dead ringerDead Ringer│Kate Kessler│Go│

Eighteen years ago, FBI Agent Rachel Ward’s mirror twin, Hannah, was taken by the Gemini killer, a serial killer who delights in sending photos of his victims to their twins.

Pretty sure it was the cover that got me for this one. But the reviews lost me.

Superman│Matt de la Pena│Go│

Kids at school already teased him about being too good. Too perfect. It was the reason he’d started wearing glasses he didn’t actually need. And mixing in a couple of Bs on his report card.

I was going to keep this at least until after I read Wonder Woman and then make up my mind but I don’t want to anymore. I’m getting rid of it.

A Ladder to the Sky│John Boyne│Go│

Everyone has secrets. There’s something in all our pasts that we wouldn’t want to be revealed…And that’s where you’ll find your story.

seraphinas lamentAdded because of the review Chaima @ Runaway with Dream Thieves posted.

Seraphina’s Lament│The Bloodlands #1│Sarah Chorn│Go│

Love is the only thing that can kill a person, and keep them alive enough to feel that death at the same time


Thriving - Separations - Plants 4

“You never know do you, people’s backgrounds, how much it impacts on them? The choices they make because of it.” – Who I Am, Sarah Simpson

#murdertrendingGuess Who│Chris McGeorge│Go│

Who I Am│Sarah Simpson│Go│

This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story│Kacen Callender│Go│🌈│

#Murdertrending│#Murdertrending #1│Gretchen McNeil│Go│

These all had an interesting enough premise for me to add at but unfortunately not enough to keep them.

I’m realizing it doesn’t really matter if we have a happy ending or not. We’re happy right now. That’s the important part, right? – This is Kind of an Epic Love Story, Kacen Callender

Grey Reads

🍃  Grey Reads // Racism Exists, What Are You Doing to Stop It? – Anger Is a Gift

🍃  Grey Reads // Sharp Edges & Dark Shadows & Will Definitely Cut You as a Warning – Sadie

🍃  Grey Reads // Trauma, Abuse, Grief & Everything in Between – Sawkill Girls

Thriving - Separations - Plants All

Wow. I got brutal today, huh?

My total was;

|Go 19|Stay 1|

Are any of these books on your TBR?
How do you organise your shelves?


Thriving - Sign Off

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