Grey Watches // It Has To Be A Shit Show – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Everyone loves a good wedding.

Me on the other hand?

I love a shit sow, give me disaster, a storm, the bride and groom barely know each other, the bride’s fucked off, the maid of honour just found out she’s pregnant, the best man hooked up with the grooms sister, the parents aren’t talking, it’s a cash bar.

I think it’s just more fun that way. More fun for me to watch that is.

So when I saw that there was another A Christmas prince movie I knew I needed to watch it and use my reaction as content!

Also, I forced my mum to watch this with me.

Cloud Separation

a christmas prince the royal wedding movie poster.jpgDetails
Title: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
Director: John Schultz
Writer: Nate Atkins, Karen Schaler
Stars: Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige
Age: PG
Genre: Drama, romance
Released: 2018
Representation: Disabled

Synopsis*: A year after helping Richard get to the throne, Amber is about to become his wife. But is she really made to be queen?

Lightning Separation

Oh boy here we go

I will never like when a character is typing/writing and says like one sentence out loud. Nobody does that, you weirdo.

Unless you are hundreds of pages deep in a draft of a book and then talk to yourself all you want you deserve it. 

Why would she not know they’d be sending royal cars??? Like, do y’all never communicate?

WTF is an attaché???

Is that like a fancier Butler??

Who knew there could be something fancier than having your own butler

Is her dad played by a different actor than last time?

I can’t even check because the characters don’t even have last names on IMDB

Not even the lead character

OMG he did a lift hug on the queen regent

Of course, Emily loves him

a christmas prince smile.gif

Oh, of course, the king, her fiancé is busy.

I wonder if they’ve boned yet??? Surely they have.

Oh there he is

Oh her last name is Moore

Oh the dad’s name is Rudy

Then the father is a different actor

I’m equal parts shocked and proud that I noticed that.

Why the fuck isn’t that on the IMDB page????

I really do like the queen regent

I already love the wedding planner

He’s only been on screen for like 5 seconds

Of course, Mrs Averill is her “protector” aka puppet master for the press

I still can’t get over how they got engaged after knowing each other for what days??? Like there is so much you don’t know about each other but you’re gonna be MARRIED

a christmas prince wedding cake toppers.png

They speak to each other like fucking strangers or coworkers at most

Okay never mind the wedding planner is going far too Avante Garde

Who is the creepy stranger???

Is he gonna try and assassinate the king???

This movie could really use an assassination.

a christmas prince poor working people classist.gif

Who’s lord Leopold again?

It’s the stranger!

Mum: Who’s he?
Me, absolutely clueless: Her ex boyfriend!
King Richard: Simon.
Me: His ex boyfriend!

Oh boooo it’s just his gross cousin

a christmas prince simon.gif

How did I notice that Amber’s dad is played by a different actor but couldn’t recognise the gross cousin????

King Richard: I don’t know how you’ll regain our trust
Simon: But we’re cousins
Me: Don’t forgive him, you’re being dumb
King Richard forgives him
Me: Why are you like this??? This is why your kingdom is in absolute shambles you idiot.

I love Mr. Zambalta

I’m digging this attaché thing

All the lights go out during play rehearsal
Amber: This can’t be right
Me: No fucking shit Sherlock

Fucking crypto-currency, trust the bloody cousin to come up with that one

a christmas prince crypto-currency.gif

Leopold is skimming from the top Mark my words

Wait, is the cousin not the dodgy one this time????

It. Just. Got. Interesting.

Yes take a photo with your finger covering the camera I’m sure that’ll come out great

Aw the play’s a bit cute

The chef and the dad are gonna fall in love and I’m here for it

Ooohhh our girl is about to lose her shit

DO IT!!!!

God damn it

She didn’t.

Amber might be becoming the queen but Emily is the queen of shade

Queen regent: We are doing everything we can
Me: No you’re fucking not, you’re not listening to the future queen you dummies

Did no one teach them how to actually shoot a bow and arrow???

a christmas prince bow and arrow.jpg

Oh yeah Richard did, he did an awful job then.

Mum: You need to finish filling out your name change paperwork
Me: It’s almost done, I just need to scan my ID and shit
Mum: Well you need to do it soon or else you’re not going to have a Christmas present at all.
Me: I’ve been busy!
Mum: She says as she watches Christmas movies
Me: Okay it’s a little bit for fun.

Yes, royal detectives, I am here for it

a christmas prince creeping spy.gif

She didn’t really just write fishy in her notes, Jesus Christ

Ohhh gross cousin is helping!

Yes princess Emily coming in with the goods

Of course, she can hack

a christmas prince hacker.jpg

I love her

That was the lamest bachelorette party I’ve ever seen on my life

You didn’t have to tell them!!!!!

King Richard is in the doghouse the spineless shit head

Amber has fucked right off and honestly thank god

Richard: there’s only one place she could be
Me: Then why the fuck didn’t you look there first ya dummy

Well it’s about fucking time

Why are kings always so dumb???

Of course, she’s got a fucking bow and arrow


Honestly, who gives a fuck about anything else they really have a dungeon

If there’s anything to take away from this movie it’s that the cousin isn’t so bad who would have thought?

Turns out losing all your money and being rejected by your royal family will really bring you down a peg or two??

Me: You fought for your wedding dress and that’s what you fucking chose???
Mum: I like it
Me: But it’s so boring

Oh wait I love the sneakers

a christmas prince wedding.gif

This song makes me think of the fuck a dick vine

I want it to be played at my wedding

And those that really know me will know what I’m really singing in my head

Ooohhh the queen regent and the attaché are gonna get married

Why does every fucker have to be paired off with someone???

This is why everyone rolls their eyes at the straights

Y’all need to learn that being without a partner is actually okay

Of course, the only two gays are gonna get together

Because remember gays, all we need to have in common in order to fall in love is our sexuality.

I fucking love bloopers

2.5 Clouds

Where to buy

*Taken from IMDB.
**If you would like me to include links to purchase movies from a specific store in my reviews please let me know!

Cloud & Lightning Separation

I hope you enjoyed this disaster wedding as much as I have

Christmas day I will be sharing what I thought while watching The Holiday!

Bet you thought I was gonna do Love Actually!


What is your fave movie with a disaster wedding?


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