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The TV Show is officially over but I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet!

I was tagged by the ever lovely and patient Jillian @ Jillian The Bookish Butterfly. Since she keeps tagging me even though I’m terrible and take forever to do them. Go show her some love for me!

I’m doing this one first even though it’s the most recent one she’s tagged me in because Game of Thrones finished recently, and I just finished watching the series at the time of writing this anyway. And so I thought this would be the perfect time to do it!

game of thrones GOT save me john snow.gif

Also, I spent way too long trying to find Tumblr edits made by the same person, for all the houses and that all matched, just so I could make this aesthetic af. So I hope y’all appreciate it.

If you click on the images they’ll direct you to the place I got them from.

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The Questions

game of throne GOT house lannister.gif

There is no limit to Lannister pride or Lannister ambition.

Name a book that you originally loved but, upon a reread, you realized it wasn’t so great after all.

I don’t think I actually have a book for this. I tend to only reread when I know I’m going to enjoy it. So there aren’t any books I’ve reread and not enjoyed. So far. I do have a lot of rereads planned in the, hopefully near, future so maybe I’ll find one then.

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game of thrones GOT house stark.gif

The winters are hard but the Starks will endure. We always have.

Name your most anticipated read for the year.

There are so many!!!!! But if I have to pick . . .

vengeful villainsVengeful│Villains #2│V.E. Schwab│

Perhaps she was glass. But glass is only brittle until it breaks. Then it’s sharp.

Yes, I know it’s already out but I haven’t read it yet so I’ve decided it counts.

I tend to not get super super hyped for new releases unless they’re for a series I’m reading or by one of my auto-buy-authors. Vengeful is both of those things!

Like, I get excited about new releases but it’s never the ‘I need it right this second’ feeling and more like ‘oh I’m definitely going to read that at some point’.

I think because I rely so heavily on library books, I’ve learned to manage my excitement in order to not be disappointed.

Sometimes the wait list for a new release can be months and months of waiting, so it’s best for me to forget about it for a bit until it’s not so hard to get a hold of.

It helps that I don’t really feel the pressure to read new releases even though that seems to be a common feeling for book bloggers. I’ve never been one who gives into any kind of peer pressure. And to be honest I’m such a stubborn Capricorn that the more you tell me I have to read something, the less I’ll want to read it.

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game of thrones GOT house targaryen.gif

Every child knows that the Targaryens have always danced too close to madness.

Name a book that you felt completely slayed with fantastic characters, plot, pacing, etc.

sawkill girlsSawkill GirlsClaire Legrand│

Girls hunger. And we’re taught, from the moment our brains can take it, that there isn’t enough food for us all.

I did not want to put this book down.

The characters are just so complex and complicated and the relationships between them???? They’re everything.

Normally a book just needs to have great characters and I’m happy. the plot tends to come second in my reading experience because as long as I feel a great connection with the characters, I’ll be engaged the whole time.

But, with Sawkill Girls, the plot was just as engaging and complex and complicated as the characters and the whole time I was reading it I thought I had died and gone to reading heaven.

Serious, if you haven’t read it yet what the fuck are you doing with your life??? I know I just said I don’t do peer pressure but I promise if you haven’t read Sawkill Girls yet than you are missing out on something really fucking special.

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game of thrones GOT house baratheon.gif

What good is it to wear a crown? The gods mock the prayers of kings and cowherds alike.

Name a book that ended with a cliffhanger that genuinely pissed you off.

sadie bookSadie│Courtney Summers│

Every little thing about you can be a weapon, if you’re clever enough.

Okay, hear me out. But also don’t click on the arrow if you haven’t read it because it might get a little spoilery.

I love the way this book ended.

It was honestly perfect for the narrative but the hopeful person in me is sad that there isn’t a whole lot of closure.

Mostly I’m putting Sadie here because I have a terrible memory and I can’t think of a cliffhanger that made me angry. So you get one that broke my heart a lot little, but in a good way.

And if you haven’t read it yet, please don’t let this discourage you! Because it really is an incredible book!

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game of thrones GOT house martell.gif

The arms of House Martell display the sun and spear, the Dornishman’s two favored weapons, but of the two, the sun is the more deadly.

Name a book or series that’s been on your TBR since the dawn of time.

a game of thrones ASOIAFA Song of Ice and FireGeorge R. R. Martin│

Well isn’t this fucking fitting!

This is the book/series with the earliest date added on my Goodreads!

I have read this first book and I did start the second but I was really struggling to get through it. And then someone told me it was a hard book to get through but the third book made it worth it and so, of course, I DNF’d it.

But I do plan on giving this series another go. Especially now that the show has finished and I was left with a lot for frustrations thanks to the final season. I’m just not sure if I should wait until Martin releases the last book or not . . .

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game of thrones GOT house bolton.gif

The Boltons have always been as cruel as they were cunning.

Name the most graphic or disturbing book you’ve ever read.

The Good Son│You-Jeong JeongReview

I don’t want to talk about it.

I hated it.

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game of thrones GOT house tyrell.gif

Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.

Name a book or series that gets better and better with every reread.

I actually don’t reread that often.

But for this one, I’m going to pick two different series for different reasons.

a darker shade of magice SOMShades of MagicV.E. Schwab│

Lila. A soft name but she used it like a knife, slashing out on the first syllable, the second barely a whisper of metal through air.

Shades of Magic is my all-time favourite series but I’ve only read through it once. Though I have read the first two books twice.

I enjoyed it so much more the second time!

I do love finding stand out quotes I missed the first time or character descriptions that never sunk in.

And I love revisiting my favourite character, Lila Bard. she will always have a special place in my heart, and my mum’s heart too!

Since I forced her to read the series as well and she loved it just as much as I do, maybe even a little bit more since she changed her middle name to Lila.

It’s a series I would love to start rereading once a year. Maybe I could start this year?

the raven boys the raven cycle TRCThe Raven CycleMaggie Stiefvater│

You’re looking for a god. Didn’t you suspect that there was also a devil?

I think my most favourite thing about rereading books is seeing all the great foreshadowing!

That was one of my favourite parts of rereading The Raven Boys, earlier this year before I finally started reading the rest of the series!

And I can’t wait for my first reread of the whole series because I already know there’s going to be so much good foreshadowing to find if the first book is anything to go by.

And I really want to experience that with other books too!

I do want to start rereading more because there are so many books I have loved that I want to revisit but there are just so many books I haven’t read that I feel like I’m wasting precious reading time.

Last year I focused on library books and this year I’m focusing on getting through my owned TBR so maybe next year I’ll focus on rereads???

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An era has ended but maybe its for the best?

Have you watched Game of Thrones?
How did you feel about the final season?
Have you read A Song of Ice and Fire?


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