Beautiful Quotes // The Dire King – No, It Can’t Be Over

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In the Beautiful Quotes – Jackaby Part II post I mentioned that I was lucky enough to get The Dire King via a wish granted through Netgalley. It was my first wish granted and the first arc I saw that I desperately wanted so when I was approved whilst in the middle of a full on break down sobbing moment in my sister’s kitchen I screamed and did a happy dance. It gave me some positivity during a rough time, I’ll tell you. Which is very true to the spirit of this series.

It will always have a special place in my heart for the reason alone so let’s jump into it!

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TDK Quote 1

If I could give any quote as an introduction of this series to show the kind of humour it has this is probably it.

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TDK Quote 2

This is basically the same conversation I have with people whenever the topic of small talk comes up.

I just… I’d rather get into the thick and important part of the conversation but I suppose it also may be important to ask people how they are even though no one ever really tells the truth anyway…

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TDK Quote 3

100% YES!

This quote speaks to my soul as someone who prides myself on getting shit done just like my mum.

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TDK Quote 4

I love Pavel so much, like how can you not??? 

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TDK Quote 5

I mean… he’s not wrong.

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TDK Quote 6


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TDK Quote 7

Ugh. This speaks to me on a spiritual level. It’s the exact same things I’ve thought about myself time and time again. 

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TDK Quote 8

I’ve chosen to keep who has this conversation a secret because of spoilers. But how bloody cute is that!

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TDK Quote 9

Come on! That’s hilarious! I love it when characters acknowledge how absolutely batshit crazy and dangerous a plan is but do it anyway.

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TDK Quote 10

This series is just so good. Please read it! It’s so underrated in my eyes and deserves more love! Also, I want a spin-off series so I’m hoping we’ll get that if more people read it, so please give it a chance!d

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I hope you all enjoyed my excuse to push this series in your face Beautiful Quotes posts on the Jackaby series!
I plan to continue doing these often with various books and series I’m reading so if you enjoyed this lot, keep an eye out for more in the future! 


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