Grey Watches // Give Me Jim Carey or Nothing – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Hello and welcome to a new series regular because I’m lazy and these are easy! 

Do these types of posts have anything do to with books? No, not really…At least not yet! Stay tuned!

But I realised how much I like doing them!

Bonus! I can watch stuff and label it as Blog Work and feel like I’m being very productive whilst ignoring everything for a night in front of the TV.

It’s self-care, God damn it!

friends bath tension.gif

I also really wanted to do something Christmasy without all the work and thought that everyone else is seeming to put into their Christmas themed blogging because I’m lazy and busy and a little burnt out if I’m being honest.

So how do you solve this multilayered problem???

By watching a bunch of Christmas movies, that I was going to watch anyway and blog my thoughts.

Honestly, not to toot my own horn but this might be the most genius idea I have come up with since starting this blog. I’m for sure not the first person to ever decide I will share my opinions on a movie with the internet but just let me have this okay???

So that brings us here.

To The Grinch. How The Grinch Stole Christmas to be exact.

Which by the way, I had no idea was the actual title. I have it on DVD, I watch it every year. How did I miss this???

the grinch social interaction.gif

Cloud Separation

the grince stole christmas movie poster.jpgDetails
Title: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Director: Ron Howard
Writer: Dr. Seuss, Jeffrey Price
Stars: Jum Carrey, Talyor Momsen, Kelley
Age: PG
Genre: Comedy, family, fantasy
Released: 2000
Trigger Warnings: Jokes about suicide ideation

Synopsis*: On the outskirts of Whoville, there lives a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of the town.

Lightning Separation

This is my favourite Christmas movie and it is the best Christmas movie.

This is the hill I’ll choose to die on.

I’m Right. You’re wrong. Shut up. -Eugene Lee Yang

I went and saw The Grinch—which is the new one, the one actually titled The Grinch—with my step-sister last week and I enjoyed it but it just wasn’t the same! 

It’s definitely for the kiddies but I thought I would give it a shot.

After we saw that we came home and watched its senior and better version.

It’s weird watching this right after having watched the animated version

I don’t remember ANY of this start

the grinch idiot.gif

This really proves that I am shit at paying attention to the start of anything.

My sister and I put this on and do you think we’ve paid like any attention???? Absolutely not. We’ve been too busy talking about literally anything else.

It’s actually sooooo different

Like the animation is for sure more ‘appropriate’ for kids but I like the original!!!!

I guess you just can’t get away with making jokes about hanging yourself or turning horses into glue anymore.

the grinch hunt you down and gut you like a fish silence.gif

Plus making it animated meant that the Grinch lost his dirty look. Instead, he just looks fluffy.

I wanted to pat him.

the grinch blowdry blowout.gif

You shouldn’t want to pat the Grinch, you should fear him.

Which just makes me want to be his best friend. I don’t know what that says about me.

The mayor is a grade A cunt to be honest. I hate him so much.

The mayor’s girlfriend wants to fuck the Grinch so fucking bad.

the grinch in love.gif

That’s the most douchebag way of proposing to someone ever.

You have twenty seconds to make one of the most important decisions of your life in front of literally the whole town also I bought you this big ass ugly ring and a fucking car with taxpayers money to seal the deal have fun saying no.

You can fuck right off with that.

the grinch audacity.gif

I’m so jealous of all the eyelashes in this movie.

“Sweet kid. Bad judge of character.”

The sense of humour in this is just darker and y’all know how I like my comedy. Dark or harmlessly stupid. Or even better, both. 

“By the way, these lights match your outfit perfectly”

We love women supporting women.

“Merry Christmas one and all”

‘[I totally stole your presents but look I gave them back]’

the grinch that stole christmas.gif

“Aren’t you gonna cuff me? Put me in a choke hold? Blind me with pepper spray?”

The Grinch is into BDSM, it’s totally cannon.

The mayor’s (now) ex-girlfriend is THAT bitch that opens the door in the I-killed-my-husband-and-have-now-inherited-millions-but-you’ll-never-catch-me dressing gown

I love this movie so much.

the girnch help me im feeling.gif

5 Clouds

Where to buy
IMDBJB HiFiAmazon│**

*Taken from IMDB.
**If you would like me to include links to purchase movies from a specific store in my reviews please let me know!

Cloud & Lightning Separation

I hope you liked this!

I’ll for sure be posting more posts like this next year!

And if you want more Christmas themed Grey Watches posts then keep your eyes peeled because that’s all I’ll be posting right up to (and on) Christmas day!

What is your favourite Christmas Movie? I promise not to fight you but I will secretly judge you a little!
Have you seen all of The Grinch movies?
Which is your favourite?


Sign Off

3 thoughts on “Grey Watches // Give Me Jim Carey or Nothing – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. I wore my “hate hate hate hate hate hate double hate LOATHE ENTIRELY” shirt just yesterday.

    Have you ever seen the original? Like, the OG Dr. Suess original Grinch cartoon? Maybe you’re too young lol. THAT movie is the movie of my childhood, but I love the Jim Carrey one so much.


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