January in Review // I Cried, Laughed, Ate Pasta, Celebrated My Birthday & Completed TWO Read-A-Thons/Challenges

January was…A lot.

This past month has been crazy, to say the least. A lot of highs and a lot of lows but I’m getting through it so that’s something!

January contained so much in such a short time that I still can’t believe it’s over!

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January’s TBR

Guys, I completed not one, but two read-a-thon/challenges this month! For someone who hasn’t participated in any before I count that as a double win!

I participated in the Late-A-Thon hosted by Destiny @ Howling Libraries and JanJamJar from the Devour Your TBR Goodreads group!

JanJamJar E Late-a-thon - E

I was able to combine them both by using a TBR jar with the ARCs I wanted to catch up on in it.

So the books I put in my January TBR are all the books I put in the Jar.

I didn’t get all of them but I didn’t expect to.

The Good Son│✅│

My Name is Victoria│✅│


Anger is a Gift│❌│

The Unbinding of Mary Reade│✅│

Rad Girls Can│❌│

The Boneless Mercies▶️

What If It’s Us│❌│

Girls of Paper and Fire│✅│

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Emoji order – format-representation-challenges/readathons-reading status.

The TBR Jar really worked in my favour! And it was great catching up on so many ARCS!

Each book I pulled out came at the right time and I think I might continue with the Jar until I’ve caught up on the ARC’s I have left from 2018.

girls made of paper and fireThe Unbinding of Mary Reade│📥💚│🏳️‍🌈💋🌹│🏃‍♀️🏺│★★│Read Jan 8│

This one was fairly disappointing. I wanted a whole lot more than it had to give.

My Name is Victoria│Lucy Worsley│📥💚│🌹│🏃‍♀️🏺✅│★★★│Read Jan 11│

I actually really liked the twist in this but god damn was most of it boring.

The Good Son│You-Jeong Jeong│📥💚│🔆│🏃‍♀️🏺│✅│★★★│Read Jan 25│

I—this just wasn’t great and it mostly just made me angry. 

Unbroken│Marieke Nijkamp│📚│🏳️‍🌈💋🔆♿️🧠🌹│▶️

nearly finished this before the month was up but not quite.

The Boneless Mercies│April Genevieve Tucholke│📥💚│🔆🚺│🏃‍♀️🏺│▶️│

This has been decent enough so far but I’m waiting for more.

Book of the Month

Girls of Paper and Fire│Girls of Paper and Fire #1│Natasha Ngan│📥💚│🏳️‍🌈💋🔆🌹│🏃‍♀️🏺✅│★★★★│Read Jan 21│

I loved it! It was so engaging for the most part!

January Completed│ARC: 4Owned: 0│Library Loans: 0│Reread: 0│Diversity: 4│Average Rating: 3★’s│

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vengeful villainsVengeful│Villains│VE Schwab│🏳️‍🌈🔆🧠🚺➕│📖│

Nearly didn’t get this one because I accidentally sent it to the wrong address but I visited my neighbour and I got it!

This was a late Christmas present to myself!

P.S. I Still Love You│To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│Jenny Han│🏳️‍🌈🔆🧠🚺➕│📖│

Always and Forever, Lara Jean│To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before│Jenny Han│🏳️‍🌈🔆│📖│

These were birthday presents to myself!

Past Grey Reads

☁️ Book Review // Girl Made of Stars – I Am Broken

☁️ Book Review // Everything Leads To You – A Quite Love Story

☁️ Book Review // The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – What Do You Mean She’s Not a Real Person???

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Film & TV

I’ve really not watched much at all because I just don’t have time! Or money!

I decided that the season 1 watch I did of Charmed was enough to give me the hit of nostalgia that I needed so I won’t be continuing it again anytime soon! I do want to get around to watching the remake soon though!

January’s TBW

Mary Queen of Scots│✅│

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World│❌│

Ralph Breaks the Internet│❌│


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Mary Queen of Scots│🎥│2018│🎬 Josie Rourke│🌟 Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden│★★★★★│
Fave Part: Literally all of it, it was so well done. And I loved that they portrayed Mary and Elizabeth as two women pitted against each other by the men around them. 

I won tickets to see this at my local cinema so me and mum went and it was fucking brilliant!

mary queen of scots murder queen.gif

Hannibal│Season 2│📺│2013│💭 Bryan Fuller│🌟 Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas│★★★★│
Fave Part: The fact it’s gotten more and more homoerotic.  

I watched the same four episodes about four times each because I needed a fucking break but was being stubborn.

Also, my coworker had time to rewatch every episode in the time it took me to watch those four properly. She has work AND Uni. I have no idea how she has time to do it???

Drag Race All Stars│Season 4│📺│2012│💭 RuPaul│🌟RuPaul, Michelle Visage│★★★★│
Fave One-liner This Season: “Yeah, well some of us don’t have to force story-lines to get air time” -Farrah Moan.

Valentina has continued to live her full telenovela fantasy and it’s entertaining as fuck.

The judges need to stop sleeping on Naomi because the bitch is turning it out and they’re refusing to take notice… Except for maybe last week….But we don’t talk about that.

Manila is killing it as always and the period gown that she couldn’t wear on the show??? Iconic.

Also, I’m very excited to see Season 11!!!! So many queens that I’m looking forward to seeing!

drag race monique we gon pray.gif

Jessica Jones│Season 1│📺│2015│💭 Melissa Rosenberg│🌟 Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville│★★★★
Fave character: Jessica obvs

I am struggling but only because the only time I have time to watch is when I’m fucking tired and ready for sleep. I’ll get there. 

Dumplin’│🎥│2018│🎬 Anne Fletcher│🌟 Danielle Macdonald, Jennifer Aniston, Odeya Rush│★★★★★
Fave part: The fact Bo didn’t like Will despite her being fat, he thought she was beautiful as is.

This so easily could have been terrible and you literally just have to look to last year to see just how easy it would have been but this was so good and special and respectful and I cried so much while watching it and fucking Ginger Minj was everything and this is everything I wanted Sierra Burgess is a Loser to be and I’m so glad I finally got it.

Also, I have a huge crush on Bex Taylor-Klaus. So there’s that.

dumplin beautiful.gif

Derry Girls│Season 1│📺│2017│💭 Lisa McGee│🌟 Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan│★★★★
Fave character: Orla

This show is so fucking funny. I was struggling not to laugh out loud while my mum was giving someone a massage.

The Haunting of Hill House│Season 1│📺│2018│💭 Mike Flanagan│🌟  Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas│★★★★★
Fave sibling: Theo

This show is brilliant like everyone talked about how good it was but I just didn’t have time and then I put it on one night and didn’t pay any attention to it at all. And then I put it on when I had a self-imposed mental health day and mum watched it with me and it was the best decision I’ve made in 2019 so far, to be honest.

I binged watched it in just three days which is huge for me because I haven’t been able to binge watch anything that isn’t just short 20 minute episodes in short season in months.

Oh, and I want Theo to top me.

haunting of hill house theo wink.gif

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I would say I need to stop watching YouTube because I watch so fucking much of it but I watch it while I’m doing other things like eating, doing housework, cooking and blogging. It’s the only way I can watch it without feeling guilty.

│VH1│Meet the Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11The Pit Stop: LaLaPaRUza w/ KatyaThe Pit Stop: Jersey Justice ft. Kim Chi

I am so ready for the new season!!!

Also, I love anything Katya and Trixie do.

And look at Kim Chi’s look, I die.

│Miz Cracker│Review With A Jew

Review With A Jew has gotten PROFESSIONAL now and I just love Miz Cracker.

│Ladylike│Hot Takes—Jen Reveals Her Unpopular Opinion & Devin Reveals Her Unpopular OpinionKristen Goes to Montreal With No Clothes

I am loving these hot takes because they’re just fun to watch and see the other ladies react as well!

I think the whole trip with no clothes challenge is a brilliant idea!!!

│Lily Marston│My Friends & I Read Your Assumptions About Me15 Tools That Help My Neck & Back Pain

I think the assumptions video trend is actually really a good idea because it allows creators to share a little bit more of themselves!

if you have chronic pain you’re gonna want to check out Lily’s video on the tools she uses to get relief!

│Buzzfeed Video│Mom In Progress—We Tried the 7-Day Vegan Challenge

So in this video, they eat vegan cream cheese on toast with raspberries and it looked so delicious that I wanted to try it with other toppings. So now mum and I are obsessed with cream cheese and pepper smoked salmon on toast and I can’t stop.

Other toppings I’ve tried are;

☁️ Mango and raspberry jam (because raspberries are pricey)

☁️ Salami

☁️ Tomatoes (with salt and loads of pepper)

☁️ Shaved chicken (with salt and loads of pepper)

And next to try is peaches!

│Liza Koshy Too│The videos I never uploaded… until nowWhy I took a break

I love Liza and I love that she’s easing herself back into making videos again and so far I’ve loved them both!

│Chris Klemens│Telling Each Other What to Say to Strangers: Carly and Erin

You need to watch this just to see Carly speak gibberish which honestly sounds like Simish and really did sound almost like another legit language.

│Sorted Food│Pass It On

I will never not love this series. It’s YouTube whispers but cooking a meal.

│ElleOfTheMills│My Weight Loss

I love anytime some talks openly about mental health and Elle is really delivering lately!

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I’ve honestly barely listened to any music this month let alone any new music.

│Camila Cabello│Something’s Gotta Give│Inside Out│In the Dark│

│Madison Beer│Dead│

│The Greatest Showman Reimagined│Never Enough (Kelly Clarkson)│This Is Me (Kesha)│Rewrite the Stars (James Arthur & Anne-Marie)│

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│Race Chaser│🎙 Alaska Thunderfuck & Willam Belli│★★★★★

│Sibling Rivalry│🎙 Bob The Drag Queen & Monet X Change│★★★★★

│What The Tuck│🎙 Nicole Byers & Joel Kim Booster│★★★★★

I don’t know how to not become obsessed with things and apparently, that means listening to all the podcasts to get the backstage Tea on All-Stars 4.

Past Grey Watches

☁️ Grey Watches // I Wanna Bone Jude Law and Kate Winslet – The Holiday

☁️ Grey Watches // It Has To Be A Shit Show – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

☁️ Grey Watches // I Hate It So Much I Love It – A Christmas Prince

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Blogosphere Highlights

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January’s Goals

☁️ Increase my walk time and maybe go for walks 6 days a week? ✅

☁️ Start doing some floor exercises like crunches. ❌

I need an exercise ball which I have but I don’t know where the pump is and I keep forgetting to ask mum where it is.

☁️ Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✅

☁️ Work out my new blogging schedule ✅

☁️ Start working on my WIP ❌


☁️ Fucking relax a bit ✅

☁️ Maybe finish editing all my past posts??? ✅

A Month of Mayhem

I spent my birthday out!!! My mum took me to get my hair cut, we did some shopping, she gave me a massage and some Reiki which I needed!!! And then we went to Fasta Pasta for dinner and it was delicious!!! Oh and I even took photos with mum and didn’t feel gross and have a new selfie I took with snapchat with the fox filter and I think it’s v cute!!!

The last few years I’ve always gotten books as presents for my birthday but mum told me I had too many unread books so I had to choose something else…So I chose things for my reading! Because of course.

I got a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so that I can continue to read or blog or write uninterrupted instead of getting distracted every time mum’s massage clients come and go. Except mum keeps forgetting to check if I have them on before she goes to have a full conversation with me. So when I realise she’s doing it I just turn and look at her and she notices the headphones. I’ve taken to moving one of the earphones off my ear when I notice she’s in the living room but I don’t always notice.

My mum also got me my first book sleeve from Etsy! I spent hours finding one I wanted that wasn’t super expensive but good quality! It’s spacey and I love it. It’s great timing since I’m going to be reading more of my owned physical books this year and I don’t want them to get damaged by the three drink bottles in my bag for work YES THREE!!! and two are 1-litre ones and my bag is heavy. I HAVE MY REASONS!!!

I also bought myself far too many animated movies, some books, a curler, some hair products so I can use the curler I have still not used any of it yet shhhh, and a fitbit!!!!

I mean the fitbit was definitely the most needed one for sure because now I can actually track how many steps I’m doing a day and I’ve been doing pretty good! I’m hitting 8000 steps most days and even hit my first 10000 steps on the 16th which was exciting!

I went and did my tax finally and now my tax debt thanks work for not taking the correct amount of tax out for several years! is down to a very manageable amount! So that’s a relief!

My sister brought my nephews around for a visit and nephew 3 nearly got bit by a spider but nephew 2 saved the day! Other than that the visit was good! I love them so much and Nephew 3 is starting to walk!!!

My mum treated me to get my nails done professionally for the first time ever and I love them. My nails look like bullets.

I discovered where I could buy cheap hazelnut syrup for my coffee and then when I went to buy it saw they also have dark chocolate syrup as well so basically I’m just drinking liquid Nutella.

And I have officially been on this blog for a year!!! I’m so thankful for this community and even just this blog being a lifeline and a thing to focus my attention on when things have been shit in my personal life. I’m so glad I can call myself a part of this community and I look forward to many more years being a part of it!

I lost my bank card while doing my food shopping which was not great and very inconvenient since a lot of the parking I pay for work is cheaper booking online! But whatever.

I had a few emotional moments throughout the month but it was mostly just me having a little cry and then moving on.

I visited my other sister which kind of didn’t go great, to begin with. There was a whole thing, I had an anxiety attack and suffered a bout of paranoia and cried a lot but it all worked out in the end.

Once I calmed down we went to get my phone upgraded (this was already the plan) because I am anxious, my mum is busy, and my sister knows a guy that works there so I got well looked after! But then I had to go back another day because they didn’t have the phone that I wanted in stock.

We came back to her house and played Overcooked on the PlayStation which is always fun for us and I was in much better spirits when I left!

Until the next day when I was a mess again.

Look, I’m really great at handling big life-changing things as they’re happening. It’s a trait I inherited from my mum. The whole world as we know it could end and it wouldn’t look like I even knew something had changed.

It’s like my brain will just put the BIG THING in a box and shove it under a few things until I’ve gotten through it and then it’ll bring it out and say “Remember this BIG THING??? Yeah, now you gotta process it. Have fun.” Which is great until there are several BIG THINGS waiting to be processed and then I get hit with them all at once, which happens most of the time.

So then I break down over seemingly small shit. It’s very clearly SO MUCH FUN!!!

So basically I spent that whole day crying and anxious and paranoid and had to call my mum to help calm me down and then my new phone was ready to be picked up and I didn’t want to bother my sister to go with me and I knew I needed to do something on my own to prove to myself I’m not totally useless so I went and picked up my phone by myself! Thankfully the hard part was over I am an absolute pushover and will be talked into buying anything even if I don’t want it so I just had to go in, they transferred my stuff over to the new phone and I was done!

It went well, despite the fact that the guy was having difficulty transferring my stuff over but I think he was a little unnerved by how quiet I am in person and especially with people I don’t really know, and I hate being THAT customer so I tend to just sit patiently and try and get my brain to shut up.

He kept commenting on how quiet and patient I was and trying to get me to talk but I hate small talk because I never know what to say. When we were finished he said he hopes I’ll become a regular customer and if I have any problems to come in and he’ll help me out!

I also made an appointment that day to get my mental health plan done so I can go back to seeing my therapist which, clearly, I super need!!!

At the end of the month, I took a mental health day with my mum. We stayed home all day and did the bare minimum and it was so good! I sat and watched the Derry Girls and then mum and I watched half of The Haunting of Hill House and we talked about what anxiety and depression and paranoia sound like in our head and talked a lot about mental health and it was just really lovely even though it was emotional and I cried.

I know it kind of sounds like this month was a bit of a downer but overall it really wasn’t and it also didn’t feel like that. For the most part, I was happy and motivated and got a good amount of reading done and was productive! I even cleaned out my car!

Sometimes it’s easy for me to focus on just the negatives but I have to remind myself that even though I had some downer moments I am nowhere near as consistently down as I was just a few months ago and that’s progress! I just have to keep focusing on my health, both physical and mental and talking to my mum when I’m sad and talking through my feelings. I say that like it’s the easiest thing in the world when I am in fact Queen Of Not Reaching Out.

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Storm - S

January is done and dusted, bring on February!

What did you do this month?
What did you read?
What did you watch?
What posts did you write that you’re super proud of?


Sign Off


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