Down the TBR Hole // Cut Throat Purging – 2018 TBR 5/5

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I am on a roll!

So I’m expecting to do just as well this week as I have the last few DTTBRH posts!

Bring it TBR! You can’t defeat me!

queen rhianna

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Hunted│Meagan Spooner│Stay Go│

She knew now why she was here. She would see the monster dead.

Beauty & the Beast retelling!!!

I was going to keep this one but I need to get more cutthroat because as my list is for this post I have more staying than going and I want it to at least be even.

belle beauty and the beast books library

Amina’s Voice│Hena Khan│Go│☀️✨│

I wanted to say, ‘But I do want to sing. More than anything.’ But I didn’t.

The author was on the 88 Cups of Tea podcast.

One of a Kind, Like Me/Unico Como Yo│Laurin Mayeno│Go│🌈│

Tomorrow is the school parade, and Danny knows exactly what he will be: a princess.

I swear to god the author was on 88 Cups of Tea but I didn’t put it on that shelf so I’m not sure???

drag race adore confused whats going on

An Excess Male│Maggie Shen King│Go│☀️│

“How many wives out there have it much, much worse?”
“Why should other women’s unhappiness justify mine?”

The author was on the 88 Cups of Tea podcast.

Salt to the Sea│Ruta Sepetys│Go│

War is catastrophe. It breaks families in irretrievable pieces. But those who are gone are not necessarily lost.

Hype Hype Hype

We Set the Dark on Fire│We Set the Dark on Fire #1│Tehlor Kay Mejia│Stay Go│🌈☀️│

If we’re not all free, none of us are free.

I’ve read some of Mejia’s short stories in anthologies.

Cinder│The Lunar Chronicles #1│Marissa Meyer│Go│

They took away her beautiful clothes, dressed her in an old gray smock, and gave her wooden shoes.

Hype Hype Hype


Thriving - Separations - Plants 2


if we were villainsIf We Were Villains│M.L. Rio│Stay Read│🌈☀️🌹│

You can justify anything, if you do it poetically enough.

Added because of the review Elise @ The Bookish Actress posted.

So I’ve actually read this recently. Still including it in the post but I won’t be including it towards my tally at the end.

Also, I really fucking loved it even though I didn’t understand any of the Shakespeare.

Y’all it’s literally like another language to me.

Hamlet│No Fear Shakespeare│William Shakespeare│Stay│

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

I had been telling my co-worker for ages that I knew I could get into Shakespeare if someone just translated it to me and it took her months before she thought to tell me about Sparks Notes because she thought I knew about it already . . . I did not.

Fingers crossed I actually do enjoy it or I’m going to be devastated!

Image result for hamlet gif"

Down The TBR Hole

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Thriving - Separations - Plants 3


Give the dark my love.jpgGive the Dark My Love│Give the Dark My Love #1│Beth Revis│Stay│🌈🔥│

“If you do this, Nedra, if you choose necromancy… I cannot follow you into that darkness.”
“Oh, Grey,” I said, shifting my bag onto my shoulder. “What do you know of darkness?”

Added because of Elise’s review.

Red Dragon│Hannibal Lecter #1│Thomas Harris│Stay│

Fear comes with imagination, it’s a penalty, it’s the price of imagination.

I watched Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon so I want to read the books.

I bought the whole series recently so now I have to read it.

darkling port lewis witches PLW.jpgDarkling│Port Lewis Witches #1│Brooklyn Ray│Stay│🌈🌹│

“Tell me where I can touch you,” Liam said against his mouth. His hand drifted over the top of his jeans, and slid between Ryder’s legs, waiting. Yes. Ryder nodded. Touch me. “You have to tell me.”

Stumbled upon this author on Twitter and I still want to read it.

The Date│Louise Jensen│Go│

It doesn’t matter how old we get, how big we grow, we all need a mum don’t we?

I might have seen it on Netgalley.

Jar of Hearts│Jennifer Hillier│Go│

Whoever said lying was hard was so, so wrong. Lying was easy. Lying was like a hot knife slicing through room-temperature butter. Lying was a bunch of words strung together in a pretty sentence designed to make the other person feel like everything was fine. Telling the truth, however, was impossible.

I think it was the cover.

All The Pretty Girls│Taylor Jackson #1│J.T. Ellison│Go│

This was supposed to be a beautiful, quiet day, spent in bed with the woman he loved. Not a day to go traipsing through death. Yet here he was, on a plane to Atlanta to hunt for the Strangler.

I think it was the title that got me.

Not Even Bones│Market of Monsters #1│Rebecca Schaeffer│Stay│☀️│

They thought because the US was a “first-world country,” they didn’t have black markets or human trafficking. Idiots.

Added because of the review that Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads posted.

“Dexter meets This Savage Song.”

Damsel│Elana K. Arnold│Stay│🌹🔥│

The tastes of men are not all kind.

Added because of the review that Destiny @ Howling Libraries posted.

Also, I loved What Girls Are Made of.

Thriving - Separations - Flowers

Murderino Corner

These are all books I’ve added because of reviews that Krystin @ Here’s The Fucking Twist posted.

my favorite murder karen dark

People cause pain. Even good people hurt those they love. We all do it because we can’t help it. Most of us aren’t evil; we’re just stupid and flawed and not careful with others. – Jane Doe, Victoria Helen Stone

jane doeJane Doe│Jane Doe #1│Victoria Helen Stone│Stay│🌹🔥│

Added because of Krystin’s review.

The Killing Lessons│Valerie Hart #1│Saul Black│Stay│

Added because of Krystin’s review.

Silent Scream│D.I. Kim Stone #1│Angela Marsons│Stay Go│

Added because of Krystin’s review.

the drowned girls.jpgAny Man│Amber Tamblyn│Stay│🌹│

Added because of Krystin’s review.

The Drowned Girls│Angie Pallorino #1│Loreth Anne White│Stay│

Added because of Krystin’s review.

It Takes One│Audrey Harte #1│Kate Kessler│Stay Go│🌹│

Added because of the review Krystin @ Here’s The Fucking Twist posted.

“It’s a great thing to be able to tell the truth, darling. But there is such a thing as gentleness for the people you love. Just because a thing is true doesn’t mean it can’t be used cruelly. Be careful with your talents.” – The Killing Lessons, Saul Black

Thriving - Plants Purple Flowers


A book I added because of the podcasts My Favorite Murder which is why this whole section is called Murderino Corner in the first place because Krystin and I both listen to it.

i'll be gone in the dark.jpgI’ll Be Gone in the Dark│Michelle McNamara│Stay Read│

I love reading true crime, but I’ve always been aware of the fact that, as a reader, I am actively choosing to be a consumer of someone else’s tragedy. So like any responsible consumer, I try to be careful in the choices I make. I read only the best: writers who are dogged, insightful, and humane.

McNamara sadly died before she was able to finish writing this book, about the Golden State Killer, but her husband helped to finish it and if I’m not mistaken I think TGSK was caught around the time this book was released.

I actually read this via audiobook recently and it was really interesting.

Thriving - Separations - Plants 4


amberlough the amberlough dossier TAD.jpgAmberlough│ The Amberlough Dossier #1│Lara Elena Donnelly│Stay│🌈☀️│

His own weakness broke his heart, and frightened him.

Added because of Elise’s review.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing│An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #1│Hank Green│Stay Go│🌈│

“Behold the field in which I grow my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and see that it is barren.”

I was a big fan of John Green’s books as a teen so I wanted to see what Hank is like as a writer I’m not really interested in this particular book though so hopefully he writes something more to my tastes in the future.

The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle│Stuart Turton│Go│🌹│

How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?

Hype Hype Hype

Grey Reads

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Thriving - Separations - Plants 5


my sister the serial killerMy Sister the Serial Killer│Oyinkan Braithwaite│Stay│☀️│

The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.

That title though.

This was the first book I ever got signed in person!

I bought this while at Adelaide Writers Week after listening to Braithwaite talk about the book. That was in March.

Goes to show how far in advance I did up the spreadsheets ready for these posts.

The Brilliant Death│The Brilliant Death #1│Amy Rose Capetta│Stay│🌈│

I had discovered a special way that women could be dangerous. They were trained to play close attention to people. To take them apart, like Luca had done with his clockworks, and study how they ran.

About a mafia don’s daughter. Sign me up.

Written in the Stars│Aisha Saeed│Go│☀️│

My uncle locked me in a barred room. My parents drugged me and force me into this marriage. I didn’t think anything could get worse, but today, for the first time, I know what it is like to feel completely broken.

An interesting premise.

prince charming royals.jpgRoyals Price Charming│Royals #1│Rachel Hawkins│Stay│

He just showed up like a posh vampire I accidentally invited in, then couldn’t make leave.

Boy, did this book get an upgrade. Better title, waaaaaaaaay better cover!

Because I want to read the second book in the series because it’s sapphic royals and I am here for that shit all day every day.

Dance of Thieves│Dance of Thieves #1│Mary E. Pearson│Stay Go│

Choose your words carefully, even the words you think, because they become seeds, and seeds become history.


Thriving - Separations - Plants 6


verity.jpgVerity│Colleen Hoover│Stay│

I think the idea of me is better than the reality of me.

Added because of the review Chaima @ Runway with Dream Thieves posted.

Chaima’s intro for her review on this book is so iconic:

Me, rollerblading into my therapist’s office with sunglasses and a piña colada and dropping this book on the desk with a resounding thud: we need to discuss this!

Kill Creek│Scott Thomas│Go│

No house is born bad. Most are thought of fondly, even lovingly. In the beginning, the house on Kill Creek was no exception.

Added because of Destiny’s review.

Hunting Annabelle│Wendy Hear│Go│🌈☀️💐🌹🌑🔥🍃✨│

The therapy they gave me didn’t work and neither did the meds because they’re treating the wrong illness. What I have can’t be treated. It’s just what I am. I am a predator. I am a beast.

Interesting premise but not enough for me to keep it.

The Killer You Know│S.R. Masters│Go│

“You know the truly sad thing about nostalgia,” he said, “is that by indulging in it we’re openly admitting to dissatisfaction with the present”

Interesting premise but not enough for me to keep it.

the way you make me feel.jpgThe Way You Make Me Feel│Maurene Goo│Stay│☀️│

“The first woman president has to happen in my lifetime, or I’m going to light this entire planet on fire.”

I love the cover for this so much.

Fake It Till You Break It│Jenn P. Nguyen│Stay Go│☀️│

He let out a short laugh as he reached out to touch my arm. “To be honest, I want a lot of things. But at top of the list is that I always want to see you.”

Fake dating romcoms are my crack.

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating│Christina Lauren│Go│☀️│

The world seems full of men who are initially infatuated by our eccentricities, but who ultimately expect them to be temporary.

I think I saw it on Netgalley?? Maybe??

Wicked Sweet│Chlesea M. Cameron│Stay│🌈🌹│

Living alone in a huge drafty castle with too many books and too many cats. I want to be what the neighborhood kids are scared of.

Added because of the review that Natasha @ Sapphic Solace posted.

always never yours.jpgAlways Never Yours│Emily Wibberley│Stay│🌈☀️│

To hope one day I’ll be the one chosen and not just the girl before.

Added because of Elise’s review.

The Disasters│M.K. England│Stay Go│🌈☀️│

We’re raised to believe that if we do all the right things, the law will protect us. Reality is much harsher.

Gays in space on a heist.

The French Girl│Lexie Elliott│Go│

I look around the table again. It’s impossible not to think, as each face passes under my gaze, Was it you? Could you have done it? And, most disturbing of all, How far will you go to blame someone else?

Interesting premise.

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Thriving - Separations - Plants All

This bitch is getting good at this!

When I started writing up this post my spreadsheet told me I was keeping 28 books and only getting rid of 15 and I was not having it.

The last few weeks I was really good at keeping it 50/50, I was not gonna go backwards.

My total was;

|Go 23|Stay 18|

Are any of these books on your TBR?
How do you organise your shelves?


Thriving - Sign Off

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