Grey Watches // Helloooooo Kevin – The Princess Switch

The smell of Christmas Magic is in the air!

christmas magic starts here.gif

This year’s Christmas Grey Watches are all about the Christmas romance  because that’s what I feel like and damn it! I might do a couple of bonus Grey Watches if I have time, but we’ll see. 

I was going to watch the new A Christmas Prince movie first, the one where they have a baby since I covered to the first two last year but it doesn’t come out until the day this goes up so that’ll come out later. 

I’ve got my glass of wine and I’m ready to see two Vanessa Hudgens fall in love thanks to the magic of Christmas. 

Warning there’s probably spoilers but like, we all know where this movie is going though, right???

S - Christmas Blue

the princess switch movie poster.jpgDetails

Title: The Princess Switch
Director: Mike Rohl
Writer: Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger
Stars: Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar
Age: PG
Genre: Romance
Released: 16 November 2018
Representation: POC

Synopsis*: Competing in a Christmas baking competition in Belgravia, a Chicago baker bumps into the prince’s fiancée–who looks just like her. They switch lives for two days.

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Aw, her friend entered her into a fancy ass baking comp. 

Oh no, she’s bumping into the ex what’s the bet there’s a new gf

And there she is.

Oh no, he didn’t even mention her. 

Now she’s 100% going to the bakery comp.

Nothing like a heartbreak to kick a girl into gear.

the princess switch 1.gif

Also why do all the places women go to in Christmas movies sound like rip off versions of Genovia from The Princess Diaries.

To be fair, I’d go anywhere that sounded like Genovia though.

Her friend is so hot!

Her princess doppelganger is totally gonna fall in love with him. Hell, I’m falling in love with him. 

the princess switch 2.gif

Oh, the old man she made a wish to is magically in Belgravia, sneaky shit

Oh shit, she just called out her competition for fucking the teachers in baking school, how very shady and scandalous for a Christmas movie. 

Oh there’s the princess, bitch has plaaaaaans

So, the princess and Stacey might be distantly related

the princess switch 3.gif

Aw, Stacey is going to pretend to be the princess and in exchange for her best friend, Kevin’s daughter, Olivia will get to be part of the ballet program she wants to do.

This reminds me so much of The Parent Trap which was my favourite movie when I was a kid. It used to play on TV at the same time everywhere and I’d never miss it. 

Why are her eyes so red?

the princess switch Olivia.gif

I’m finding this way more funny that it actually probably is but I don’t care, I’m enjoying myself.

Kevin is really hot, the prince is . . . bland

Oh she’s not even a fucking princess shes a duchess

One of the cats I’m cat sitting is called Duchess

Aw, the Duchess’s assistant person is lovely. What do you even call her?? I think I missed the intros

OMG, hes a fucking organisation nerd like her

He’s totally cancelling his trip

She looks like a puppet

She is bad at this! Luckily they don’t actually know each other very well. 

[Favorite little moments in The Princess Switch 1/?] Edward startling at seeing Stacy in her nightgown.

Oh no, the king knows something is up

And so does Olivia

Took a quick break to make spiked hot chocolate since it’s actually cold and raining tonight even though it’s the start of summer here

I wish it snowed here. I want a white Christmas.

Uh oh, the prince got sexist and Stacy is not fucking having it.

Margaret is loving life, she is so not going back

I love Mrs Donatelli, she will protect her duchess and fake duchess at all costs

Magic old guy is stirring up some shit

the princess switch 5.gif

Olivia asking Santa for a new mum in front of Kevin and Margaret ahahaha, I love her

Stacey is really making the prince work for this apology

Whip the bland privileged straight white boy into shape Stacey.

Kevin is really really really hot.

Margaret losing her mind over Kevin being shirtless is me

the princess switch 6.jpg

I love that Prince Edward’s actually asked Stacey’s opinion on the charity

Fuck yes they’re gonna get the kids toys

Oh no, they’re gonna cross paths

Oh no, her competition is there. Yes Margaret, you tell her!

OMG, they’re gonna play Twister

Chaos in the toystore!

the princess switch 10  the princess switch 11

I have forgotten about my hot chocolate and it is no longer hot.

Also, it’s making me feel a bit sick, I got carried away with the chocolate flakes. But I am looking forward to trying it with the cherry liquor I saw. 

Ooooohhh, they’re standing under the mistletoe.

Of course they fucking are. 

I love that Margaret and Kevin are watching A Christmas Prince on Netflix.

Aw, Edward is giving Stacey his family crest

Aw, Kevin got Margret a locket of their Santa photo together is my boy is gonna make a move

the princess switch 8.gif

Poor Margaret and Kevin. Ow, my heart. 

I know there’s gonna be a happy ending but I’m just really invested in these couples now, okay???

“What do we do?”


Oh great, the butler has discovered them!

The queen is THAT BITCH I love her

the princess switch 9.gif

And so is Ms Donatelli

The queen is forcing Margaret’s hand, I love her.

They’re all so fucking cute.

I have not slept enough lately because I very nearly cried several times towards the end

I can’t believe I have to wait until next year to watch the sequel.

Onto the next Vanessa Hudgens movie, and switching back to wine because the hot chocolate was too sweet. 

4 Snowflakes

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S - Christmas Clouds

I really enjoyed that. More than I thought I would.

Do you watch Christmas Romances?
Have you watched The Princess Switch?
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?


Christmas 19 - Sign Off

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