February Ahead // I’m Finally Going To Read The Raven Cycle Series & It’s Black History Month + A Great Resource for Education!!!!!

February is already here and where the fuck did January go???

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You’d think that since I took a whole month off blogging I would have had loads of free time!

Well, I didn’t.

This month I don’t think I’ll have much free time either but I am hoping to read a shit load!

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Introducing The Structured TBR

So this year I’m wanting to set myself a more structured TBR!

I mostly some requirements to keep me on track.

☁️ I want to try and read roughly 5 books a month

I worked out how many books I would need to read each month to reach my 50 book goal and it was just under 5!

☁️ I have to read at least 1 backlist ARC, if I have any 📥

I’ll be picking these out of a TBR jar.

☁️ Read new ARCS ON TIME 📤

If I have any new ARCS then I want to read them 1 month before publication, if I get it before then.

Otherwise, I want to have it read and reviewed before the publication date, as early a possible.

☁️ I want to read at least 2 of my owned backlist books 📖

Sometimes I’ll be choosing these based on the Devour Your TBR monthly challengesWhich I am doing this month!

This month the challenge is Fantastic February which is dedicated to that whole mountain of fantasy and paranormal books you have lying around.Devour Your TBR Group

I might also use a TBR jar for this sometimes, or go by my mood. I’ll see what works best.

☁️ At least 3 of my reads have to be diverse in some form or another 🌏

I did great at reading diversely last year and I want to continue this year!

☁️ I can read 1 library book a month and 1 graphic novel 📚

This includes library ebooks, otherwise, I’ll get carried away!

I can make exceptions for myself as long as their diverse books and/or an ebook and I’ve run out of ARCs.

☁️ Read 10 entries each month of Rejected Princesses ✨

☁️ Read 5 entries each month of Bygone Badass Broads ⚡

I’m really wanting to read these but I can’t read them in their entirety straight away so I’ve decided to read them across the year!

I’ll be marking these in my TBR and Read lists with the emojis I’ve used above so I can keep track and you guys follow my structure TBR and see if it’s actually working…

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Emoji order – format-representation-challenges/readathons-structured TBR-reading status.

sadie bookUnbroken Anthology│Marieke Nijkamp│📚│🏳️‍🌈💋🔆🙏🏻♿️🧠🌹📚🌏│✅│

I really tried to finish this last month but it just wasn’t happening!

The Boneless Mercies│April Genevieve Tucholke│📥💚│🔆🙏🏻🚺│📥🌏

This is another one I started last month but couldn’t finish in time.

Sadie│Courtney Summers│📚│🏳️‍🌈🧠🌹🚺│📚🌏

I was only going to allow myself one library loan this month but then this came off hold on Overdrive and I have to read it, guys!

the raven boys the raven cycle TRCThe Raven Boys│The Raven Cycle #1│Maggie Stiefvater│📖│🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹│🔮│📖🌏│🔄│

The Dream Thieves│The Raven Cycle #2│Maggie Stiefvater│📖│🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹│🔮│📖🌏│🔄│

Blue Lily, Lily Blue│The Raven Cycle #3│Maggie Stiefvater│📖│🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹│🔮│📖🌏│🔄│

The Raven King│The Raven Cycle #4│Maggie Stiefvater│📖│🏳️‍🌈🔆🌹│🔮│📖🌏│🔄│

I read the first book in 2017 and it was so good, I loved it so much so I asked for the whole series as a present and wanted to wait until I had them before continuing.

Now I’ve had them for a year and still haven’t gotten to them so February is the month I finally start.

I’m unlikely to finish them all this month but I’m gonna try, I might surprise myself!

│Yaa Asantewaa│Mary Bowser│Nwanyeruwa│Nana Asma’u│Nanny of the Maroons│Agontime and the Dahomey Amazons│Josephine Baker│Nzinga Mbande│Arawelo│Ida B. Wells│Rejected Princesses│Jason Porath│📖│🔆🌹🚺

│Queen Arawelo│Stagecoach Mary Fields│Sarah Breedlove AKA Madam C. J. Walker│Alice Ball│Nwanyeruwa│Lorraine Hansberry│Bygone Badass Broads│Mackenzi Lee│📖│🔆🚺

I’ve chosen these specific entries since it’s black history month and I have a Grey Learns post coming it! I figure I’ll read all of these entries about great black women and maybe cover a few of them for my post or pick one and do a more in-depth post as I normally would.

│Feb Structured TBR│7/5│📥 1│📤 0│📖 4│🌏 7│📚 2│✨ 10│⚡ 0│

Past Grey Reads

☁️ Book Review // Girl Made of Stars – I Am Broken

☁️ Book Review // Everything Leads To You – A Quite Love Story

☁️ Book Review // The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – What Do You Mean She’s Not a Real Person???

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So, starting this month I’m going to try and watch things based on my mood instead of just trying to charge through stuff, even if I’m not in the mood for it so I have loads of things on this list but I’m not actually expecting to watch them all.

On The Basis of Sex│🎥│2019│🎬 Mimi Leder│🌟 Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux│

I don’t know if I’ll get to see it this month but I would like to see it while it’s in cinemas.

The Favourite│🎥│2018│🎬 Yorgos Lanthimos│🌟 Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz │

I received a free movie ticket for my birthday so this is the one I’m wanting to see!

the favourite crying.gif

Drag Race All Stars│Season 4│📺│2012│💭 RuPaul│🌟RuPaul, Michelle Visage│Watching weekly episodes│
Fave One-liner This Season: “Yeah, well some of us don’t have to force story-lines to get air time” -Farrah Moan.

The last episode I watched had me gagged. I’m very interested to see how the end plays out!

Jessica Jones│Season 2│📺│2015│💭 Melissa Rosenberg│🌟 Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville│★★★★│
Fave character: Jessica obvs

I’ve been trying to charge through this season but it just ain’t happening so we’ll see.

jessica jones rapey.gif

The Young Pope│Season 1│📺│2016│💭 Paolo Sorrentino│🌟 Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando│

Discovered this was on SBS Demand and I’ve been meaning to watch it. I tried the other night but wasn’t in the mood so I’ll be trying again later.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine│Season 6│📺│2013│💭 Daniel J. Goor, Michael Schur│🌟 Andre Braugher, Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz│Watching weekly episodes│

This is on SBS Demand so I have to catch up on a couple of episodes and then I’ll be watching the new episode weekly!

B99 jake peralta screaming

One Day At A Time│Season 3│📺│2017│💭 Gloria Calderon Kellett, Mike Royce│🌟 Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez│

I am so excited about this one! I’d binge watch it but it’s something mum and I watch together.

I Am The Night│Season 1│📺│2019│🎬 Patty Jenkins│🌟 Chris Pine, India Eisley, Jefferson Mays│

My Favorite Murder did an episode where they hosted a screening for the first episode of this show and now I really wanna watch it!

i am the night chris pine camera photography.gif

Past Grey Watches

☁️ Grey Watches // I Wanna Bone Jude Law and Kate Winslet – The Holiday

☁️ Grey Watches // It Has To Be A Shit Show – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

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Grey Learns…Black History Month

So in my TBR I mentioned that I want to do a Grey Learn’s post (my series, previously titled Ancient Archive where I talk about history) for Black History Month.

If you also want to learn more about Black History for Black History Month then do I have a source for you!!!!


This person created a google drive folder FILLED to the brim of amazing information for black history month!!! And by the looks of it, it’s almost doubled since the link was posted, with other people sharing even more information to be added!

I stumbled across the tweet on facebook while checking social media before my shower this morning even though I didn’t really have time BUT am I forever thankful for my tired self’s ability to procrastinate even with a time crunch because if I hadn’t have checked Facebook I never would have found this tweet!

The link is in the thread but I’ll share it here also.

If you want to support the creator then here are some links. I’m sure any donations would be appreciated but also if you have more information you’d like to see added I have a link for that too!

CashappVenmoPaypalLink to the driveGmail

Who Speaks & North American Slave Narratives are other sources someone linked to the tweet as well!

I’ll definitely bee using this resource for my research for Grey Learns this month and am really looking forward to learning about the Black Panther movement in particular!

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I’d also like to add that this year I would like to focus more on history months and visibility days/weeks/months and such so if you know of one please let me know so I can try and post a Grey Learns on the subject to celebrate!

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☁️ Start floor exercises

☁️ Start regularly going for 40-minute walks

☁️ Read 5-7 books

☁️ Get my mental health plan

☁️ Book a therapy session

☁️ Service my car

☁️ Get a massage from mum

☁️ Try and take a mental health day

☁️ Have my name change official!!!!!!

Past Month Ahead

☁️ Month Ahead // Happy Birthday To Me + Hiatus Announcement – January

☁️ Month Ahead // December – I Already Hate It

☁️ Month Ahead // November – New Post Series

Storm - S

Hopefully this time next month I’ll officially and legally be Greyson!!!!

I should probably get started figuring out what my signature will be and getting used to referring to myself as Greyson…

What are you doing this month?
What are you reading?
What are you watching?


Sign Off


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