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Sooooo next week for Top Ten Tuesday the topic is ‘Series I’ve Given Up On/ Don’t Plan to Finish’.

This has prompted me to go through all of the series I’m in the middle of!

Today I’ll talk about the series I am keeping and next week I will talk about the series I am giving up on.

I’ve made a new exclusive shelf on Goodreads for Series TBR** while I’m at it. I’ve begun a deep cleanse and reorganization of my shelves that will be happening over the next couple of months while doing the Down the TBR Hole posts, so I might as well use these posts to contribute to that while I’m at it.

I’m not including novellas as part of this list as I consider them to be completely optional, and only read them if I think they’ll add to the story, or it’s a favourite series and I can’t get enough.

This does, however, include graphic novel series!

**These are only series that I have started. It’s not for all the books that I am wanting to read that are in series. As I don’t add multiple books from a series to my TBR’s that I haven’t read unless I own them.

Cloud Separation


lord of shadows the dark artifices TDA.jpgThe Dark Artifices Series│Cassandra Clare│

Unread Books: Books #2, Lord of Shadows & #3, Queen of Air and Darkness – Unreleased

I am trash for Cassandra Clare’s books, especially since she really does get better as she goes.

I am so excited for the rest of this series! I already own Lord of Shadows but I think I might wait until the last book is out and read the series from start to finish.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Series│Benjamin Alire Sáenz│

Unread Book: Book #2, There Will Be Other Summers – Unreleased

I love Ari and Dante and I am so excited to get more of my sweet cinnamon roll boys!!!

The Raven Cycle Series│Maggie Stiefvater│

Unread Books: Book #2, The Dream Thieves Through to #4, The Raven King

The first book was so good! And I will finish the series! I will! After all, I do own the whole series now so I am officially obligated to finish it!

war storm red queen RQ.jpgRed Queen Series│Victoria Aveyard│

Unread Book: Book #4, War Storm

Just look at that cover.

I really enjoyed this series but I struggled with the third book, King’s Cage. However, I am willing to give War Storm a shot. Mostly because it’s the last book in the series and I’m hoping it ends on a high. Or a low, but like a good low…

Lady Helen Series│Alison Goodman│

Unread Books: Books #2, The Dark Days Pact & #3, The Dark Days Deceit – Unreleased

I really struggled to get through the first one for some reason, but I did really enjoy it. I think it just maybe was a bit longer than it needed to be.

I’m tentatively keeping this series on my TBR. We’ll see.

The Numair Chronicles Series│Tamora Pierce│

Unread Book: Book #2, The Exile’s Gift – Unreleased

I enjoyed the first book and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

I’m debating whether to read Pierce’s older works, especially considering I think this is a spin off series from one of her older series??

vengeful villainsThe Villians Series│V.E. Schwab│

Unread Book: Book #2, Vengeful – Unreleased

loved the first book and I am so excited to be getting the second book this year!

Daughter of the Pirate King Series│Tricia Levenseller│

Unread Book: Book #2, Daughter of the Siren Queen

This is another tentative one.

I’ll keep it on my TBR for now. We’ll see if I am still interested a bit later on. I enjoyed the first book but it wasn’t incredible.

A Tyranny of Petticoats Series│Jessica Spotswood│

Unread Book: Book #1, A Tyranny of Petticoats

I read the second collection of stories from Netgalley so I’m looking forward to seeing what the first one is like!

a reaper at the gates the ember quartet TEQ.jpgEmber Quartet│Sabaa Tahir│

Unread Books: Books #3, A Reaper at the Gates & #4, Untitled – Both Unreleased 

I really loved the first two books and I am so excited about the last two!

This might be one of those series where I wait for all the books to come out and then read from start to finish.

Also, I am a fan of the cover changes! I think it’s important for POC to be on book covers, and although it’s annoying if you already have bought the books, I think the change is more important than if people have matching covers. But that’s just me. 🤷‍♀️

The Six of Crows Series│Leigh Bardugo│

Unread Book: Book #3, Untitled – Unreleased 


Honestly, we don’t deserve Leigh Bardugo, the Goddess herself.

A Series of Unfortunate Events│Lemony Snicket│

Unread Book: Book #4, The Miserable Mill Through to #13, The End

I’m looking forward to continuing this trip to my childhood! I just gotta the next books to become available on Overdrive.

a court of wings and ruin ACOTAR ACOWARA Court of Thorns and Roses Series│Sarah J. Maas│

Unread Books: Books #3, A Court of Wings and Ruin, Through to #6, Untitled – Unreleased

I will get to this book…Eventually.

I’ll probably do a whole series read.

I hated the first book but loved the second. Hopefully, it’s only up from here but I am worried.

Wayward Children Series│Seanan McGuire│

Unread Book: Book #2, Down Among the Sticks and Bones Through to #5, Come Tumbling Down – Unreleased

Ahhhhhhhh I loved the first one so much, I can’t wait to read more!

Heloise Chancey Mystery Series│M.J. Tjia│

Unread Book: Book #2, A Necessary Murder

God, the covers of this series are gorgeous!

I was surprised when I enjoyed the first book for the most part.

I’m interested to see where the series goes.

the caged queen the iskari series TIS.jpgIskari Series│Kristen Ciccarelli│

Unread Books: Books #2, The Caged Queen & #3, Untitled

The covers for this series are breathtaking, I love it!

I really enjoyed the first book, so I am keen to see what is to come.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series│George R. R. Martin│

Unread Books: Books #2, A Clash of Kings, Through to #7, A Dream of Spring

I’ll get back to this once I’ve run out of the TV show and going through withdrawals. I don’t want my time with this world to end! 

I am waiting until after the T.V. series is finished and also probably until all the books are out and then I am going to power through this series, from start to finish.

the ladys guide to petticoats and piracy TMS TLGTPAP.jpgThe Montague Siblings Series│Mackenzie Lee│

Unread Book: Book #2, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy


I love Felicity and I love girl gangs of any kind, especially intelligent ones

Mackenzie Lee is an angel to be blessing us with this book.

The Conqueror’s Saga│Kiersten White│

Unread Books: Book #2, Now I Rise & #3, Bright We Burn

I can’t believe I nearly forgot this one!

I’m super excited to finish this series.

I totally fell head over heels for the first book when I read it, and I pre-ordered the second books before it came out.

I’m ashamed to say, I just never got around to picking it up so now I’m just waiting for Bright We Burn to come out and then I’ll read the series from the start again!

Lightning Separation

Graphic Novels

heathen vol 2.jpgHeathen SeriesNatasha Alterici

Unread Graphic Novel: GN #2, Heathen: Volume 2 – Unreleased

I loved volume one and I cannot wait for the second one!

I need it now!

Saga SeriesBrian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #7, Saga, Vol. 7 Through #9, Saga, Vol. 9

When I first picked up this series I had no idea what I was getting myself in for and it’s been a fun and wild ride from the start!

SLAM vol 2.jpgSLAM! SeriesPamela Ribon

Unread Graphic Novel: GN #2, SLAM!: The Next Jam

I really enjoyed the first volume of this! Hopefully, I can get my hands on the second volume when it comes out.

Giant Days SeriesJohn Allison

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #3, Giant Days, Vol. 3 through to #9, Giant Days, Vol. 9 -Unreleased

I love this series so much and I actually have volumes 3 & 4 on loan from the library, waiting for me to read them.

i hate fairyland vol 1I Hate Fairyland Series│Skottie Young│

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #2, I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 2: Fluff My Life Through to #4, I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4

This series is so funny! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Rat Queens SeriesKurtis J. Wiebe

Unread Graphic Novel: GN #5, Rat Queens, Vol. 5: The Colossal Magic Nothing 

I love the Rat Queens! Give me more!!!

Locke & Key vol 2.jpgLocke & Key SeriesJoe Hill & Gabriel Rodríguez

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #2, Locke & Key, Vol 2: Head Games Through to #6, Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega

This series is so creepy, I love it!

Archie (2015) SeriesMark Waid

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #2, Archie, Vol. 2 Through to #6, Archive, Vol. 6

I read the first volume because I loved the T.V. show Riverdale the show has gone so downhill though and used to love the original Archie comics.

I enjoyed the first one and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

princeless vol 2.jpgPrinceless SeriesJeremy Whitley & Emily Martin

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #2, Princeless, Vol. 2: Get Over Yourself Though to #6, Princeless, Vol. 6: Make Yourself Part 2

The first one was soooo good!

I really enjoyed and I’m interested to see what’s to come!

Morning Glories SeriesNick Spencer & Joe Eisma

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #3, Morning Glories, Vol. 3: P.E. Through to #10, Morning Glories, Vol. 10: Expulsion

The first two volumes were really interesting and a bit creepy.

I’m excited to see where the series goes from here.

Lumberjanes SeriesShannon Watters

Unread Graphic Novels: GN #7, Lumberjanes, Vol. 7: A Bird’s-Eye View, Through to #10, Lumberjanes, Vol. 10: Parents’ Day

I adore this series. It’s so pure and good!

Cloud & Lightning Separation

 Have you started and/or finished any of these series?
Do you have a series not on this list that you would recommend? 


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