Top 5 Tuesday // 5-Star Reads Predictions – My Owned TBR

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This week we are looking at books from our TBRs that we think we will rate 5 stars!

Here are my own personal guidelines:
I’ll be working of my owned TBR only for this one just to narrow it down and so I don’t get lost in my TBR! I mean that is still going to be difficult as is!
It also can’t be from a series I’m part way through
If it’s from a series it has to be the first one
It can’t be a reread

Cloud Separation

the female of the species.jpgThe Female of the Species│Mindy McGinnis

This has book will have been on my TBR for two years this August and I’m pretty sure I’ve owned it for well over a year at this point.

When it was published everyone was talking about it and it sounded so up my ally that I knew I needed it in my life. But like every other book I own, I got distracted! 🤦‍♀️

I just know I’ll enjoy it, I just have to get to it!

Icon Separation

the hate u give thugThe Hate U Give│Angie Thomas

Hello???? Why haven’t I picked this up yet???

Okay, so I got mum to buy this for me for my birthday this year.
It had been on my wishlist for ages but what finally made me decided I needed it on my shelf asap was finding out that it had been banned because obviously nothing gets me off my ass like a good spiteful purchase… 

I really doubt I’ll give this anything less than a 4-star rating. It’s been on the NYT Bestseller list since it’s release! That’s wild and magical and makes me happy!

Icon Separation

nevernight.jpgNevernight│Jay Kristoff

Look I have no excuse as to why I haven’t read this yet I just haven’t!

If I really wanted to try and make excuses I’d say that I was waiting to own a physical copy, however, I went and bought it on Kindle so obviously I wasn’t willing to wait…And yet here I am. It’s been only my Kindle for months and I still haven’t started it.

It has all the makings of what I love! Assassin’s, a sassy cat. I mean that’s basically all I need to be honest!

Icon Separation

the cruel prince.jpgThe Cruel Prince│Holly Black

The day this came out I rushed out and bought it that day, even though I knew I couldn’t afford it. It was a gift for myself to make me feel better about having been let go from my second job. Was that a good reason? No probably not! I want it on the record that I wasn’t like, fired, fired. I just wasn’t needed anymore.

I’m usually pretty good at ignoring the initial hype surrounding new releases. I normally wait until after loads of people have finished reading a new book and posted their thoughts so I can gauge whether it’ll be worth it for me to read. However I clearly completely ignored my biggest rule and bought it anyway. It hasn’t left my shelf since. Oops. But I do think I’ll love!

Icon Separation

children of blood and bone.jpgChildren of Blood and Bone│Tomi Adeyemi

So the day this was released I raced out to my local Big W* to purchase it, but they didn’t have it. So I went to another Big W and they didn’t have it either. I was very annoyed so I purchased it from Book Depository. And was super fucking pissed when the next week I saw it in Big W and my online order still wouldn’t arrive for at least another week. So this list has taught me that I’m getting really good at breaking my own buying rules lately. Yikes.

I’ve only heard good things since it’s release and yet I still haven’t read it??? I’m blaming it on my book slump though because I don’t want to pick it up when my reading is the way it is at the moment and tarnish my experience with it like I did with Gentleman’s Guide. 😭

*Big W is an Australian department store that is really good for selling books for much cheaper than the bookstores and usually has a decent range of the most popular YA books as well as having a good track record lately of stocking the latest most hyped releases, much to my happiness.

Cloud & Lightning Separation

Well, this was fun…Looking at my TBR that I can’t seem to get myself to read!

I’ll post an update once I get around to all of these books to let you know if I actually rated the five stars…Don’t expect it for a while though 😣

What are your 5-star predictions?
Do you have any of these books on your TBR?
Have you read any of them?
Were the 5-star reads for you?


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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday // 5-Star Reads Predictions – My Owned TBR

  1. Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! I’ve read three books from your list (Nevernight, Children of Blood and Bone, and THUG) and all 3 were 5 stars for me! I hope they are for you too! The other 2 books I have on my wish list and hope to pick them up soon!
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I plan to read The Cruel Prince and Nevernight too, heard so many great reviews. Oh and, Children of Blood and Bone is definitely 5 star alright 😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I read THUG, The Cruel Prince and Children of Blood and Bone.. Loved them all! Children of Blood and Bone is one of my very recent additions to my favorites shelf, haha. I could hardly believe it’s Adeyemi’s debut – but I’m soooo ready to see more of her writing. Like. Now. :’)
    Hope you end up giving all these five stars as well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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