Month Ahead // Writers Week, Comedy & Too Much To Do – March

March Madness has begun and I am tired. 

I am also in a lot of pain while writing this because cramps and I forgot to bring the medication my doctor gave me for them to work so that’s just fucking greeeeeaaaaaaat.

Is that too much information? absolutely! Do I care? Fuck no!

I’m in too much pain to care. The only reason I’m writing this now is because 1. I’m running out of time to write it before it’s meant to go up and 2. It’s distracting me from the pain…. well not really but I need to keep my mind busy otherwise I’ll sit here with my forehead on the desk and then security will probably ask if I’m okay and I don’t really feel like having that conversation right now.

But telling strangers on the internet???? That’s fine. I just can’t wait to go home and drink my cramp tea and play with my baby nephew.

So this month is gonna be crazy. It’s already been crazy to be honest and it’s only just begun!

This was meant to go up on Tuesday night but life happened and there was no way I was gonna be able to do anything on Monday or Tuesday let alone write a post about the month to come when it has already been shit.

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GR - H

K - BF K - R.png K - STBR - MRK - STBR - A K - MCR K - RS

Honestly how many keys do I wanna add at this point????

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💀 Monstrous March 💀

Monstrous March is the topic for this month at Devour Your TBR.

It’s about the creepy books, the ones that give you chills. You can go with either thrillers, horrors, spooky reads.. Whatever you think fits “monstrous”!


the surface breaksThe Dream Thieves│The Raven Cycle #2│Maggie Stiefvater│📖🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹📖🌏▶️

I was going to read this for Fantastic February last month but I ran out of time so I’m continuing it this month.

Skylarks│Karen Gregory│📥💚🏳️‍🌈📥🌏▶️

I’ve only just started this and it seems good so far, great talk about poverty!

The Surface Breaks│Lousie O’Neill│📲📚🏳️‍🌈♿️🌹🚺🌏📚▶️

This is so far brilliant but of course it is, it’s Louise O’Neill after all.

The Female of the Species│Mindy McGinnis│📖🧠🌹🚺📖🌏│💀

This has been on my bookshelf for like 2+ years and I am finally gonna pick it up!!! Thanks to Vicky’s @ Vicky Who Reads review of the same author’s book Heroine, I new I needed to finally read this one and with it coinciding with Monstrous March for Devour Your TBR I knew it was the perfect time!

Sharp Objects│Gillian Flynn│📖🧠🌹📖🌏💀

I watched the TV series for this and IT WAS SO FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

With Monstrous March, now it’s time to read the book!

the female of the speciesBlue Lily, Lily Blue│The Raven Cycle #3│Maggie Stiefvater│📖🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹📖🌏

I might read this if I get to it this month but it’s definitely on the back burner because I’m worried if I just read only this series all the books will meld together and I’ll get sick of the world and I do not want that to happen!

Truly Devious│Truly Devious #1│Maureen Johnson│🎧🏳️‍🌈💋🧠│🎧▶️

This month I’ve also added audiobooks to the mix!

I finally got a sport arm band phone case thing so I can listen to audiobooks while I’m doing housework or shopping or just running around!

I’ve signed up for Audible so if you have any recommendations PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

I started this one while I was washing the car and it’s going to take me a little while to get used to paying close attention and not going on thought tangents but hopefully it all goes well and I’m able to get even more reading time!

│Khutulun│tatterhood│Agnodice│Te Puea Herangi│Moremi Ajasoro│Sybil Ludington│Kurmanjan Datka│Andamana│Mary Seacole│Florence Nightingale│Gráinne “Grace O’Malley” Ni Mháille│Rejected Princesses│Jason Porath│📖🔆🌹🚺│✨▶️

│Empress Xi Ling Shi│Hatsheput│Agnodice│Trung Trӑc & Trung Nhi│Fatima Al-Fihri│Bygone Badass Broads│Mackenzi Lee│📖🔆🚺│⚡▶️

Structured TBR Pass or Fail?

Must Read:  6/5│📥 1/1│📤 0/0│📖 4/2│🌏 7/3│ 10/10│ 5/5│

Allowances: 📚 1/1│📲 1/1│📕 0/0│📗 0/0│🎧 1/1│

Past Grey Reads

☁️  Book Review // Everything Leads To You – A Quite Love Story

☁️ Book Review // Girl Made of Stars – I Am Broken

☁️ Grey Reads // Everything’s On Fire and I Couldn’t Be Happier – Girls of Paper and Fire

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K - MF K - CC K - P

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The Bold Type│Season 2│📺│2017│💭 Sarah Watson│🌟 Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy│

So I kinda finished this one this week and now I have to wait for season 3 next month!

the bold type vagina.gif

Brooklyn Nine-Nine│Season 6│📺│2013│💭 Daniel J. Goor, Michael Schur│🌟 Andre Braugher, Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz│Watching weekly episodes│

I’m hoping to keep up to date with this one.

RuPaul’s Drag Race│Season 11│📺│2009│💭 RuPaul│🌟RuPaul, Michelle Visage│Watching weekly episodes│

I’m so excited for this season! Miss Vanjie is bringing the goods already and I am here for it.

Also Boy Brooke Lyn Heights looks like pre-sobriety Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore and I can’t unsee it.

andrew garfield drag race vanjie.gif

I Am The Night│Season 1│📺│2019│🎬 Patty Jenkins│🌟 Chris Pine, India Eisley, Jefferson Mays│

I’m a lot behind but I want to finish this now that all the episodes are out!

The Umbrella Academy│Season 1│📺│2019│💭 Jeremy Slater│🌟 Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda │

Ideally I will actually get around to watching past the first episode but we’ll see.

umbrella academy klaus smash break.gif

Russian Doll│Season 1│📺│2019│💭  Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler│🌟 Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee│

I wanna get past episode 2.

Sex Education│Season 1│📺│2019│💭 Laurie Nunn🌟 Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey

So my coworker will not stop telling me to watch this because she knows it’s exactly my kind of show but I keep telling her I’m too busy. Well this week I finished it.

sex education vagina.gif

I highly doubt I’m going to get to all these but it’s a plan.

Past Grey Watches

☁️ Grey Watches // I Wanna Bone Jude Law and Kate Winslet – The Holiday

☁️ Grey Watches // It Has To Be A Shit Show – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

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☁️ Get my mental health plan

☁️ Book a therapy session ✅ I have to wait until April ahhhhhhhh

☁️ Get a massage from mum

☁️ Try and take a mental health day

☁️ Try and take a mental health day later in the month

☁️ Keep my shit togetherSo far, not so good

☁️ Start journaling 

☁️ Quit soft drink—I didn’t buy any this week, instead I got flavoured sparkling water because that’s the only way I like sparkling water. 

☁️ Start floor exercises—I keep adding this and never get around to it. 

☁️ Try and read 5 books

☁️ Don’t waste all my time on The SimsAlso not doing great on this one already

☁️ Go to Writers Week

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Uhhhh, I Got In A Car Accident

So Adelaide Writers Week started on Saturday the 2nd and I got my first in person book signing on Saturday which was amazing!!!

And Sunday I went for the full day and it was even better!!! Found a very funny New Zealand Author and discovered a popular Australian fantasy author is uhh…kinda boring but it was still a great day out!

Then I was on my way for another full day of Writers Week on Monday and I got into a car accident. I’m okay, as far as I know everyone else was okay but of course this has made my anxiety spike big time and the lack of communication in all areas surrounding the accident have only made it so much worse. My mum has been a god send and helped me A LOT.

So I was catching the bus this week and public transport is something that can also trigger my anxiety (particular if people I talk to me or touch me). I did really well and didn’t have any bus induced anxiety attacks! I got extra reading in and I’ve decided to start catching the bus now to and from work every day but my shopping day so save money on petrol and parking and also help with lessening the wear and tear on my new car.

My mum got me a knew car since I can’t afford to buy another one and she needs me to have a car to make her life easier. we found basically the exact same car as my old one but it’s a different colour and has way less Kms on the clock! Unfortunately, after we bought it today it broke down while I was at Costco getting petrol before work!!!

Ended up needing to get a new battery and just made it to work on time and didn’t cry even though I really wanted to.

So that was the reason why I didn’t post on Tuesday. I feel like that’s a pretty good excuse.

I’m trying to stay positive, especially since I have the Daniel Sloss show to look forward to this month but man it’s really hard when all you wanna do is cry and everything seems to be going wrong and I’m still dealing with the mess of my name change!

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Storm - S

I am trying y’all. 

What are you doing this month?
What are you reading?
What are you watching?


Sign Off


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