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It’s Thursday Tag Time!

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I have finally caught up on all the back log of tags Jillian has tagged me in. I think.

So this might be my last tag for a while??? Unless Jillian tags me in something else again which I will be more than happy to complete!

I swear I’m gonna stay on top of my tags from now on!!!

As always, I was tagged by the amazing Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly so go and check her out!! She’s so lovely and kind, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on her blog. 

This seems like a pretty straight forward tag, I just have to list a book for each letter of the alphabet. I’m going to try and pick books I already own to help narrow it down, but I won’t have a book for every letter so for those ones I’ll try and pick books by authors I’ve already read.

If you would like to buy any of the following books please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link!

Cloud Separation


anger is a gift.jpgAnger is a Gift│Mark Oshiro

“Anger is a gift. Remember that.” She stood. “You gotta grasp onto it, hold it tight and use it as ammunition. You use that anger to get things done instead of just stewing in it.”

This one is an EARC I got from Netgalley last year.

I will get to it, I swear!

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barbed wire heart.jpgBarbed Wire HeartTess Sharpe│

There’s nothing stronger than a woman who’s risen from the ashes of some fire a man set.

Oh look, it’s another EARC I need to get to.

Thankfully, I only got this one this year so I’m not that behind.

Tess Sharpe wrote one of my favourite books, Far From You, which is why I requested this one.

Far From You has become such a deeply personal book for me because the main character is a Bi addict with chronic pain like me!

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children of blood and boneChildren of Blood and Bone│Legacy of Orïsha #1│Tomi Adeyemi│

“I won’t let your ignorance silence my pain.”

This is one of those books that was so hyped that I went out and bought it as soon as it was available in store.

And yet I never got around to reading it?

I mostly blame the fact that I dedicated 2018 to library reads but I have no good reason why I haven’t read it this year.

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the dark descent of elizabeth frankensteinThe Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstien│Kiersten White

I sought to puncture Heaven and instead discovered Hell.

I really loved And I Darken by Kiersten White.

So much so that I decided to buy the entire series before I’d read all the books.

I’m yet to finish the series because I’m a mess but when I saw that she was writing a Frankenstein retelling I knew I needed it.

Plus Elise’s review helped with the decision too.

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eliza and her monstersEliza and Her MonstersFrancesca Zappia│

Broken people don’t hide from their monsters. Broken people let themselves be eaten.

I added this for the anxiety rep and along with it, I also added Zappia’s other book, Made You Up, to my TBR on the same day.

Recently I read Made You Up. I was in the library, searching for something else, when I spotted it while looking for something else. I remembered that I had it on my TBR, looked it up, and knew now was the perfect time to read it since it had schizophrenia rep and I wanted to read books with mental health rep for mental health month.

While I was waiting for a problem with my library card to be sorted (thank you name change for that clusterfuck) I was standing there waiting to borrow Made You Up when one of the library assistants stopped and said she had read it and loved it. she’d also ready Eliza and Her Monsters, but preferred Made You Up. So I knew then that I made made a good choice.

I really enjoyed Made You Up so I am excited to read another book by Zappia! Hopefully I get to it soon.

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the spiderwick chronicles TSC the field guide.jpgThe Field Guide│The Spiderwick Chronicles #1│Tony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black│

we said no still you looked
now instead
someone gets cooked

I remember reading these books when I was a kid and really enjoying them.

And then getting so excited to watch the film when it came out!

I managed to get a hold of a full series edition and I’m super excited to revisit a series I loved as a kid.

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girls with sharp sticks.jpgGirls with Sharp Sticks│Girls with Sharp Sticks #1│Suzanne Young│

We needed each other—still do. No one else could ever understand what we’ve been through. Together, we’re strong. Flowers sharing roots in a caged garden.

I recently bought this book purely based on Destiny’s review and I have zero regrets.

Everything about it seems like exactly my brand of book so I’m incredibly excited to read it!

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the hate u give thugThe Hate U GiveAngie Thomas│

What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?

I had my mum buy me this book for my birthday out of spite because it was banned in Texas.

I mean, I was already planning on reading it at some stage but learning that cemented my need to buy it.

Also I just bought On The Come Up even though I still have read THUG. Why do I do this to myself?

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the illuminae files TIFIlluminae│The Illuminae Files #1│Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff│

She is catalyst.
She is chaos.
I can see why he loves her.

This is one of those books that everyone seems to have read and I’ve never gotten to.

But I did find this for cheap and second hand in 2017 so I bought it.

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jane doe.jpgJane Doe│Jane Doe #1│Victoria Helen Stone│

They like a woman with no shame. We’re rare, you see, because we’re told to be ashamed of everything, every day, by everyone. Ashamed to give them what they want, ashamed not to want to give it to them. Ashamed to show our average bodies, ashamed not to have a perfect one. I have no idea how normal women date. The world seems like it’d be an unbearable place for people with real feelings.

I don’t have a single owned book on my TBR that starts with J or a book on my TBR that starts with J and was written by an author I’ve already read.

So instead I’m going to go with Jane Doe, which not only has a cover I love to look at but it’s also a book Krystin @ Here’s The Fucking Twist loved and her review is why I added it to my TBR in the first place.

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the kinfe of never letting go chaos walking.jpgThe Knife of Never Letting Go│Chaos Walking #1│Patrick Ness│

“War is like a monster,” he says, almost to himself. “War is the devil. It starts and it consumes and it grows and grows and grows.” He’s looking at me now. “And otherwise normal men become monsters, too.”

I bought this book years ago.

And I distinctly remember buying it from a book store. Even though I never buy books from actual book stores. And I can’t tell you what exactly made me pay full price for it.

But I can tell you that it has stayed on my shelf because of reviews by Emily May and Cait.

Current Grey: Aaaaaand I literally just gave it away. But it was still on my TBR when I wrote this post so I’m not changing it.

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the language of thornsThe Language of Thorns│Grishaverse│Leigh Bardugo│

This goes to show you that sometimes the unseen is not to be feared and that those meant to love us most are not always the ones who do.

I really love the Six of Crows series and I love when authors of a bunch of different series that are all set in the one world.

I really love the idea of getting to read the dark fairytales that your favourite characters would have grown up hearing so I’m super excited to read this one!

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my sister the serial killer.jpgMy Sister, the Serial KillerOyinkan Braithwaite│

The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.

I got a chance to hear Braithwaite speak about her book at Adelaide Writer’s Week.

And this is the first book I’ve ever gotten signed in person!!!! It’s got my name on it and everything!

I knew I needed to read this book as soon as I saw the title because COME ON!!!

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nevernightNevernight│The Nevernight Chronicle #1│Jay Kristoff│

“The last thing you will ever be in this world, girl, is someone’s hero. But you will be a girl heroes fear.”

This is a book I’ve had on my TBR for ages because I know I’ll love it. I’ve just never gotten around to reading it.

I ended up picking up a second hand copy in a thrift store recently, plus I already have it on Kindle so now I have zero excuse for not reading it!

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only ever yours.jpgOnly Ever YoursLousie O’Neill│

I want to hide, fold into the shadows and become invisible so no-one can look at me any more.

So far I’ve read O’Neill’s Asking For It and The Surface Breaks which were both brilliant books!

So I’m interested in reading more of her work.

I know I’m guaranteed some hard-hitting feminism no matter what book of hers I read.

I also recently bought her Almost Love book at a book store.

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ps i still love you to all the boys ive loved before TATBILB.jpgP.S. I Still Love You│To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│Jenny Han│

There’s a Korean word my grandma taught me. It’s called jung. It’s the connection between two people that can’t be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can’t ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them.

After watching the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie I knew I needed to read the book!

I’ve avoided anything in the romance genre, book or otherwise, for years. A lot of it was internalized misogyny but a lot of it was also that I was sick of the same old tired love stories where cis straight abled muscled white boy meets cis straight abled skinny white girl and they fall in love and they live happily ever after.

I want queer love stories, I want diverse love stories where the main characters aren’t white, I want disabled and fat people to find the loves of their lives and I want gay teens to get a happy ending.

When I watched Love, Simon, I finally got some of those things and I cried in the cinema because I was so damned happy that finally we were getting somewhere.

And after watching Set It Up as well, I really had hope that there was more to come.

Crazy Rich Asians came out, followed by Dumplin’! Wow that’s nearly all the rom-coms on my wishlist.

Among the shit storm that was 2018, I found some light to hold onto.

And in December I finally read the book for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and . . . loved it!!!

It was so fluffy and feel good and I just felt warm and happy the whole time I was reading it.

So this once anti-romance reader has turned a new leaf and I am super excited to Read P.S. I love You!!!!

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queen of air and darkness the dark artifices TDA.jpgQueen of Air and Darkness│The Dark Artifices #3│Cassandra Clare│

Sympathy is common. Knowing the exact shape of the hole someone’s loss leaves in your heart is rare.

I alternated between sobbing so hard I couldn’t breathe and laughing out loud so hard I couldn’t breathe, all while reading Lady Midnight, the first book in this series.

My housemate at the time listened on gleefully because she’d already read the book and had been the one to introduce to the Shadowhunter world in the first place.

All of the characters just hit me so damn hard!!!!

I’ve not continued to series yet because it’s one of those series where I read the first book and realise I’m going to need to binge read the whole thing so I’ve been waiting patiently for the rest to come out, even after listening to my mum talk about how much she loved the second book because even my mum has surpassed me in the reading of this series.

And I still have longer to wait until the edition I want (small paperback) is available to buy . . .

Absolute torture.

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the rave king the raven cycle TRC.jpgThe Raven King│The Raven Cycle #1│Maggie Stiefvater│

It was not that the women in 300 Fox Way weren’t her family—they were where her roots were buried, and nothing could diminish that. It was just that there was something newly powerful about this assembled family in this car. They were all growing up and into each other like trees striving together for the sun.

I am almost finished with this absolute masterpiece of a series!!

In 2017 I read The Raven Boys and immediately fell in love with every single character and the world they occupied.

I knew I was going to love this series so much that I waited until I owned all the books to continue.

And then they sat on my shelves for a year before I finally felt I was ready to fall into Henrietta again, from the start.

And boy did I fall hard.

This is the final book in the series and it’s also the book I’m up to.

It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m both excited and dreading reaching the conclusion but thankfully I know this isn’t the end for these characters since Call The Hawk Downis arrive at the end of this year.

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shadow and bone SAB.jpgShadow and Bone│The Shadow and Bone Trilogy #1│Leigh Bardugo│

“The problem with wanting,” he whispered, his mouth trailing along my jaw until it hovered over my lips, “is that it makes us weak.”

I mean just look at that gorgeous cover.

I would have bought it for that alone.

But also I mostly bought it well, actually my mum bought it for me, but semantics because it I fucking adore Six of Crows and the unruly gang of broken misfits so why wouldn’t I want to read a whole other series that’s part of the same world???

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tash hearts tolstoyTash Hearts TolstoyKathryn Ormsbee│

I know what I want and what I don’t want. I’ve never wanted sex. Never. I’ve never understood why it has to be in every book and movie and television show ever made. I never figured out why porn is such a huge thing. I’ll be fine if no guy ever takes his shirt off for me. I’m not scared, I just don’t want it.

This is the second book I ever won in a Goodreads giveaway, you know, before they made it too expensive for authors, to be worth it . . .

It’s been sitting on my shelf ever since and listen I will get to it . . . eventually.

It’s just that my TBR is a mile long and this isn’t exactly my exact taste.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally want to read it, it’s just not something that is as catered to my tastes as other books on my TBR.

I was actually planing on reading this for Pride this year but uhhhhh June was a lot so I didn’t get much reading done at all.

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Untitled│Threads of Power│V.E. Schwab│

Listen, the only books I have under U are all untitled so this is what you get.

Anyway . . .


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vengeful villainsVengeful│Villains #2│V.E. Schwab│

How many men would she have to turn to dust before one took her seriously?

I went nearly this whole post without mentioning Schwab’s books and look at that, two in a row, right at the end.

But can you blame me???

I am so pumped to read this book I bought it in Hardback and Paperback because I have a serious problem and also Book Depository done me dirty and said the hardback was a collector’s edition and it doesn’t indicate it actually is anywhere on the book but whatever.

I am incredibly excited to meet Marcella because wow Schwab’s Slytherin girls own my whole ass heart.

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wonder woman warbringerWonder Woman│DC Icons #1│Leigh Bardugo│

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.”

hello, it’s a YA Wonder Woman novel by Leigh Bardugo.

It’s not possible for this to be anything other than excellent.

My expectations are high and I just want empowered kickass superheroes who don’t die to save mediocre men and also make them gay thanks. Is that too much to ask???

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I got nothing, sorry!

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you deserve a drinkYou Deserve a DrinkMamrie Hart│

We are always growing up. I’m growing up as I type this. An eighty-seven-year-old woman is still technically growing up. So be as immature as you want. Right now, you are the youngest you you’re ever going to be.

I’ve been watching Mamrie of Youtube for years.

She’s makes great puns, serves creative cocktails and is unabashedly her true self. What’s not too love?

I recently read her second book, I’ve Got This Round, via Audible, I enjoyed it so much and I am very pissed off that her first book isn’t available on the platform!

What gives Audible??? You sponsor her enough! Why wouldn’t you have all of her books???

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Again, nothing!

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Have you read any of these books?
What do you recommend?
Were you once anti-romance. are you still?


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