Beautiful Quotes // Ghostly Echoes – The Quotes Hit Hard in This One

Beautiful Quotes Explination

Beth Jones over at The Books Are Everywhere created the Beautiful Quote meme and I’ve decided to participate while giving it my own twist because I’m really shitty at following rules, I’m sorry.

This week it’s Ghostly Echoes’ turn from the Jackaby series by William Ritter and it’s also time to test if I can actually finally spell ghost correctly the first time, every time I really have no idea why it’s been so difficult for me.  I blame my public school education because it’s obviously not my own fault. 

Oh god, there are so many quotes in this book that I loved!

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I really like books that tackle what it means to be good and what it means to be bad and how subjective it all can be. Ghostly Echoes touched on it briefly but it I think it did it justice.

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It’s funny being someone who is both extremely emotional and extremely logical. I also believe in science, know that it does have its limits, and I also believe in the more spiritual side of things as well. I think that’s why I love this series so much. It walks the line between the two very well. 

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OOOhhh if this isn’t true?!?!?

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GE Quote 4

This scene hit really close to home for me. I’ve had many really toxic and abusive people in my life who have done horrendous things.

It’s hard to not think that maybe I am the way I am because of them. I do think that’s true to a point but I think how I reacted and the choices I made regarding the situations have had a far greater role in who I have become.

I think that their acts speak far more of who they are than they do of who I am.

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GE Quote 5

This is a very important sentiment right now. It’s really important, now perhaps more than ever, to be empathetic and to do your best to understand people who are different from yourself. 

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GE Quote 6

Ghostly Echoes has a trans character and I believe Lydia Lee is the first trans character I have read in a book before. I think Ritter did a great job of talking about what its like to be trans especially in a time that was ever less accepting than we are now.

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GE Quote 7

For me, trans people are the bravest people. Because it is incredibly brave to be who you are in a world where people will use it as an excuse to murder you.

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GE Quote 8

Jackaby often talks about monsters and every single time he hits the nail on the head for me.

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GE Quote 9


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Keep an eye out next week for the final Beautiful Quotes post in the Jackaby series! 


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