Down the TBR Hole 1.8 // Recently Released – Part 2/3 Early 2018

Down the TBR Hole - Explination

It’s time for the second round of organising books on my TBR that are recently released!

Slowly, but surely I am getting there. And by there, I mean a time when my Goodreads TBR isn’t a complete and utter mess!

I am determined and ready to go!

This week I’m continuing to tackle my Unreleased shelf, and see just how long it has been since I last went through it! Today it’s all about early 2018 releases!

I am ready to purge and cut away all the unneeded extra books I know I will never get around to reading!

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January 2018

1.│A Time of Dread│Of Blood and Bone #1│John Gwynne│January 9 2018│
I added this because…I’m wanting to get more into adult fantasy.
Stay or Go? Go! I think I’ll read his The Faithful and the Fallen series first. I’ll move this to undecided for now.

2.│The Defiant│The Valiant #2│Lesley Livingston│January 23 2018│
I added this because…I think I saw this on Netgalley?
Stay or Go? Go!

reign the earth.jpg3.│Reign the Earth│The Elementae #1│A.C. Gaughen│January 30 2018│🔆🧠│
I added this because…I will not be broken or diminished or belittled by the choices of men around me.”
Stay or Go? Stay!

4.│The Dangerous Art of Blending In│Angelo Surmelis│January 30 2018│🏳️‍🌈🧠│
I added this because…This sounded like a great look at abuse, with a cute gay romance??
Stay or Go? Go! Sounds like the romance is problematic and this falls into the ‘my relationship fixes my mental illness’ trope and I want none of it.

the office steve carrell nope don't like that.gif

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February 2018

5.│Ink, Iron and glass│Ink, Iron and Glass #1│Clare Gwendolyn│February 20 2018│
I added this because…Creative concept!
Stay or Go? Go! Flat execution.

6.│Pitch Dark│Courtney Alameda│February 20 2018│
I added this because…I love a dark tale.
Stay or Go? Go! No longer interested.

7.│The Traitor’s Game│The Traitor’s Game #1│Jennifer A. Nielsen│February 27 2018│
I added this because…I’m a sucker for a cruel king.
Stay or Go? Go! Seems to be a bit cliched for my liking.

8.│I Stop Somewhere│T.E. Carter│February 27 2018│🧠│
I added this because…Invisible girl gets kidnapped? Sounds promising.
Stay or Go? Go! After reading reviews it sounds less promising, more torture porn.

torture kidnap

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March 2018

the wicked deep.jpg9.│The Wicked Deep│Shea Ernshaw│March 6 2018│🧠│
I added this because…Witches! 
Also “Love is an enchantress—devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”
Stay or Go? Stay!

10.│Girls Burn Brighter│Shobha Rao│March 6 2018│🚺│
I added this because…Feminist literature with POC characters!
Stay or Go? Stay!

11.│The Poet X│Elizabeth Acevedo│March 6 2018│🏳️‍🌈🔆│
I added this because…I love slam poetry so I can’t wait to read a book about it written by a slam poet.
Stay or Go? Moved to my LGBTQIAP+ Shelf!

12.│To Kill a Kingdom│Alexandra Christo│March 6 2018│
I added this because…“Technically, I’m a murderer, but I like to think that’s one of my better qualities.”
Stay or Go? Stay!

blood water paint.jpg13.│Blood Water Paint│Joy McCullough│March 6 2018│🧠🚺│
I added this because…I just need it!
Stay or Go? Stay!

14.│The Exact Opposite of Okay│Laura Steven│March 8 2018│🚺│
I added this because…Feminist YA lit is my shit!
Stay or Go? Stay!

15.│Tyler Johnson Was Here│Jay Coles│March 20 2018│🏳️‍🌈🔆│
I added this because…Ooooh, another book putting police brutality and racial profiling under the microscope.
Stay or Go? Moved to my LGBTQIAP+ Shelf!

16.│Pretty Mess│Erika JayneMarch 20 2018│
I added this because…Erika is one of my favourite Real Housewives and I’d love to more about her life!
Stay or Go? Stay!

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April 2018

17.│King of Ashes│The Firemane Saga #1│by Raymond E. Feist│April 5 2018│
I added this because…I wanna read more adult fantasy!
Stay or Go? Hmmm. Undecided.

sherlock i dont know.gif

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May 2018

18.│Runaways Vol 1│Rainbow Rowell│May 1 2018│
I added this because…I’m always looking for more graphic novels to read and this seemed interesting.
Stay or Go? Go! This is me learning to stop picking up Marvel.

i was born for this.jpg19.│I Was Born For This│Alice Oseman│May 3 2018│🏳️‍🌈│
I added this because…I am hanging all my hopes on this book finally being the YA novel on fandom I deserve.
Stay or Go? Moved to my LGBTQIAP+ Shelf!

20.│The Inventors at No. 8│The Inventors #1│A.M. Morgen│May 8 2018│
I added this because…Cute middle grade!
Stay or Go? Go!

21.│Undead Girl Gang│Lily Anderson│May 8 2018│🔆│
I added this because…Listen, they had me at girl gang.
Stay or Go? Stay!

22.│The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy│B.T. Gottfred│May 8 2018│🏳️‍🌈│
I added this because…Thought it would take a deep look at sexuality and gender.
Stay or Go? Go! Sounds like this one is a fucking trash fire.

my so called bollywood life.jpg23.│My So-Called Bollywood Life│Nisha Sharma│May 15 2018│🔆│
I added this because…A rom-com about a Bollywood fan finding love.
Stay or Go? Stay! This sounds super cute and light.

24.│Mem│Bethany C. Morrow│May 22 2018│
I added this because…I’m always on the lookout for new short stories and this sounded interesting.
Stay or Go? Go! Bit too hard for me to get a hold of.

25.│Furyborn│Empirium #1│Claire Legrand│May 22 2018│🏳️‍🌈│
I added this because…This sounded like a great concept and bi rep!
Stay or Go? Go! Sounds like the execution didn’t meet the mark and the bi rep wasn’t really even bi rep?

26.│Driving by Starlight│Anat Deracine│May 22 2018│🔆│
I added this because…Arabic girl rebelling against the sexism in her culture? Yes, please.
Stay or Go? Stay!

muslim voiceless no.gif

Cloud & Lightning Separation

Would you look at that? I managed to dump almost half of this list!

12 are gone for good, 10 have stayed, I’ve moved 1 to my Undecided shelf for later review & I’ve moved 3 to my LGBTQIAP+ shelf!

That is a great effort, I’m very proud of myself. Gotta give myself a pat on the back for this one.

Have you read any of these books yet?
Are they on your TBR?
Will I ever get to the end of my TBR? Probably not!


Sign Off


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