Book Review // Every Heart a Doorway – AKA The Book That Will Steal Your Heart

every heart a doorway.jpgDetails
Title: Every Heart a Doorway
Series: Wayward Children

Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: Tor
Age: YA
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Released: April 5 2016
Trigger Warnings: Death, violence
Asian-American, asexual, trans

Synopsis*: Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children
No Solicitations
No Visitors
No Quests
Children have always disappeared under the right conditions; slipping through the shadows under a bed or at the back of a wardrobe, tumbling down rabbit holes and into old wells, and emerging somewhere… else.
But magical lands have little need for used-up miracle children.
Nancy tumbled once, but now she’s back. The things she’s experienced… they change a person. The children under Miss West’s care understand all too well. And each of them is seeking a way back to their own fantasy world.
But Nancy’s arrival marks a change at the Home. There’s a darkness just around each corner, and when tragedy strikes, it’s up to Nancy and her new-found schoolmates to get to the heart of the matter.
No matter the cost.

Cloud Separation

I’m not even being dramatic guys. It’s just that fucking good.

“She thinks she’s going back. Don’t you, Nancy? You think you’re going to open the right-wrong door and see you stairway to Heaven on the other side, and then it’s one step, two step, how d’you do step, and you’re right back in your story. Crazy girl. Stupid girl. You can’t go back. Once they throw you out, you can’t go back.”

the nanny aw.gifThis book. This book. How do I even begin to describe the ✨magical✨ wonders of this book?

I hope you like the ✨ emoji because I will be using it a lot. I mean surely by now you guys must be used to it. I do use it far too often.

How do I get new people to read it when so many already have, and those who haven’t, have likely resigned themselves to never reading it, by now?

I’m sure there is a few of you who are part of the latter.

Stop. Think.

Play around with the idea of giving this book a chance because it deserves it. It really does.

I am often late to boarding trains. The hype train that is. I usually wait and watch and make certain, as much as I can, that a train will be a sure thing.

harr potter wall crash.gif

I don’t like wasting my time. I don’t like picking up a book with high hopes, only to throw it as far away from me as possible in disappointment or disgust.

This is why myself and arcs rarely get along. It’s impossible to ensure that an arc is a sure thing. There’s too many unknown variables!

For these reasons, I have been sitting in the dark corner, patiently watching as everyone picks up Every Heart a Doorway and then swoons at how perfect it is. I waited to see if harsher critics will have the same reaction. I waited and waited, and well, now I’m done waiting.

harry potter sirius black waiting.gif

I borrowed it from the library, just in case, as I had a hard time believing a book so small could pack much of a punch. It sat on my shelf for a while, until I decided to finally pick it up and give it a shot.

I knew I was in for a ✨magical✨ and wild ride from the first chapter. So sure, was I, that I wrote this entire opening after reading that first chapter.

dispicable me book.gif

For a girl who rarely allows herself hope, who has crippling trust issues, my friends, I can assure you, that is no small thing.🖤  That’s what my heart currently looks like.

“Because hope is a knife that can cut through the foundations of the world,” said Sumi. Her voice was suddenly crystalline and clear, with none of her prior whimsy. She looked at Nancy with calm, steady eyes. “Hope hurts. That’s what you need to learn, and fast, if you don’t want it to cut you open from the inside out. Hope is bad. Hope means you keep on holding to things that won’t ever be so again, and so you bleed an inch at a time until there’s nothing left. Ely-Eleanor is always saying ‘don’t use this word’ and ‘don’t use that word,’ but she never bands the ones that are really bad. She never bans hope.”

This book is just so ✨whimsical✨ and wonderful and it’s so small?? My brain just can’t compute that. Like, at all.

I don’t understand how something so tiny can be so mighty! And it is, it’s incredibly strong.

This book punches you in the gut, it grabs your heart and squeezes tight, it runs its nails down your spine, all while whispering sweet nothings in your ear, only to scream bloody murder when you least expect it.

wreck it ralph feels.gif

I’m not going to bother trying to summarize this ✨wondrous✨ book in my own words, I would hate to butcher its beauty, you can read the synopsis above if you have no idea what this book is about. I wanna talk about how this book made me feel and why it’s so important.

This story is incredibly diverse, McGuire gives us, not only,
an asexual protagonist
✨a Japanese American roommate
✨a trans friend, it also has
✨incredible mental health rep hidden amongst the ✨magic✨.

Most teenagers can pick this up and see themselves somewhere between its pages.

once upon a time love.gifI loved every single character, I wanted to protect them all from everything bad!

The story draws you slowly into it’s ✨magical✨ world, and before you know it, you’re ensnared. Your real life becomes but a distant memory, much like it is for the children who find their doors.

It’s beautifully crafted, the world feels so real that it makes me wonder if it’s really fictional at all. But that’s not all, the characters feel so bloody real thanks to how multidimensional McGuire has written them to be.

The story itself has so many layers, it really is a ride of emotions. It’s ✨magical✨ and ✨whimsical✨ Are you sick of these words yet? I’m not! and funny. Like, laugh out loud, snort tea out your nose, wrestling giggle fits, funny.

I always forget how much I actually love ✨magical realism✨…Until I pick up a ✨magical realism✨ book. Why do I not read more of them??? They just fill me up.

They remind me that maybe there is ✨magic✨ in the world, even when everything gets so damn dark.🖤

ariana grande magic.gif

Speaking of dark🖤, I’m sure you’ve thought, the whole time reading this, that this book is just light and bright and all things nice. WRONG. 

Yes, it is all of that, but it is so much more.

🖤It’s deliciously dark. Oooh it is so dark.🖤

dragging body blood.gif

🖤There is murder🔪. Yes, MURDER! Acid⚗️, Blood💉, Skeletons💀, oh my!🖤 

This book has everything hidden within only 170 pages. Like how??? This is what I want from books.

Authors! Trim the fat, kill your darlings, I don’t care what you need to do but just for the love of god, get rid of the unneeded shit. So many books are filled with meaningless filler and I am tired. Learn from McGuire. She is, quite clearly, a ✨genius✨.

booksI just. ✨I love it so much✨ and for the first time, I may have found a book where it actually offends me if you don’t like it. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in this case, if you don’t like Every Heart a Doorway then you have a very wrong opinion and you deserve no nice things.

I’m sorry, I take that back. I’m sure you’re lovely…But you’re still wrong, though.   

Just read it. Please. If for nothing else, then do it for yourself.

“We all have our own ways of trying to go home,” said Sumi.

5 Clouds

Where to buy
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I read this book as part of my 2018 Library Love binge, where I read as many library books as possible to take advantage of my great local library network!
To follow my binge reading adventure just visit my 2018 Library Love shelf.
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Cloud & Lightning Separation

Look at that! It’s a review! Like a real one, I think??

Regardless, I am super proud of it!

Have you read this book yet?
Do you plan to read this book?
Have a swayed you to?
Please tell me I’ve convinced someone with this review, otherwise what was the point????


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