Top 10 Tuesday // Grey Books – On A Thursday

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This week, on Top 10 Tuesday, it’s time to name books with our favourite colour on the cover or in the title!

My favourite colour is grey…Big surprise right?

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Big Little Lies.jpgBig Little Lies│Liane Moriarty│★★★★★

I really love this cover! I am definitely one for minimalist designs. They give you a taste of what is inside, but little else.

I also happened to love this book as well! I thought it was character driven, and such a good suspense novel.

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grey stoneGrey Stone│Jean Knight and Jacob Kennedy│DNF│

I am not a fan of this cover. I don’t really know exactly what it is that bothers me, it just feels off.

I didn’t enjoy reading it either. It didn’t grab my attention and I really struggled to wrap my head around the world.

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city of glass the mortal instrument TMI.jpgCity of Glass│The Mortal Instruments #3│Cassandra Clare│★★★☆☆│

I absolutely LOVE this edition of the series, each book is a different colour and gosh, they’re so beautiful.

The Mortal Instruments series are the books that got me back into reading a couple of years ago.

I had started watching the Shadowhunters Netflix series with my housemate and I really enjoyed it so she lent me her books to read. I devoured the series.

Although now with some distance and time between us, I can see the series’ many faults, it will still have a special place in my heart because it returned me to my love of reading and opened the door to Goodreads and the book community for me so I will be forever thankful for that.

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false hearts.jpgFalse Hearts│Laura Lam│★★★★☆

Another really simplistic design that I love. I think once you read the book, you gain a better understanding and appreciation for this cover. It fits the book well and I highly recommend people pick it up!

If you like cults, crazy future technology and corrupt leaders than I think you’ll enjoy this!

It has incredible Orphan Black vibes also, so if you love that show, I think you’ll love this.

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all the rage.jpgAll the Rage│Courtney Summers│★★★★★

This cover captures the books feel very well I think.

This book is gut-wrenching and will make any woman reading it feel the anger that burns every time we hear a rape joke, or a man invades our personal space or tells us to smile.

It fucked with my emotions hard and it’s just such a good book.

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quiet girl in a noisy world.jpgQuiet Girl in a Noisy World│Debbie Tung│★★★★★

This graphic novel is so cute and pure and I love it so much.
It’s the perfect book to give to an introvert, or for an introvert to give to a loved one so that they can understand them better.

It’s beautifully illustrated and written and really portrays the struggle of being an introvert in a western society.

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middlesex.jpgMiddlesex│Jeffrey Eugenides│★★☆☆☆

I’m really on the fence with this book. It was well written, I cared deeply about Cal throughout the whole book.

However, from memory, the author didn’t ever speak with an intersex person when writing this novel and I feel like that just…is not okay.

I get that it was written in a different time but, looking at it through a current lens, that just isn’t okay. I don’t know, I’d love to see an #ownvoices review so if anyone knows of one, please let me know!

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gray wolf island.jpgGray Wolf Island│Tracey Neithercott│★★★★☆

This cover really captures the mystery in this book well.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, it had major The Raven Cycle vibes so I recommend it to people who loved that series!

The characters were complex and my heart broke as I learned more about each of them.

It was mystical and beautiful and y’all should pick it up.

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This Savage SongOur Dark Duet│Monsters of Verity #1-#2│Victoria Schwab│★★★★★│

this savage song monsters of verity MOV.jpg our dark duet MOV

love the UK paperbacks of the Monsters of Verity series. They’re absolutely beautiful and again had a really simplistic design. They give nothing away but are intriguing enough to grab your attention.

This is one of my favourite series of all time and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading about characters who live in the grey parts of life.

Like anti-heroes and monsters and soft boys and sharp girls? Do yourself a favour and pick this series up!

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What’s your favourite colour?
Are there any more grey lovers out there?
Have you read any of these books?
Tell me everything!


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