Grey Watches // I Wanna Bone Jude Law and Kate Winslet – The Holiday

Merry Christmas Everybody! 

Today I have been eating too much pork crackling, Yorkshire puddings and cherries and it has been grand!

All I have done is relax at home with my mum and nurse a bit of a hangover after drinking last night since I can’t drink today because I’ve got work tomorrow.

I hope y’all are getting merry and eating good food and spending time either with the people you love the most or spending some nice relaxing time alone if you’re introverted like me!

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When I think of Christmas, The Holiday is not the first movie I think of. 

Actually, I almost forget it’s a Christmas movie.

But it is one that I remember enjoying!

So why not watch it this Christmas season?

Also, Jude Law and Kate Winslet are both very good reasons to watch as well.

I stan one (1) wholesome brother/sister duo.

the holiday drinking celebrate hug.gif

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the holiday movie poster.jpgDetails
 The Holiday
Director: Nancy Meyers
Writer: Nancy Meyers
Stars: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law
Age: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, romance
Released: 2006
Trigger Warnings: Jokes about suicidal ideation

Synopsis*: Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love.

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Girl, I feel you!

Falling for a douchebag is the worst

the holiday small insgnificant aches.gif

Mum and I paused for a feminist rant


Fuck him off

the holiday schmuck.gif

Jasper: Why are you so great?
Mum: Not for you motherfucker!

Of course, he just got engaged

the holiday i hate my horrible life.gif

Me: I hope she cheats on you
Mum: With lots of women
Me: And then she fucks your dad, gets pregnant and then she’s your step mum

Every man who cheats on a girl or just fucks them around should have his new girlfriend step-son zone him

Same goes for women cheating on men.

It’ll restore balance in the world

“Cmon nobody has time for sex”


the holiday peace and quiet.gif


Yes punch the cunt

Trying to gas yourself via stove top I feel you

the holiday loner loser complicated wreck.gif

Ugh it’s douchebag again

Yes bitch send it

Server: Someone’s having a party
Amanda: Nod smiles and drinks wine straight out of the bottle

Girl same

the holiday yeah drinking from the bottle.gif

So Jack Black is the guy version of her I’m guessing

the holiday kiss.gif

I ship Amanda and Graham so hard

OMG even I want her to stop talking

Graham: Look at you, you’re already better than you think
Me: And you’re about to have sex in your sisters bed

the holiday why we shouldn't.gif

“I’m not going to fall in love you I promise”

Famous last words those are

God Jude Law is smooth

the holiday youre lovely.gif

That’s one popular crush I always understood

Jasper: Is it okay that I’m calling you?
Me and mum: NO

I love this old man

Doesn’t Graham have a daughter? Am I remembering that correctly?

There are so many montages in this film

I remembered correctly!

the holiday daddy.gif

Oh wait there’s two of them

They’re so bloody cute!!!!!

Graham: I sew and I have a cow
Mum: Makes me just want to fuck you more
Me: Now he just needs a goat
Mum grew up with goats

the holiday sew cow.gif

I love Arthur and iris so much

Iris: Goes on huge monologue about how her heart was broken
Miles: Well fuck. You need this more than I do
Miles: Hands her vodka

His sister is gonna be very pissed off that he keeps having sex in her bed

Honestly, Amanda is me

the holdiay most depressing girl.gif

Graham: Goes on huge monologue of how much he loves her
Amanda: I was expecting I love you


the holiday wasnt expecting you.gif

Miles and iris are the same kinds of stupid

That’s when you know you’ve found the one. When you’ve found someone whose the same kind of stupid as you

the holiday attracted to a person who isnt good.gif

Ugh jasper is there

Tell him to fuck off.

This why I don’t usually watch romcoms.

Because everyone’s fucking stupid

the holiday i cry all the time.gif


She’s finally using her brain

Out you go Jasper, see you never

Yes bitch RUN

That’s all a bit cute

the holiday leading lady.gif

4 Clouds

Where to buy
IMDBJB HiFiAmazon│**

*Taken from IMDB.
**If you would like me to include links to purchase movies from a specific store in my reviews please let me know!

Cloud & Lightning Separation

I hope y’all had a great Christmas!

And I really hope you enjoyed this week of Christmas movie posts!

I had loads of fun making them and I’ll likely be continuing to do movie posts more regularly in the new year!

What did you do for Christmas?
Do you like The Holiday?
What Christmas movies should I watch next year?


Sign Off

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