Beautiful Quotes // Beastly Bones – You Need to Read This Series!

Beautiful Quotes Explination

Last week I decided to revisit the Beautiful Quotes meme created by Beth Jones over at The Books Are Everywhere. I felt like the first post I did was a bit flat and didn’t show how great the Jackaby series is.

So I decided to take the Beautiful Quotes posts and use them to highlight books I think are great using my favourite quotes since I hoard them like a magpie hoards shining things!

Jackaby by William Ritter is such a great series and Beastly Bones continues the madness and mayhem while giving us the incredibly insightful quotes you’ll grow to expect from Ritter’s work.

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BB Quote 1

I am with Jackaby on this one, I would rather be over prepared than bold and not prepared at all.

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BB Quote 2

This speaks to me, as someone who very much demands respect from those around me, especially men.

Does that make me intimidating to them? You bet ya.

Has that gotten in the way of romance in the past? Yes, absolutely.

Do I give a shit? No.

I don’t have time for that shit, I’m too busy with my plan for world domination peace.

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BB Quote 3

This is something I have to remember. But I really do have a fear of falling in all it’s forms so I’d much rather avoid it entirely.

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BB Quote 4


All these fantasy books gotta come in handy somehow and I feel like being able to slay dragons if needed is a much more important life skill. Figurative or otherwise.

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Have I persuaded any of you to read this series yet? I really hope so! 
Keep an eye out next week for the next post on the third book in the series, Ghostly Echoes. 


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