Top Ten Tuesday // DNF’d Books – I Have A DNF Habit and I Am Not Ashamed

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This Week I’m gonna share with you the books I have DNF’d and why I don’t regret it, even though that’s not really what the topic was.

Okay so I’m meant to share the books I DNF’d too quickly, but I don’t regret any books I have DNF’d because there was a reason I DNF’d them in the first place. So instead I’m just gonna list a whole bunch of these books and tell you why I decided not to finish them.

Most of which, are arcs because ya girl is not good at picking arcs that I will actually like. I don’t understand, because ordinarily, I am great at picking up books I will love. This is why my relationship with arcs is strained, at best.

I have a total of 19 DNF’d books on my Goodreads shelf and I’m going to try and pick a variety to show you all the different reasons I might choose to drop a book.

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to kill a mockingbird.jpgTo Kill a Mockingbird│Harper Lee│★☆☆☆☆│Unsure of DNF %│Owned and Unhauled

I tried reading this one a few years ago and I hated it. It was so boring, I don’t get the way people used to talk back then and I wanted to throw this book out the window.
I refrained from that and donated it to my local thrift store instead.

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the natural way of thingsThe Natural Way of Things│Charlotte Wood│★☆☆☆☆│DNF’d @ 15%│Owned and Unhauled│

I picked this book up after it was marketed as an Aussie Feminist novel in a bookshop newsletter. It was the last time I looked at bookstore newsletters for recommendations.

Look, for some reason, I really struggle with connecting to Aussie books. I don’t know why. It’s just a thing that I wish wasn’t a thing.

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ballad for a mad girl.jpgBallad For a Mad Girl│Vikki Wakefield│★☆☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 25%│ARC

This was another Aussie book that I just didn’t enjoy. It was also an arc, and I really did think I would like it! It was a murder mystery with some paranormal vibes but I just did not like the protagonist, she was judgmental and whiny. It became a hassle to pick it up to read so I decided to DNF.

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heir of fire throne of glass TOG.jpgHeir of Fire│ Sarah J. Maas│★★☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 20%│Overdrive Loan│

Last year I decided to give Sarah J. Maas a go. I hated ACOTAR, loved ACOMAF and thought Throne of Glass had potential.

However, my interest fizzled out after starting this book and I found myself forcing myself to read it. That’s always a bad sign, and once I do that, there’s a slim chance it’ll be worth me finishing it. So I didn’t.

I might come back to it later on, every now and then I see people talking about the series and I get the urge. But I’m usually pretty good at fighting it off by looking at my never-ending TBR and realizing it’s just not worth it.

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youre never weird on the internet.jpgYou’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)│Felicia Day│★★☆☆☆│N/A│DNF’d @ 10%│Owned and Unhauled│

Once upon a time, Baby Grey was obsessed with Supernatural. I got my mum into it. I took my DVD sets with me when I visited my very Christian Nana and after seeing an advert for it come on TV she labelled it a show from Satan himself, I sneakily watched it when she was sleeping.

I loved whenever Felicia Day’s character came on and honestly I really should have seen my queer identity coming because she’s one of those people that I can’t tell if I want to be them, be best friends with them, kiss them or have sex with them. My brain is a wild place, y’all.

I remember really enjoying reading this one, however, it was during one of my many book slumps over the years and I kept picking it up, only to put it back down. Eventually, I came to terms with the fact I was never really going to read this so I unhauled it recently.

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broken mirror.jpgBroken MirrorCody Sisco★★☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 20%ARC

I was super interested in Broken Mirror when I requested it. I love stories that call the protagonists state of mind into question and this book brought not only that to the table, but also a fictional mental illness and that was very well thought out.

I really wanted to like this one, however, it was very science heavy and went straight over my head. I struggled to keep up with everything I was being told and I got bogged down in it.

This is one I would be open to revisiting later on. Maybe when I’ve read more Sci-Fi and am capable of having a steadier grip on books that are so science heavy.

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book of fire.jpgBook of FireMichelle Kenney★★☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 50%ARC

This was a reminder that Dystopians aren’t really for me anymore.

It had loads of potential for sure, but it reminded me a little too much of The 100, without holding its own well enough, for me to continue.

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the prophetes.jpgThe ProphetessDesy Smith★☆☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 15%ARC

I am all for a potty-mouthed main character but I hate the word F**kt**d. I hate it so much. It’s just as bad as r****d to me. My mum used to use it all the time after she’d had a couple of drinks and thankfully I’ve gotten her out of the habit.
Nothing else about the book was worth ignoring that for me so I chose to drop it.

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appetiteAppetite│Anita Cassidy★☆☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 5-10%?ARC

This book has a lit of fatphobia within its pages. It’s meant to show what it’s like to be a fat kid in high school, and it did show that well, whoever as someone who was a fat kid in high school, and someone who battles with my weight and self-love to this day, it was far too difficult for me to read and the rest of the story didn’t make it worth the cost.

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queens of innis learThe Queens of Innis LearTessa Gratton★★☆☆☆Review│DNF’d @ 20%ARC

really wanted to enjoy this book but something about it was off for me.

The writing was incredibly beautiful, but it was so beautiful that I would get lost and the words no longer held meaning to me.
The characters felt distant, the plot moved at a slow pace, and when I realized it had taken me over a month just to get less than 20% through, I realized it was time to give up.

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As you can see, there are loads of different reasons I might DNF a book, but the common factor is that I’m just not that into it.

I rarely give books a second chance, I mean I might change my mind, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Do you DNF books?
Are you willing to give them a second chance?
What makes you choose not to finish a book?
Are there any books on my list that you feel I should give a second shot? 


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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // DNF’d Books – I Have A DNF Habit and I Am Not Ashamed

  1. I felt the same way about The Queens of Innis Lear. The concept sounded so cool to me. Then, I checked it out from the library and got about 50 or more pages in before I returned it unfinished. I chalked it up to not being in the mood for such a complex high fantasy, but then I remember dreading having to read it and I’m not so sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember reading Mockingbird back in college and I did enjoy it although it was a slow read.

    I’m not a big fan of books using f**k, to be honest. It never sits right with me. I do love when books, especially fantasy, come up with their own swears and curses.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noooo, I loved both To Kill a Mockingbird and Ballad of a Mad Girl. Sucks they weren’t your thing. BUT I am the biggest advocate for DNFing books. I admire people who have the determination to always finish what they started but I can’t personally justify spending time on books I don’t enjoy when there are just SO MANY good books out there (and on my TBR)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am the same with dnfing! I’ve got so many books I want to read, I don’t want to waste my time on a book I don’t enjoy when reading is meant to be enjoyable. Plus there’s the risk that I continuing to read a book that I don’t enjoy could put me in a slump and nobody wants that!


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