Down the TBR Hole // To Read Soon – Part 1/4


Two more shelves and then I am finally done!

Now for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been doing the Down the TBR Hole posts as a way to organise my Goodreads shelves because oh boy, do they need it!

This has been a long road, much longer than I anticipated!

I wish that this being the second to last shelf means that I’m very close to being done but alas, no, it is not.

ryan reynolds eyeroll sigh exhausted.gif

These two shelves are my biggest yet and come in at a total of 339 books! So in order to ensure that these posts aren’t incredibly long, I’ll be breaking them up a bit.

For my first To Read Soon Shelf post, I’ll be going through all the books I added from October 2015 to October 2016, which will make it 40 books total.

For my second post, I’ll be going through November 2016 to April 2017, totalling 51 books for that post.

For my third post, I’ll be going through May 2017 to October 2017, totalling 50 books.

For my final To Read Soon Shelf post, I’ll be going through November 2017 onward. totalling 55 books!

That brings this shelf’s total to 197 books!

supernatural dean counting arrested.gif

When I set up these shelves it was my way of trying to prioritize my TBR but I don’t think it’s really worked at all. So while I’m going through these last shelves I’ll be moving the books I choose to keep to the normal Want to Read Shelf.

Before I had kept all my owned books on this shelf but I’ve moved them to a new TBR-Owned shelf.

I hope this new system is going to help me a lot more!

Now, this time around I’m going to try and be my most ruthless in purging these books because 339 books is ridiculous and I know I’m never gonna get around to all of them!

bradley cooper silver linnings playbook what the fuck throw book out the window.gif

Cloud Separation

K - R

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Added October 2015

1.│Winter Girls│Laurie Halse Anderson│🧠│
I added this because…
I was interested in reading a book about anorexia at the time.
Stay or Go? Go! As much there’s still a part of me that wants to read this, I know I shouldn’t for my own mental health as someone who has dealt with disordered eating in the past. That is a slippery slope I should try and avoid.

Rain - S

Added January 2016

firsts.jpg2.│Firsts│Laurie Elizabeth Flynn│
I added this because…
This book seems like it asks a lot of questions that may or may not be possible to answer. At least not easily. It’s a book that seems to live in the grey and guys…That’s my shit! Also, this sounds like the book version of Easy A and I loved that movie!
Stay or Go? Stay!

3.│The Memory of Light│Added Jan 2016│🧠│
I added this because…
Somewhere in me I probably had the strength to not kill myself. But I was tired of looking for strength. Tired of being strong. That’s what I did to make it through… each day, go through the motions of being strong. I put on strong every morning. I’m sick of faking strong.”
Stay or Go? Stay! Believe it or not, as someone who’s battled depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, unlike disordered eating, I’m not really triggered by it. Or maybe that’s the wrong wording? Reading about suicide hasn’t ever been something that has made me more susceptible to being suicidal. Only feeling so utterly hopeless because of what is going on in my life does that. Does that make sense? Ooh Boy, we’re getting DEEP to begin with!

balls deep.gif

heartless.jpg4.│The Way I Used to Be│Amber Smith│🧠🌹
I added this because…
I chose to read books about rape because they’re important when done correctly, and help destigmatize survivors.
Stay or Go? Go! I’ve heard that it might sway into torture porn area and I’m not sure I want to read that.

5.│Heartless│Marissa Meyer│
I added this because…
The hype, man.
Stay or Go? Stay! I am intrigued enough to stay on the hype train…Even if I’m I might be the very last one aboard!

6.│Violent Ends│Shaun David Hutchinson│
I added this because…
With America’s track record I feel like this is an important book to read and I am still yet to read a book about a school shooting??? I mean how is that possible?
Stay or Go? Stay!

Past Down The TBR Hole

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Lightning Separation

Added August 2016

7.│Talking As Fast As I Can│Lauren Graham│
I added this because…
Gilmore Girls was my favourite TV show for years and I need the inside goss. Also, I am currently the closest I have ever been to living the Gilmore Girls life with just me and my mum living together! I’d watch it with my mum but she can’t fucking stand Emily.
Stay or Go? Moved to my new Memoir Shelf.

gilmore girls lorelai.gif

8.│The Help│Kathryn Stockett│🔆│
I added this because…
I watched the film and was interested in what the book was like.
Stay or Go? Go! Plays a bit into the white saviour trope.

9.│The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas│John Boyne│🙏🏻
I added this because…
I remember watching the film for this in school…Anyway, I was interested in reading the book.
Stay or Go? Go! I think I’m good with having just watched the film. Don’t come after me with pitchforks thanks.

10.│Code Name Verity│Code Name Verity #1│
I added this because…
Is it spies?? Is it spies?? I’m going with spies. Is it spies?? Imagine if it’s spies! (If you’re wondering what the hell I am badly referencing its this video)
Stay or Go? Stay!

sourcefed maude sam bees drinking.gif

11.│Chains│Seeds of America #1│🔆│
I added this because…
I am interested in reading a book about slavery.
Stay or Go? Go! I feel like starting with one written by a white woman probably isn’t the wisest choice I could make.

12.│The Butterfly Garden│The Collector #1│🌹
I added this because…
I was good at escaping people, not manipulating them.” 
Stay or Go? Stay!

13.│Smoke Gets in Your Eyes│Caitlin Doughty│
I added this because…
I added this while I was reading a lot of memoirs and this looked really interesting. I love a dark sense of humour.
Stay or Go? Moved to my new Memoir Shelf.

stalking jack the ripper.jpg14.│Stalking Jack the Ripper│Kerri Maniscalo│
I added this because…
Murder. History. Dead bodies. Forensic Medicine. This is everything 14-year-old Grey would have loved and 25-year-old Grey still loves
Stay or Go? Stay!

15.│It Ends with Us│Colleen Hoover│🌹
I added this because…
I am yet to read a Colleen Hoover book and this seemed like a good a start as any?
Stay or Go? Stay! This still seems like the best place to start.

16.│Girl in Pieces│Kathleen Glasgow│🧠🌹
I added this because…
I saw that is was for fans of Girl, Interrupted and I loved that movie (No, I haven’t read the book leave me alone).
Stay or Go? Go! I don’t think I’ll like the writing style.

17.│Forbidden│Tabitha Suzuma│🧠🌹
I added this because…
Here’s the thing: I don’t like incest narratives. They make me feel sick. The only reason I got through TMI was that I already knew


they weren’t brother and sister.

(Don’t fight me. I marked the spoiler, and if you didn’t already know there was an incest narrative in that series then how?????)
But so many people have given this 4-5 stars on Goodreads so I thought maybe I should give it a go.
Stay or Go? Go! Yeah, the incest thing is just never gonna be something I wanna read.

shadowhunters show jace im going to tell her.gif

Cloud Separation

Added September 2016

the queen of blood.jpg18.│The Queen of Blood│The Queens of Renthia #1│Sarah Beth Durst│
I added this because…
This sounds like a better version of Red Queen that also has strong female friendships.
Stay or Go? Stay!

19.│This is Not a Test│This is Not a Test #1│Courtney Summers│🧠│
I added this because…
This sounds creepy and interesting and I’ve liked Summers’ work so far.
Stay or Go? Stay!

20.│The Casquette Girls│The Casquette Girls #1│Alys Arden│
I added this because…
I’m always drawn to stories set in New Orleans for some reason.
Stay or Go? Go! The setting is not enough to keep me interested.

wrecked.jpg21.│Wrecked│Maria Padian│🌹
I added this because…
As you’ve probably noticed, I’m drawn to books about rape and sexual assault for many reasons, mostly so that I can understand what it’s like to go through something so traumatic, as best as possible, without going through it myself. Which is usually the case for most books representing experiences I’ve never had. With rape and sexual assault books, it’s different though, because as a woman in today’s society I always live with the threat that one day it could be me.
Stay or Go? Stay! I’m yet to read one set on a college campus.

22.│Want│Want #1│Cindy Pon│🔆│
I added this because…
Most people seem to really enjoy it!
Stay or Go? Go! I need to learn to accept that sci-fi isn’t really for me and your stereotypical dystopian is probably not really something I’m going to enjoy.

23.│Saint Death│Marcus Sedgwick│🔆│
I added this because…
It’s a book about immigration rights.
Stay or Go? Stay! Hello? Can you say fucking RELEVANT?

hamilton immigrants job done.gif

Past Grey Reads

☁️ Book Review // Girl Made of Stars – I Am Broken

☁️ Book Review // Everything Leads To You – A Quite Love Story

Rain - S

Added October 2016

24.│A Mortal Song│Megan Crewe│🔆│
I added this because…
This sounded interesting enough.
Stay or Go? Go! This one hasn’t held my interest and is hard for me to get a hold of.

the nightingale.jpg25.│The Nightingale│Kristin Hannah│
I added this because…
People seem to really love this one and also:
“If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: in love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are.”
Stay or Go? Stay!

26.│The Blade Itself│The First Law #1│Joe Abercrombie│
I added this because…
Listen, sometimes I add things because I see one good review and all of a sudden I’m interested in a book I’d never actually pick up. It’s a problem I’m trying to get under control for my own sake.
Stay or Go? Go! Though I am almost tempted to keep because one reviewer likens a character to Deadpool…

27.│Highly Illogical Behavior│John Corey Whaley│🏳️‍🌈🧠│
I added this because…
This sounds so bloody interesting! I don’t think I’ve read about a character with agoraphobia, and what I’ve seen of them in film, tend to be made fun of.
Stay or Go? Stay!

28.│Wolf by Wolf│Wolf by Wolf #1│Ryan Graudin│
I added this because…
This sounds so weird and so good!
Stay or Go? Go! And, I don’t feel any drive to pick this one up.

29.│In the Woods│Dublin Murder Squad #1│
I added this because..
.Every now and then I’ll add a mystery thriller that I never seem to pick up because I’m always worried they’re gonna be stereotypical trash filled with old and played cliches and offensive tropes. 
Stay or Go?
Stay! Right now I am all about the mystery thrillers and I seem to be getting better at finding the good shit. 

melissa maccarthy that is good shit drugs.gif

30.│The V Girl│Mya Robarts│🌹
I added this because…
Everyone I’ve seen read it has loved it and I’ve been recommended it more than once. 
Stay or Go?
Go! Me and sex slavery don’t really get along. I guess it affects me more than contemporary rape narratives. 

daughter of smoke and bone.jpg31.│Daughter of Smoke & Bone│Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1│Laini Taylor│
I added this because…
Two words: Demon’s assistant.
Stay or Go? Stay!

32.│The Nix│Nathan Hill│
I added this because…
I. Don’t. Know???? Like honestly have no idea?? None of this screams a Greyson read???
Stay or Go? Go!

33.│My Favourite Manson Girl│Alison Umminger│
I added this because…
Umm??? Hello??? It’s about the Manson girls!
Stay or Go? Stay!

34.│The Truth Commission│Susan Juby│
I added this because…
I read Emily May’s review and she seemed to really enjoy it.
Stay or Go? Go! I gotta start getting tougher with this purge!

35.│Railhead│Philip Reeve│
I added this because…
This sounded interesting enough and Emily May’s review called it a book for the curious and I am definitely that.
Stay or Go? Go! Curiosity isn’t enough to get me to pick this one up.

homecoming.jpg36.│Homegoing│Yaa Gyasi│🔆│
I added this because…
“What I know now, my son: Evil begets evil. It grows. It transmutes, so that sometimes you cannot see that the evil in the world began as the evil in your own home.” This is a family saga and after the mess my family has been for at least the last year, I feel like this could be very cathartic for me.
Stay or Go? Stay!

37.│Behold the Dreamers│Imbolo Mbue│🔆│
I added this because…
This sounded interesting enough, covering many topics that are quite relevant at the moment.
Stay or Go? Go! It’s not holding my attention.

38.│The Fifth Season│The Broken Earth #1│N.K. Jemisin│🏳️‍🌈│
I added this because…
—for all those who have to fight for the respect others are given without question.” When a book starts with that kind of dedication then I know it’s a book for me.
Stay or Go? Stay!

39.│The Bird and the Sword│The Bird and the Sword Chronicles #1│Amy Harmon│
I added this because…
Basically, everyone that reads this falls a bit in love with it.
Stay or Go? Stay!

40.│Bad Romance│Heather Demetrios│ 🏳️‍🌈🔆🙏🏻🧠🌹★★★★★
I have read this book since writing this post and it was so good, I totally made the right call.
I added this because…
Something in me is dimming, something that I already know I can’t get back. But you’re worth it. You are. I will tell myself this for several more months. And when I realize you aren’t worth it, it’ll be too late.” I am always looking for good representations of abusive relationships of all kinds and this seems to be one of them.
Stay or Go? Stay! In fact, I just requested it at my library.

iron man tony stark i need it.gif

Storm - S

October 2016 was a crazy busy adding month!

So how did I do?

Well, I got rid of a whopping 17 books! Kept 21 and moved 2! If I can keep this up then I might be able to cut my TBR by half!

What books are you reading right now?
Have you got any books on your TBR that match mine?
Are there any books you’ve read that I’m keeping or getting rid of?
What did you think of them?


Sign Off

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