Down the TBR Hole 1.7 // Recently Released – Part 1/3 2017

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Does it count as recently released if it released over a year ago? No??? Damn it!

Okay, listen. It has been a while since I went through my unreleased shelf. Apparently-over-a-year-a-while. Oops!

So why not use the Down the TBR Hole posts as a self-shove to go through it? It’s not like I have already been using these posts for this kind of thing already…

This is gonna be in three parts because I have got a lot of banked up ‘unreleased’ books that have already come out.

Let’s get started!

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March 2017

1.│Sometimes I Lie│Alice Feeney│March 23 2017│🧠│
I added this because…need more thrillers in my life.
Stay or Go? Stay!

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June 2017

2.│The Changeling│Victoria LaValle│June 13 2017│
I added this because…The premise was interesting enough.
Stay or Go? Go! Not that interested, and not many of my Goodreads friends have reviewed it.

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September 2017

3.│The Loneliest Girl in the Universe│Lauren James│September 7 2017│
I added this because…Everyone loves it!
Stay or Go? Go! Me and Sci-Fi rarely get along.

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October 2017

4.│The Last Star Burning│Last Star Burning #1│Caitlin Sangster│October 10 2017│🔆│
I added this because…The synopsis was interesting enough!
Stay or Go? Go! The reviews seem to be on the average side and I don’t want to read average books!

5.│The Gatekeepers│Jen Lancaster│October 10 2017│🧠│
I added this because…This sounds like it could be an alright look at how suicide can affect a community, especially in high school.
Stay or Go? Go! Reviews seem to be a bit meh.

6.│A Line in the Dark│Malinda Lo│October 17 2017│🏳️‍🌈🔆│
I added this because…The premise makes this sound super interesting!
Stay or Go? Go! Going by reviews, this one may have fallen a little flat in the execution.

7.│The Beautiful Ones│Silvia Moreno-Garcia│October 24 2017│
I added this because…I wanna try some more historical fantasy!
Stay or Go? Go! This sounds like it might be more historical romance and I’m not that interested.

8.│Long Way Down│Jason Reynolds│October 24 2017│🔆🧠│
I added this because…This sounds so good???
Stay or Go? Stay!

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9.│Piper│Jay Aher│October 31 2017│
I added this because…Mostly it was just that it was a graphic novel and the artwork looked pretty!
Stay or Go? Go!

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November 2017

10.│The November Girl│Lydia Kang│November 7 2017│🔆🧠│
I added this because…This sounded weird but like in a good way?
Stay or Go? Go! Not interested anymore.

11.│Rosemarked│Rosemarked #1│Livia Blackburne│November 7 2017│🔆│
I added this because…Honestly? I just wanna know what the fuck a deadly rose plague would be???
Stay or Go? Go! The curiosity of a rose plague is not enough.

12.│This Mortal Coil│This Mortal Coil #1│Emily Suvada│November 7 2017│
I added this because…Hacker!!!
Stay or Go? Stay…Maybe. I don’t know. the reviews are a mixed bag and I’m not sure. I really wanna read about female hackers kicking ass man. I miss Eye Candy. Okay, I’m keeping it.

eye candy victoria justice come and get me.gif

13.│The Traitor’s Crux│The Dark Powers #1│Jessica Prather│November 14 2017│
I added this because…The premise was interesting when I added it almost two years ago.
Stay or Go? Go!

city of brass.jpg14.│The City of Brass│The Daevabad Trilogy #1│S.A. Chakraborty│November 14 2017│🔆│
I added this because…Everyone is talking about it, it’s a beautiful cover, the premise is interesting!
Also “You’re some kind of thief, then?”
“That’s a very narrow-minded way of looking at it. I prefer to think of myself as a merchant of delicate tasks.”
Stay or Go? Stay!

15.│Whichwood│Furthermore #2│Tahereh Mafi│November 14 2017│🔆│
I added this because…I’m not going to lie, it was the cover.
Stay or Go? Go!

16.│The Magic Misfits│Neil Patrick Harris│November 21 2017│🔆│
I added this because…This sounds cute af!
Stay or Go? Stay!

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I got rid of so many! I’m so proud of myself!

 I kept 5 and got rid of 11 books! That is a solid effort! I’m getting better at this purging thing.

Have you got an unreleased shelf that you always seem to forget to get through as well? Tell me I’m not alone! 


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