Top 5 Wednesday // Ideal Mash-Ups – All My Faves But Better!

T5W Explanation

This week we’re talking about those pitch mash-ups that tend to be what sells us on reading a book…Well, at least it works that way for me!

For example: This story is a mash-up of Hercules and Simon Vs. 

I mean… that sounds… interesting.

Here are my top 5 that I could come up with! Let’s see how creative my brain can be while it’s basically a pile of mush!?

Cloud Separation

Six of Crows│Leigh Bardugo│meets│Game of Thrones│George R. R. Martin

six of crows soc game of thrones poster

Basically, I want Six of Crows with way higher stakes and dragons or at least some kind of mythical creature.

Icon Separation

The Gentleman’s Guide│Mackenzi Lee│meets│Kingsman: Secret Service

the gentlemans guide to vice and virtue kingsman movie poster

So really I just want Percy to find out he’s a Kingsman and have Monty and Felicity help him in his mission to save the world.

Icon Separation

The Raven Cycle│Maggie Stiefvater│meets│All for the Game│Nora Sakavic

the foxhole court all for the game AFTG the raven boys the raven cycle TRC

What I want is All for the Game but magical. Also, I’d love to see two characters like Andrew and Ronan in one place. And you know Adam and Neil would be besties right???

Icon Separation

Shades of Magic│V. E. Schwab│meets│The Crown

a darker shade of magice SOM the crown poster

Imagine all the chaos that happens when Lila is involved in anything but from the POV of the King or Queen.

Icon Separation

Black Iris│Leah Raeder│meets│Sense8

black iris sense 8 poster

Guuuuuuuuuuuys this is two of my favourite things combined and dear lord does that not sound addicting and brilliant??? Who needs drugs when you could have this??

Cloud & Lightning Separation

Did I do it right????
This was super fun to do!
What are some mash-ups you would love to see? 


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